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2012 NBA Finals Game Five: Miami vs Oklahoma

In 2012 NBA Finals, Game Log / Recap on June 21, 2012 at 9:28 pm

NBA Finals Game Five – Miami vs Oklahoma

Elimination game.

Oklahoma are playing for the playoff lives. Down 3-1 and facing elimination if they lose tonight.

I would like to see James Harden start tonight. He has struggled with his shot throughout most of the series and I think inserting him into the starting unit might give him a jolt of life. They need Harden playing at high level to have any chance of coming back in this series.

I was disappointed by how much Scotty Brooks tried to hide Kevin Durant defensively in game four. I thought that caused his team a lot of problems matchup wise on the defensive end. They need Durant to be, at the very minimum, the secondary defender on LeBron James. Read the rest of this entry »


2012 NBA Finals Game Three: Miami vs Oklahoma

In 2012 NBA Finals, 2012 NBA Playoffs, Game Log / Recap on June 17, 2012 at 8:17 pm

Game Three

What’s with all the boxing poses from both teams prior to tip-off? Nevermind, tip-off is here.

First Quarter

  • Miami win the tip. No changes to either sides starting lineups. Chris Bosh misses a long jumper on the game’s first possession. Oklahoma miss on the other end too. It was a drive and kick from Westbrook to Thabo in the right corner for a three.
  • Oh beautiful bullet pass by Wade to Bosh as he pulls the help defender on the high PnR wide to the right side of the court and finds Bosh cutting to the rim. Battier had pulled Ibaka to the three point line to leave acres of space for Bosh. Read the rest of this entry »

2012 NBA Finals Game Two: Oklahoma vs Miami

In 2012 NBA Finals, 2012 NBA Playoffs, Game Log / Recap on June 14, 2012 at 10:55 pm

Very good news heading into tonight’s game – Chris Bosh is back in the starting lineup and Spoelstra is staying small with Battier out there.

PG – Chalmers
SG – Wade
SF – Battier
PF – LeBron
C  – Bosh

I am delighted. This is the starting lineup I have wanted to see Miami use all season long. Their best unit.

Game Two

First Quarter

  • The score is 7-2 Miami after four minutes.
  • Miami must attack Kendrick Perkins. He is too slow and immobile to defend Bosh in PnR sequences, transition opportunities and in one-on-one situations. Attack, attack, attack. Read the rest of this entry »

Boston Needs To Change Their Lineup

In 2012 NBA Playoffs on May 28, 2012 at 10:22 pm

This is what I want to see heading into Game Two


C  – Garnett
PF – Pierce
SF – Pavlovic
SG – Ray
PG – Rondo


G – Dooling
SG/SF – Pietrus
PF – Bass (Haslem)
C – Stiemsma Read the rest of this entry »

2012 NBA Playoffs: Day 19

In 2012 NBA Playoffs on May 17, 2012 at 11:49 pm

Just a quick few thoughts on today’s games

Indiana vs Miami

The Pacers won in a blowout today to go up 2-1 versus the Heat. A very good performance and a much deserved result.

Miami Heat

However, as far as Miami is concerned, it was a thoroughly disappointing result and performance. It is amazing to see this team – a team full of experienced players and led by two MVP caliber talents – be rattled so easily. As early as the initial stages of the third quarter, and only down a single digit deficit, Miami began to implode.

I couldn’t believe the defeated looks on so many of their faces. Heads down. They were stunned. Like they had no idea as to how they could win this game. That losing was inevitable. That they had no answer for Indiana’s sudden momentum. Like I said, it’s shocking to see a team of this caliber rattled so easily. Absolutely shocking. Read the rest of this entry »

Chris Bosh Injury

In 2012 NBA Playoffs on May 14, 2012 at 8:39 am

The Miami Sun-Sentinal writes

For the Heat, the pain goes deeper, with the question being how deep into Chris Bosh’s abdomen. The All-Star power forward was lost for the second half after sustaining a lower-abdominal strain on the follow-through of a second-quarter dunk that resulted in a 3-point play.

Coach Erik Spoelstra did not sound as if Bosh was coming back any time soon.

