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Summer League — Day One

In Summer League on July 6, 2009 at 9:56 pm

The Orlando Summer League started today. There are six teams competing, three games a day, with everyone playing everyone.

The Teams

Orlando Magic — Ryan Anderson, Richard Henderix, Kasib Powell, Ronald Dupree, Mo Ager, CJ Giles, Lance Allred, Jeremy Pargo, Jeremy Richardson, Brian Chase, Courtney Fells, Leverance Fields, Stevan Milosevic, Milovan Rakovic, Russell Robinson, Darian Townes

It’ll be funny to watch Patrick Ewing on the sidelines. This team might not win a game, and he’ll start losing his mind by their second loss … let’s just say he doesn’t handle losing well. Read the rest of this entry »


Game Time: Vegas SL – Blazers vs Wizards

In Game Log / Recap, Summer League on August 3, 2008 at 4:39 pm

Portland – Washington

  • Blatche iso on the right wing. Drives, goes behind his back, spins into the post, now he’s confused, gets rid of the ball. Story of his career right there. The minute he ended up on the low post he looked clueless, he was very happy with the ball on the perimeter. Blatche moves back out to the corner, gets the pass, left open, 22 footer missed.
  • Lose rebound spilled, Blatche picks it up, dunk. Steal Blatche, layup.
  • Another post up for Blatche inside, on the right block again, travel. Turnover. Nice behind the back pass on the fastbreak by Blatche.
  • Bayless has easily beaten his man to the rim four times in the first 5 minutes. He has a floater, a layup, a no call, and another play where he drew a foul. He’s very quick. When McGee switched onto him on the pick and roll Bayless settled for a jump shot instead of attacking the bigger player.
  • McGee is a lot bigger than I thought, a lot thicker, more muscle. Why is he reportedly getting pushed around by everyone he plays?
  • Nick Young gets his third isolation on the high post against Bayless. He has tried backing him down and turning into a jump shot all three times. The first one he effortlessly hit the 18 foot fadeaway. The second, he missed the shot but got a good look. The third he made an offensive foul dipping his shoulder.
  • Bayless drives into the open court, forces the transition, drive and kick, finds Kaponen on the perimeter, Kaponen resets. Interesting watching Bayless push the tempo of the rebound.
  • Blatche showing a hesitation dribble and pull back J from 22 feet at the top of the key.
  • Batum is very rangy. Very long, athletic, can jump, is quick. Looks an incredible athlete. Very active player. He’s all over the court getting his hands on passes, filling the lane on the fastbreak, rebounds. Just a little bit of everything.
  • Dee Brown has looked alright. He had a nice steal pressurizing Kaponen full court. He’s running their offense well but not standing out at all.
  • McGee has missed two long shots from 20 feet. He’s put the ball on the floor, drove and passed quickly from 20 feet. He had a nice short shot from about 7 feet on the left block, which he muscled up over a wing. Then he had a few short shots around the rim missed.
  • Chris Ellis is an undersized big man for the Blazers. He’s their center with Bernard Robinson playing power forward (former Bobcats 6-6 guard), They’re marshalling the paint. Ellis had two outstanding blocks were he smacked the ball in mid air about four feet higher than the release point. That was impressive. What’s not impressive, is Blatche and McGee not playing in the paint and not even trying to take advantage of these two.
  • Portland had no assists on their 18 points in the first quarter against 6 turnovers. Kaponen is running the point, Bayless is playing shooting guard. They’re still finding their rhythm.
  • Josh Davis had a nice low post turnaround J along the baseline and a step back J out of the mid post on the opposite wing from 19 feet, missing.
  • Bayless gets a high screen and roll to start the halfcourt offense, drives hard, draws the foul on the dribble. Another high screen and roll, hits the screener who popped out, doesn’t take it, forced to take it 4 seconds later against the clock.
  • Bayless playing nice defense on Johathon Wallace. Both are pressuring each other very well.
  • Washington lead 24-23. Washington have two assists, Blazers none.
  • Young settles for another long jumper off the dribble. This time a 23 footer left wing after he failed to get separation on his crossover and subsequent attempted drive. Not a good sign that he’s settling for so many jump shots.
  • Bayless breaks the backcourt trap, sprints into the open court, two Wizards trying to catch up with him, two Wizards back in the paint, Bayless bolts straight ahead, lefty layup finished. Nice play by Bayless.
