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2012 Team Preview: Philadelphia 76ers

In Season Previews on October 21, 2012 at 4:07 pm

Philadelphia 76ers


  • PG – Jrue Holiday
  • SG – Jason Richardson
  • G/F – Evan Turner
  • C  – Spencer Hawes
  • C  – Andrew Bynum

It’s unclear how effective this starting unit will be. Major questions about how well Hawes can transition to PF (I am more of a doubter than a believer). A pair of young players in Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner who will be looking to take a leap forward also. So I am not sure how to rate them just yet.

They have a top five center in Bynum, a top ten PG in Holiday, a middle of the pack SF in Turner, a below average but solid starter in J-Rich and I have no idea about Hawes. What that equals out into, I am not sure. Read the rest of this entry »