“We have some time now. We don’t know what Chris’ status is,” Spoelstra said. “We won’t know until we get an MRI, move on from there.”

The initial sense was not encouraging.

Bad news for Miami.

We’ll have to wait until after the MRI to find out just how big of an issue this is for Miami. Read the rest of this entry »

2012 NBA Playoffs: Second Round Previews

In 2012 NBA Playoffs on May 12, 2012 at 3:46 pm

Eastern Conference

Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers

Indiana don’t get enough penetration in their halfcourt offense. Too much of their action happens with the ball in front of the defense instead of getting in behind the defense and forcing the opposition’s defense off balance and into help defense sequences. This allows the opposing team’s defense to stay in between the ball and hoop which in turn leads leads to too many low to medium percentage shot attempts. In other words, they don’t cause the opposition’s defense enough problems and fail to generate a high enough number of quality shot attempts.

Defensively, their interior defense isn’t strong enough to handle slashers of Dwyane Wade’s and LeBron James’ ability consistently over a seven game series. Roy Hibbert is too slow and immobile to consistent deterrent to these players and none of Indiana’s other bigs (David West, Tyler Hansbrough, Louis Amundson) provide any sort of rim protection. Read the rest of this entry »

2012 Playoffs Game Time: Day Three

In Game Log / Recap on April 30, 2012 at 9:17 pm

Miami vs New York

Game two

  • Dwyane Wade has gotten off to a good start. He has made two beautiful cuts across the baseline for easy dunks and had a nice jumper off glass off the dribble from about 10 feet also. Landry Fields, his defender, has gotten caught ball-watching on those baseline cuts.
  • Miami lead 11-6 midway through the first after a 9-0 run, Miami has looked very dangerous in transition. New York has do a better job of limiting those transition opportunities.
  • Dwyane Wade and Landry Fields trade heavily contested jumpers out of the corner against the shot clock.
  • Amare Stoudemire has looked very active today. Making nice cuts. Getting some rebounds. Attacking the basket hard. He looks set to have a big game tonight.
  • Miami lead 18-10 with four minutes to go as LeBron finishes in the paint through contact and gets the line. On a prior possession, LeBron had a beautiful no look one handed pass off to Wade in transition for the easy two. Read the rest of this entry »

Derrick Rose, Torn ACL

In 2012 NBA Playoffs on April 28, 2012 at 5:38 pm

Just confirmed via MRI that Derrick Rose has torn his ACL and is done for the season.

Link to follow shortly —  click here


Huge news for the rest of the Eastern Conference. Completely changes the playoff picture.

  • Boston’s chances, in particular, suddenly look much improved. They should beat Atlanta in the first round and either Chicago or Philly in the second round to make the Eastern Conference Finals where they will likely meet up with the Miami Heat. That would be an absolutely terrific series. The Celtics have looked very good against Miami since going small with Garnett at center and look a very real threat to knock the Heat off their perch. Read the rest of this entry »

2012 Playoffs Game Time: Day One

In 2012 NBA Playoffs, Game Log / Recap on April 28, 2012 at 2:22 pm

Chicago vs Philadelphia

Notes on game

  • I completely overlooked that Lavoy Allen was now starting for Philadelphia. This is a really bad decision for Philly. I hate it. I can’t believe Doug Collins is starting this guy. Talk about hurting your own team.
  • Lavoy Allen is such a limited player. A limited defender and sub=par rebounder who is a low level midrange jump-shooting PF. There are at least 50-60 PFs in the league more talented than him. By using him alongside Brand, Philadelphia becomes severely undersized in the paint without gaining any offensive (or rebounding) advantage and gives Chicago a strong opportunity to exploit them (and they have done exactly that today).
  • The Sixers should be using Vucevic (10-15mpg) and Hawes (22-26mpg) as their center rotation with Thaddeus Young getting a large chunk of minutes at PF coming off the bench with Brand sliding over and getting some minutes at center also. Putting Lavoy Allen in the rotation at all is a major error from Doug Collins nevermind starting him and pitting him against a Carlos Boozer. Read the rest of this entry »