  • Blatche with a nice up and under, fouled on the reverse layup. Nice move, bad defense. Couple of possessions later Blatche draws another foul on a hard drive baseline out of the midpost. Sideline ball, resets the offense, Blatche pops out to 25 feet right wing, catches the pass, he’s to hit the cutter, nobody moves, one dribble, 23 footer, miss. Settles again.
  • Blatche looks awkward out there. He’s a great athlete but his movements don’t look fluid. Lack of agility or balance. He’s just not comfortable changing his movements. He’s grand in a full sprint, or jumping, but not changing directions or changing quickly from a jogging run to a catch and pivot.
  • Blatche trying a 360 spin off the dribble for no reason, short shot, missed. Just slow down and take what the defense are giving you. Stop making your own life difficult. That was an open 13 footer, or a short shot over a smaller player if you took one small dribble inside and muscled it up.
  • Dee Brown gets an assist. He’s clearly Washington’s veteran presence on the floor. Only one communicating. Directing the traffic offensively. Pointing out the guys to pick up defensively and keeping his crew organized. Always coming over to give one his young teammates a hand back up after falling.
  • McGee misses another, now 1-8 from the field. Dee Brown and the rest of the Wizards perimeter players are passing the ball to their big men too far away from the hoop on the fastbreak. They’re passing it to Blatche/McGee 16 feet away from the rim with a packed paint in front of the them. Stop making the bigs put it on the floor.
  • Halftime
  • Bayless has 17 points at the half. Getting to the FT line a lot, shooting 9-11 from the line.
  • Washington are getting outrebounded 22-19. Remember Blatche and McGee against a 6-9 Ellis and 6-6 shooting guard in Robinson. Terrible.
  • McGee low post, left block, very poor move, just jumps and extends over the defender on the turnaround hook, hits it. McGee with a nice drive off the right baseline, shuffle pass across to Blatche, dunk. Blatche has 14 points now but they haven’t been an impressive 14.
  • Kaponen hits a long J off the high screen and roll. Very nice shot, very smooth.
  • Blatche throws a pass away, he had McGee wide open cutting to the hoop, simple pass over the top, threw it over McGee’s outstretched arms. Next possession, Blatche drives from the right wing, comes through the FT line, extends for the runner, miss. Bad shot. Out of control.
  • Now Dee Brown throws an awful lob pass. Wizards getting very sloppy. Kaponen leads it the other way, drives through the paint, hand off for the open layup, easy basket. Lovely play by Kaponen to create that. Blazers take back the lead. Dee Brown dribbles the ball off his leg on the other end.
  • 28 turnovers now in this game. Very sloppy. 3 minutes to go in the third.
  • Wizards up 53-51 to start the fourth quarter
  • Blatche just led the break beautifully. Looks like he’s carrying a bit of extra weight though, looks slower than normal.
  • McGee with a nice shot off the left elbow. Then a fadeaway shot on the left wing from 20 feet.
  • Blatche step back J off the drive, three pointer out of the corner, hits it. Terrible shot to take. Wizards up 9 with 7 minutes to go.
  • Blatche tries to drive baseline, loses control of the ball, Nick Young gets it, dribbles back out, fadeaway three against the buzzer, brick
  • Kaponen with a nice floater a lovely three pointer on the break. 5-0 run Blazers
  • 40 combined turnovers now as Bayless carries the ball
  • Kaponen with a lovely teardrop, oh rattles out. That was beautiful. Kaponen gets it back, clear out, long three pointer, nails it. Tie game.
  • McGee wild shot, off balance flung up against the backboard, brick, about three feet too high two feet too wide, that’s how far off he was from the rim
  • Kaponen another high screen and roll with 6 seconds to go, winds up for a three from three feet behind the arc, hits it again, this time from the right wing. Portland up one with two minutes to go.
  • Bayless draws the foul, hits one of two.
  • Robinson draws the foul on McGee, pump faking the shot blocker off his feet, misses the first, hits the second.
  • Nice pass by Blatche to McGuire for the easy bucket inside
  • Offensive rebound Bayless in traffic, one-on-one with Blatche, muscles up the layup from a standing jump and draws the foul. Great play.
  • McGee takes a three, hits a three on the left wing, brings the game within two, Bayless fouled on the inbounds pass. Good confidence from McGee in taking that shot, still think it’s a bad shot though.

This is over. Portland win. Sloppy game.

Small News Roudup

In Free Agency on July 27, 2008 at 4:30 am

CJ Miles quotes about his conversation with the Jazz following the matching of his offer sheet

Miles said in a conference call that the Jazz “are not going to promise me I’m going to play just because I signed the contract.”

“That’s not been discussed,” he said. “It’s been discussed that if I come in and work and show that I should play, then I will play, and that’s what I plan to do.”

More infomation on Delonte West’s situation in Cleveland

“As we have consistently communicated, we like Delonte and what he brings to this team, and that is how we have approached this free agency process,” said Cavaliers General Manager Danny Ferry, who declined to be specific on the status of negotiations.

Talks were believed to be progressing between West and the Cavaliers, but the team is not expected to offer more than the five-year, $20.8 million deal shooting guard Daniel Gibson signed last week. Because West is a restricted free agent, the Cavaliers can match any offer he receives from another NBA team — but Cleveland has no such edge with foreign teams.

I think it’s a good decision not to pay Delonte as much as Gibson. Gibson will only be more effective as the talent around him increases, Delonte will not. Delonte needs to have the ball in his hands too much which creates doubts in my mind about how suitable he’ll be for the Cavs after they upgrade (if they upgrade).

An article from the News-Herald rubbishes the Delonte-to-Dynamo story

However, Cavaliers point guard Delonte West probably won’t be joining them. An Internet report saying he received a lucrative offer from Dynamo Moscow in Russia is false.
Nachbar, who played in New Jersey last year, recently signed a three-year, $14.3 million deal with Dynamo. That pretty much ate up the rest of Dynamo’s payroll.
Besides, they already have a pretty good point guard in former Oklahoma star Hollis Price.

Further thoughts on the Cavs offer

A source said the Cavs’ offer is far less than the mid-level exception of $5.6 million. Since there are only a couple teams with enough money to pay more than the mid-level, there is no market pressure on the Cavs to do so. However, he is their starting point guard.

And some good news on Devin Brown’s chances of finding a home next season. Turns out there’s a few teams interested in him.

Among the teams showing interest in former Cavs guard Devin Brown are Dallas, New Orleans, Denver and Atlanta. To a lesser extent, both Miami and Washington have made contact with Brown’s representatives.
Brown played a team-high 78 games for the Cavs last year, which included 20 starts. He averaged 7.5 points.

Here’s a link to an interesting article by Dave Berri over at The Wages of Win Journal. He’s evaluating the stats from summer league.

Game Time: Vegas SL – Milwaukee vs Memphis

In Game Log / Recap, Summer League on July 13, 2008 at 9:57 pm

Las Vegas Summer League: Bucks-Grizzlies

  • Starting this up shortly after halftime. The Grizzlies are ahead 51-38 mainly off a nice spurt their in the second quarter where they got out very nicely on the break and got some easy baskets. OJ Mayo just hit a three to extend that lead.
  • Grizzlies have been gambling a fair bit defensively. Using their athleticism and activity to stop the Bucks from getting to their favourite spots
  • Ramon Sessions has been the most impressive player on the court. It’s a pity he doesn’t have a few more scorers around him because many of his passes have been wasted. He runs the team very nicely. Dangerous player off the dribble who can et to wherever he wants to go to. He makes quick swing passes in the halfcourt to keep everyone moving and the defense on his toes. I’m very impressed. Starter next year? Let Mo get back to his Vinnie Johnson role? We’ll see.
  • Mike Conley hasn’t had much of a game. A lot of fouls. Solid offensive play but not exceptional, not standing out so far. As I write that sentence Javaris Crittenton leads a lovely fastbreak, hits Conley full sprint for the nice layup. Crittenton has been very limited tonight, limited by playing next to OJ and Conley. He was sensational last year. Just too many guards on the court and not enough basketballs.
  • OJ Mayo just threw a four foot bounce pass through his big man’s legs. He’s upset at himself for that foolish play.
  • There’s been a lot of good touch passes in this summer league. Teams sharing the ball well. Quite a few tonight by both sides.
  • Crittenton just threw a bullet pass to his big man on the break trying to thread the needle between a very tight gap. Unfortunately his big man wasn’t looking. Another turnover. Memphis getting careless. Need to tighten it up a bit and stop looking for the flashy play. The Bucks have tried to trap the ball in the backcourt which has led to one of Memphis’ guards pushing it hard up on a 4-on-3 but consistently they’ve made bad decisions. Memphis have three guys who can play the point on the floor right? This shouldn’t be happening. Another Memphis turnover but this one was different. Bad drive by Alan Anderson going baseline, seeing the defender was there, going against two men either way and running into a brick wall, then he throws a bad pass which was about 25 feet away from the nearest Grizzlie and hit someone in the third row.
  • OJ Mayo just hit another three. Wide open in the corner after some nice ball movement following some dribble penetration. He had another lovely three late in the first half a crossover dribble step back three. OJ hits another three, this time on the opposite wing, he’s starting to get hot. He’s living on those long shots though, looks iffy driving unless he has an open lane to the rim where he has finished well regardless of what shot shot blocker makes it over late.
  • Joe Alexander has been very quiet and hasn’t done much good out there. His elevation on his jumper is special, really stands out, he should be able to get his shot over just about anyone. Not a good game for him. You could say the same for every Memphis player outside of Sessions. They’re down 21 now, early in the fourth, after that OJ three spree and a lengthily Memphis run.
  • This game is pretty much over. Not a good game really but it was interesting to watch because of the Grizzlies talent and Sessions. OJ hits another three as a sign off with four to go.

Rose Unhappy With Del Negro?

In Uncategorized on July 12, 2008 at 9:12 pm

Here’s what ESPN had in the middle of a Orlando summer league summary article:

Possibly of greater concern is the fact that earlier this week Rose confided to Douglas-Roberts, his former University of Memphis teammate, that he was frustrated in Vinny Del Negro’s structured offense. At times, he seemed somewhat mechanical and unsure of himself in his two games, turning the ball over eight times and handing out just eight assists.

Rose certainly looked uncomfortable on the court so that isn’t hard to believe. Be interesting to see how this develops.

Game Time: Vegas SL – Clippers vs Mavs

In Game Log / Recap, Summer League on July 12, 2008 at 6:30 pm

Las Vegas Summer League: Clippers-Dallas

  • Fun start to the game. Clippers jump out to s 19-6 lead. DeAndre Jordan has started well, he had a very nice block on a Keith driving layup, an offensive rebound and 6 foot follow hook shot.
  • Mike Taylor has looked very good. He’s very quick and active off the dribble. Playing with good composure. Good pressure defense too.
  • Eric Gordon has also started well. He had a nice fastbreak where he slowed down enough for his lanes to be filled on either side then exploded to the rim and got fouled. He looks very difficult to stop in those situations because of his explosiveness and ability to finish. He had another nice play where he came off a screen off the ball, got the pass on the elbow, noticed his defender got caught up, took one dribble into the paint, rose up for the short jumper before the defense got fully out to him and then hit Kazekas on the move for a dunk. Good vision and court sense to get the easier shot instead of just popping off the good look from 15 feet. Read the rest of this entry »

Game Time: Vegas SL – Pistons vs Lakers

In Game Log / Recap, Summer League on July 12, 2008 at 6:29 pm

Las Vegas Summer League: Detroit-LA

  • Poor start to the game. The first quarter is just about to close. Detroit lead 14-9 with two minutes to play. Lots of fouls, lot of turnovers. There’s no fluidity to the play and nobody has really strung together a sequence of good plays. It’s definitely a defensive start with both teams defending physically and well enough.
  • Nice pass by Bynum on the baseline drive, shovel pass to Amir Johnson for the dunk. Fastbreak, Stuckey pull up J. The possession earlier Stuckey had a lovely dribble drive where he split the trap on the high screen and roll and danced his way into the paint drawing the foul.
  • Detroit have a loaded roster. Their starting lineup is Stuckey, Afflalo, Sharpe, Amir, Samb. None of their players have stood out early. They’re all just going through the motions.
  • Detroit picking up their defense to start the second quarter. They’ve been good defensively but not dominant. They’re trying to get after it a bit more now.
  • Nice pass again by Bynum. He threw a pass that looked like a jump hook from 25 feet to Plaistead off the screen and roll on his way to the hoop.
  • Detroit playing great full court pressure defense. They’ve completely dismantled the Lakers offense.
  • Walter Sharpe with a top move. Oh I like that. He just went into an iso mid post action on the left wing and muscled his way down easily into the low post and showed some nice footwork. Good D by LA to slap away the shot on the way up. Like the move. Give Walter another post up.
  • Okay that was nice. They went back to Sharpe in the post, big aggressive move as he backs his man back down and turns into a 10 foot right handed jump hook, miss, offensive rebound Sharpe on the other side of the rim, putback and the foul.
  • Sharpe is doing great work posting up his man inside. Detroit need to give him a bit more time before moving the ball. He has his man beat if you give him 3 seconds.
  • Samb and Johnson are getting on the boards now. Especially Samb who’s clearly bigger than everyone else. Johnson’s great leaping ability and aggressiveness in snatching the ball away from people is always fun to watch.
  • Sharrod Ford is settling on his jumper. He keeps fading away on his shot with nobody contesting it.
  • Lovely touch pass from Sharpe to Samb for the layup.
  • Derrick Allen sounds interesting. Appearantly he was the top scorer out in Germany last season. Let’s see what he has to offer. Early on he’s easily pushed Sharrod Ford out of the paint and away from doing anything dangerous.
  • Sharpe misses a three pointer off the nice drive and kick from Stuckey. Nice bullet pass on the money off the bounce.
  • Allen playing some very nice post defense again. This time fronting and denying the pass inside against Dunston
  • Pistons defense has fallen off over the past few minutes and the Lakers are getting back in the game. Not a pretty game so far.
  • Halftime
  • Coby Karl has looked comfortable attacking Afflalo. Afflalo hasn’t had his normal defensive game so far today. Karl has had a few nice passes and drives this quarter. He’s played good defense against Stuckey too.
  • Third quarter is almost over. 55-52 Detroit. This is a grind it out game so far. Lacks fluidity in the play.
  • A little over 5 minutes to go now. Detroit up 6.
  • Karl has had a very nice game. Much like last year. Showing he’s a solid role player and that he’s extremely intelligent on both ends of the court and a very well rounded player.
  • Detroit have been a 9 man team of quality that just looked to grind it out. They were all solid but nothing special to write home about.
  • Amir Johnson has 9 fouls in 17 minutes. Very disappointing performance for a player hoping for a big jump next season.
  • Joe Crawford had 4 turnovers which amazes me because I would have sworn he had 6 or 7. Wonder why that was? Maybe he was close to turning it over a bunch of times but didn’t? Maybe it was because they were bad turnovers and stood out? I don’t know. I’m not checking either. He wasn’t good enough today and he won’t make the Lakers roster without big improvements.
  • Stuckey with a big steal to seal the game. He’s scored a few buckets here over the last few minutes to push Detroit well ahead and up 13 points now.

Summer League Day Two

In Summer League on July 9, 2008 at 1:52 am

Firstly I keep missing the 3pm game so I missed the Pacers-Sonics yester and then the Heat-Nets today.

I’ll breeze quickly over the Nets-Magic game from late last night

  • This game was horrific. Barely watchable. Both teams were horribly disorganized and dysfunctional. Orlando lack huge amounts of talent on their roster meanwhile the Nets have talent but aren’t using it very well.
  • Brook Lopez had zero rebounds. Overall he was quite disappointing and was too quick to make soft moves going away from the hoop (fadeaway) out of the post. I had larger expectations on him so hopefully we’ll see more as the tourney carries on.
  • CDR showed off some of his talent and was able to create good shots for himself. Good sign
  • Courtney Lee was disappointing. He had a solid game and was one of the better Magic players but again I expected more.


  • This was a rout by the end of the first quarter. Once again Orlando’s lack of talent made the game tough to watch but at least Seattle put their guys on the floor.
  • Surprisingly Kevin Durant showed up and played. He dominated the game whenever he choose to but mostly allowed the others to involve themselves. Durant had an easy 22 points and 5 boards
  • Jeff Green had a very good game. Before the tourney there was talk of the Sonics asking Green to work on his ballhandling especially in the open floor …. clearly he’s making a concerted effort at doing just that regularly leading the break and trying to get out in transition. Green was the player of the game as he dropped 28 points and played very good defense.
  • Westbrook had his second straight fine game. I missed the first so this my first chance at seeing him in a Sonics uniform. The expectations of him being a dominant athlete, great defender and great finisher in the open court were all on full display. For those of you don’t know, I’ve been very doubtful of Westbrook as a lottery pick. But today I was happily surprised to see how composed he was on the ball and how good his decision making was. Kevin Kruger was the best opposing point guard tonight so I’m not making too much of it except to say he’s had himself a great start. Russell finished with 19 points and 3 dimes against 1 turnover.
  • Courtney Lee had a quiet but excellent game for the Magic. He didn’t ever really go above himself or look to dominate the play but his team … who were getting their heads bashed in … but he did manage to score 27 points on 8-14 shooting and 8-9 from the line.
  • There was a real ugly spell to end the first and start the second were Orlando just couldn’t buy a basket. Their poor play was the bigger reason rather than the Sonics’ defense.
  • The Sonics clearly had way too much talent for the Magic putting three top 5 lottery picks on the floor and a decent supporting cast.


  • Surprised that Chicago managed to win this one. When you were watching the game you always felt Indiana were winning and in control because they were in control, in control of everything. But Chicago kept slogging away and found a way to pull it out with their bench guys coming up huge.
  • Before the tournament I was looking up and down the rosters seeing who’s names you recognize and who has a good squad. I thought Chicago clearly had the most quality and depth with a starting lineup of – Rose/Langford/Nichols/Ty Thomas/Noah – and Gray, Curry, Cedric Simmons. That’s all NBA talent or have NBA experience. Indy in contrast had only Shawne Williams as a proven NBA talent and two borderline cases of Stephen Graham and Andre Emmet.

So was I surprised Indiana lost a close game here?

The Talent clearly favours Chicago right?

  • Indiana have the best prepared and best drilled summer league team I can remember in recent years. It was incredible to see their team defense and offensive movement. They knew how they wanted to play and were able to impose that style of play. The level of cohesiveness on that team was incredible. They looked like they’ve been playing together for a year or two.
  • Which leads me to beg the question …. who the hell is coaching them? The answer is Lester Conner. Remember that name because we’ll likely start seeing it mentioned as a possible future head coach within the next 2 years.
  • Indiana have a few good players who caught my eye. I haven’t seen much of them on the whole so I won’t comment too much on them. The two players that looked the most interesting were Courtney Sims (big man) and Earl Calloway (point guard). I’ll be keeping my eye on those over the remaining games. The rest of their team all look fairly talented too but probably not NBA talents. Here’s a link from the Pacers website on their local longshots on the roster
  • In contrast …. as good as Indiana were and as well drilled as Indiana was ….. Chicago were awful.
  • One of the surprising parts of this tournament was finding out that Vinny Del Negro was going to coach the team. Rarely do you see head coaches work the sidelines down here, they normally hand those duties over to an assistant. You see it the odd time with a top prospect and new coach and this is one of those times. Well I have to say that Chicago look the most disorganized team in the tournament. The talent is there, the game plan and the understanding of how to execute the game plan isn’t. This is only summer league and it doesn’t mean too much so don’t read too much into this …. but at the same time Del Negro has done nothing here to build up hopes over his coaching credentials.
  • Derrick Rose struggled again. Whenever he got in the halfcourt he looked confused about where and how to attack. Again he was passive and looked to pass off rather than create. When he did try to create he ran into Indy’s help defense and couldn’t manage to get much going. In transition he showed some great talents and he’s clearly a huge threat in the open court.
  • Chicago had their best spell offensively with Rose on the bench. JamesOn Curry was running the point then although he didn’t look like much. Looked worse than last year actually.
  • Chicago had several stretches in the game were every halfcourt possession was coming down to the final 5 seconds in the shot clock. The reasons were twofold (1) Indiana was playing great defense, especially for summer league (2) Chicago didn’t have a clue how to create a shot or how to attack and Rose looked helpless on several of those possessions.
  • Keith Langford again looked like a solid end of bench NBA player. He’s a 6-4 shooting guard with a decent all-round game and athleticism who shoots well.  I think San Antonio had on their roster twice last season but I’m not entirely sure.
  • Nichols also looked promising. He would have looked better if the Bulls guards created a bit more for him and didn’t keep throwing off target passes forcing him to lose his position for his set jump shot … ala Nate Robinson last year.
  • Ty Thomas and Noah again looked unspectacular. It’s surprising watching them play at this level. They’re carbon copies of their NBA selves. They should be coming down here and dominating this competition but they’re not. The paint is up for grabs whenever they’re in the game. They’re blending in. It’s not so much that they’re playing down to the competition, it’s that neither really has the skills to be more than a role player even at this level of play.

Surprising Box Score from earlier

  • Beasley was terrific in the opener going for 28 points in 23 minutes. Today he shot 1-16 from the field. Ouch. I want to know who was guarding him, I’m betting Sean Williams. I wonder if it was just a horrible shooting night or if Williams gobbled up all those high percentage looks and forced into bad shots. Disappointed I missed that game now. Beasley did look great against two very good athletes/defenders in Thomas/Noah which we shouldn’t forget.
  • Chalmers dropped 19 and 9 to lead Miami to a victory over the Nets. I love this kid.

Game Time: Miami vs Chicago (Summer League – Rose/Beasley Debut)

In Game Log / Recap, Summer League on July 7, 2008 at 11:26 pm

Can’t wait for this one.

  • Chalmers has started the brightest. He’s very active, already has a steal. He’s had more impact than Rose.
  • Beasley flies by Noah with a very quick first step from the elbow extended, drives left, left layup, Ty Thomas from the weakside swats the shot
  • Beasley inbounds, Noah pressures the pass, now Noah traps Chalmers in the backcourt, over to Beasley, Beasley dribbles it up court and takes the pull up from 17 feet as nobody came to meet the ball, miss
  • Rose gets his first bucket of the game. He made a half hearted cut but Miami left him all alone leaving Rose with an easy layup
  • Beasley comes right back down and posts up Ty Thomas on the right block, easy spin towards the middle, layup as he uses his body brilliantly to avoid the block
  • Beasley has 7 of Miami’s first 14 points as he drains a 21 footer on the right baseline
  • Noah has gotten to the FT line twice but has looked ugly when he’s gotten there. He’s looked ugly on his post ups. He’s missed a layup and has an offensive goaltending. Great effort but little end result so far.
  • Tyrus Thomas dribbles it up, stops, hesitates, just dribbling now at the three point line left wing, one slow dribble left, 22 footer, miss. Demetrius Nichols gets the offensive rebound and the foul on the putback.
  • Kasib Powell had a lovely spin move on the fastbreak, then lost his dribble, regained it and muscled up a layup over two defenders. His NBA level body is clearly bigger than the rest of the wings.
  • Keith Langford looks very smooth on the court. He was with the Spurs for a short spell last season.
  • Antonio Graves showing some electric pace and change of pace/stutter step above the three point line to get his man off balance, blowing by and getting to the rim
  • Nichols nails a three left wing. Reminiscent of last season with New York.
  • Lasme muscles his way on the left block into a short shot.. He’s not going to get that in the pros. He just beat up his defender there.
  • End of First Quarter
  • Mario Chalmers has been excellent defensively stopping Derrick Rose who’s very quiet. Beasley has been dominant. All were on the bench to end the first there.
  • Miami lead 24-17
  • Cedric Simmons in the game now. He looks lost offensively on his first possession. Aaron Gray posts up left block, slow seal and spin move, blocked lay in by Lasme. He went up soft with that one.
  • Lasme steals Simmon’s dribbled, dunk
  • Lasme steals Simmon’s jab step, ball falls out of bounds as he fails to collect it
  • Josh Duncan nice move in the post, low step into his man, the fadeaway jumper, high release, air ball. Pity. That was nice.
  • Miami leading 30-17 now. The main guys, this years draft picks, are on the bench.
  • Lasme left elbow, dribbles toward the left sideline, his man in the corner cuts baseline, lefty bounce pass off the dribble, nice pass, fumble
  • Derrick Rose back in the game. Showing some burst of pace to put his defender shaking on his ankles. Jason Richards is the player.
  • Beasley back in
  • Graves makes a bad pass from Lasme as he waited too long to feed him on the break.
  • Chalmers back in to defend Derrick Rose
  • Beasley comes back out. Not sure why. Maybe he’s slightly bleeding or something. He was on the court for 12 seconds
  • Kasib Powell is the D-League MVP
  • Rose falls over and turns it over. Just a play after giving a pass to player who was under far too much pressure, also resulting in a turnover.
  • Chalmers fires up a three as Rose is lackadaisical on D, miss, rebound Noah, outlet to Rose, Rose brings it up, shows some pace, now slows it down, looks to go over to the right wing, Noah posts up, entry pass, Chalmers gets a piece of the high looping pass and knocks it out of bounds. Bad pass, great defense.
  • Chalmers brings it up, fakes using the high screen and roll, flies by Rose again, drive and kick, jumper from the left wing, miss
  • Lovely pass by Chalmers on the break right wing touch pass to Killingsworth, fouled on the layup
  • Chalmers has been dominant. He’s easily defending Rose and Rose is struggling to defend him. Chalmers has done a great job running the Heat and involving his teammates. Great performance.
  • Rose needs to get more involved. He’s taking a back seat. Time to spice it up, try to push the ball. Still pass but create something. Bulls down 14. They’re not making a run on this either.
  • Killingsworth (I love that name) just steam rolled James over, a 7 footer, flattened him.
  • Rose moves over to pressure Chalmers, Bulls trap the pass, ahead to Powell instead, Chalmers beats Rose easily on the crossover, beats him with another crossover, hesitation dribble, Rose on his back feet, blows by Rose, gets into the paint, lefty layup, fouled. Knocks down the FTs.
  • I’m not sure who’s coaching Miami. You’d assume Bob McAdoo but no close up so far. Try to find out later.
  • Rose almost hits a 75 footer to end the half but it rolls out
  • Halftime

Bulls losing by 14. Heat up 48-34

  • Brian Hill and Nick Anderson watching over on the sidelines. Having a chat. PJ Carlesimo is still around from the earlier game, disappointed I missed that, announcers said that Westbrook played well. Doc Rivers is relaxing over there too.
  • Rose going at about 60% speed on every move and shot he takes during the warm ups. Going through the motions. So is Beasley, Beasley is chatting away and telling jokes, laughing out loud every few seconds. Great stuff.
  • Some Bulls (Rose, Noah) are wearing black Ts under their jerseys and some aren’t (Thomas). Looks odd.
  • Rose had 4 turnovers against 2 assists in the first half
  • Beasley is back on the floor. Running up the floor easily.
  • Beasley posting up Noah, Noah fronting and fighting, avoiding being sealed in the paint, Beasley pops out to the FT line, collects the pass, fouled as he tries to hit the cutter.
  • High pick and pop, Beasley hits the three
  • Thomas flies by Beasley and gets fouled on the layup. Thomas is about to enter his 3rd year. He has to show more. Beasley clearly has the more NBA ready body despite Thomas’ years in the league and he’s far more physical and obviously far more skilled.
  • Beasley left baseline, jab step with his left foot right, comes back left, drives baseline, drives on Noah, uses his body well to create the contact and draws the foul, Noah blocks the shot up top after the foul.
  • Rose showing the crossover from right to left on the left wing, into the paint, layup, rolls off the rim, Thomas follow up dunk. Nice move by Rose.
  • Pick and pop again, behind the back bounce pass by Chalmers to Beasley in the left corner, misses the three, long rebound, Beasley knocks it up, knocks it to himself again, corrals it, one dribble inside, some hang time as he bangs into Noah mid air, uses his length (ala Boozer) and left hand to stretch outside of the shot blocker and put home the dunk
  • Rose brings it up again, hits Nichols as he runs off the screen, misses the 18 footer from the elbow extended.
  • Rose looks extremely dangerous when he makes an aggressive move but he isn’t doing it often enough. In fairness Chalmers is a very good defender and is clearly bothering Rose somewhat.
  • Beasley fighting Noah for the offensive rebound on the missed free throw, two tips, and Noah knocks it out of bounds. Beasley stole that board. So long, so good, great hands.
  • Noah tip rebound
  • Kasib Powell beats Nichols easily, just out muscling him on the drive.
  • Beasley looking for the ball every time down, left wing at the three point line, jab step left, drives right, flies by Noah, layup.
  • Noah is one of the most athletic big men in the league and a very good defensive player but Beasley is just toying with him. Very impressive.
  • Chalmers, high screen and roll, fakes using it again, beats Rose easily again, pass for the layup, fumbled a good pass, pass back out to Beasley, long shot at the shot clock buzzer, miss
  • Ty Thomas out-sprints everyone down the floor and gets fouled on a layup attempt
  • Miami trashing the Bulls 62-43 which is amazing considering Chicago’s roster. Bulls are getting very little going in the halfcourt and nothing in transition (come on Rose). Thomas’ and Noah’s hustle in the paint has been their best strength offensively and I mean hustle, not fluid post moves, hustle.
  • Beasley joking at the free throw line with his teammates again. Looks like a fun guy to play with. Enjoys his game and enjoys his teammates. Plays hard every play so the joking clearly isn’t having an adverse affect on him.
  • Chalmers brings it up, Rose showing some more pressure, pick and pop, Chalmers beats Rose easily, lot of help down in the paint, pass out, missed jumper
  • Rose gets it in the open court, nobody ahead of him, blazes down the court, loses his dribble before the layup, gets it back and lays it home in a crowd.
  • Beasley has 21 points in a quarter and a half of play
  • Langford with a nice drive and dish
  • Chalmers showing some electricity in the open court, bad pass, almost a turnover, Beasley saves it as he tracks it down on the right wing, drives left towards the free throw line, running hook type of a shot throw up, miss, never looked to pass the ball.
  • Defensive rebound, Rose brings the ball up, gets up court and fouled on the layup. Great stuff from Rose. More of that.
  • Chalmers showing the up and under in midair on the driving off balance layup off the glass. Lovely. Beat Rose easily again.
  • Beasley defensive rebound. Big body on those box outs.
  • Beasley dribble right, right wing, step back pull up J from 20 feet, hits it
  • Nichols with a nice dunk off the bounce. He has 13 points now.
  • Beasley posting up at the top of the key, gives it up to Graves. Odd place to post up. Post up on the right block, fallaway jumper, miss
  • Rose with a nice move and layup. Great stuff.
  • Nichols with a dumb foul on a three point attempt on a player who looked scared just taking the shot.
  • Beasley coming out for Lasme. Beasley has 23 points in about 17 minutes.
  • Rose brings it up, pots up Gray, Gray nice move inside, blocked again easily by three players this time
  • Rose showing some nice skills in the open court again, but telegraphs the pass, almost stolen by Richards. Dumb foul off the ball after Rose gets the ball back.
  • The difference between Lasme catching the ball at 20 feet and Beasley catching the ball at 20 feet is hilarious
  • Pat Ewing is going to be coaching the Magic this summer league
  • Miami leading 73-53
  • Aaron Gray with an immediate right hook in the paint over the smaller Lasme, misses. It’s in his head now, he’s worried about being blocked.
  • End Of Three

Fourth Quarter

  • 23 points for Beasley. 11 for Rose now. Rose did better in the third. Beasley is 8-18 from the floor and 6-6 from the line. Rose has 2 rebounds and 2 assists against his 5 turnovers.
  • Fastbreak, Rose dribbles up court, bounce pass right wing, Langford fouled on the layup
  • Beasley drive and dish on the left wing to Graves in the corner, three pointer on the way, it’s good
  • Beasley showing some great post defense against Noah, Noah can’t back him down at all and he can’t get the initial position that he wants.
  • Beasley top of the key, face up, drives on Noah, fouled on the running shot, hits the first FT, misses the second, rebound Lasme. Lasme is by far the second best big on the Heat’s summer league roster. Like that combo. Beasley has 24 points.
  • Face up J right wing from 16 feet, hits it, Beasley that is
  • Rose shaking and baking a bit on the right wing, then passes it away
  • Chalmers blocks Noah inside
  • Chalmers has been exceptional tonight
  • Ty Thomas with a great offensive rebound way above the rim. Great work to get free along the baseline.
  • Miami leading 83-63 with 6 minutes to play. I think they’re safe.
  • Beasley offensive rebound, pump fake, Thomas bites, drives by, layup, fouled, hits one of two at the line. Beasley has 9 rebounds now. He has 28 points now.
  • Stan Van Gundy is here, Pat Riley was chatting to him earlier
  • Beasley with a defensive rebound, hich screen and roll, Chalmers beats Rose again, into the paint again, bounce pass in traffic, bad pass, Lasme wasn’t even looking for it so both were at fault, ball bounces out to another Heat player. Rose is getting killed on these high screen and rolls.
  • Kasib Powell hits another three pointer
  • Chalmers drive and kick again, open three pointer left wing, miss
  • Rose jets into the frontcourt but misses the layup. He’s coming out now. Probably done for the night.
  • Beasley with a rejection inside. Beasley has looked solid defensively against the limited Bulls big men.
  • David Pageant blocks Curry’s shot
  • Beasley pull up J off the dribble, miss
  • Mario Chalmers with the interception on the break, ahead to Powell, dunk
  • Cedric Simmons nice move inside, right hook, miss
  • Beasley with position inside, Bulls defender from the weakside stops the pass, Beasley’s man was fronting him and Beasley had him sealed, avoided a sure fire dunk.
  • Chalmers steals the pass in the open court again, pushes it up, pass to Beasley, dunk, swatted by Simmons
  • Chuck Swirsky is in the building next to the right of PJ
  • Timeout here. Miami are leading 89-64 with three minutes to play
  • Lasme showing a lack of skills and brain power on his attempt at a dribble drive.
  • Simmons with an ugly move, smacks his elbow into the chest of the Heat defender, and Cedric gets the foul call his way.
  • Okay this is over

Fun game, I enjoyed watching that. Beasley was incredible. Chalmers was exception. Rose was up and down but showed some of his promise. Noah looked poor considering the expectations of him being the Bulls best interior defender next season. Thomas looked like he always does, lack of skill and end product. Langford and Nichols both looked solid. Graves for Miami looked very interesting and Lasme looked like a good energy guy. Kasib Powell looked a solid end of bench NBA player.

I’m not entirely sure why, or why I’d put any stock in a summer league game, but suddenly I’m a tad worried about Vinny Del Negro. Little extra doubt added into my mind after this game.