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Kobe Bryant Watch 2014/2015

In General NBA on November 10, 2014 at 10:04 am

Kobe Bryant averaging 26.5ppg, 5.3rpg and 3.0apg plus 1.5spg in 34.5mpg.

However, those 26.5 points per game are coming on a 39.4% FG% and 28.6% 3PT%. Kobe is getting to the FT line a very healthy 8.5 FTAs per game but hitting a career low 76.5% thus far. I care less about the percentage than the number of FTAs Kobe is getting though. That is very impressive to be drawing that many fouls at his age coming off the achilles injury. Kobe also averaging 3.3 turnovers a game.

So Kobe Bryant is scoring 26.5 points on 23.7 shot attempts, another 8.5 FTAs (say 4 more possessions) and 3.3 turnovers … so 26.5 points on 31 possessions giving Kobe a very poor 0.855 points per possession.

The rest of the Lakers team is scoring 0.948 points per possession — Lakers averaging 111 possessions per game less Kobe’s 31 possessions so LAL’s other players are scoring 0.95 points per game on 80 possessions a night.

With players like Boozer, Lin and Ellington all clearly capable of scoring more than they currently are – should Kobe be passing the more? Should he be taking less shots and trying to be more efficient? Would LAL be better with other players taking some of Kobe’s shot attempts?

His rebounding has been good. His ball-handling and secondary playmaking has good value too but kinda low relative to how many shots he is taking. Those 3 assists a game are nice but they are coming on 23.7 FGAs / 31 possessions. If the rest of his team had comparable assist ratio to FGA / possessions, LA would be averaging 10.6 /10.7 assists a night (a terrible figure which puts into context just how small that 3.0apg figure is relative to the number of shot attempts Kobe is taking).

So … with Kobe’s scoring efficiency in the basement and then with his terrible defense on the other end of the floor — just how much is Kobe actually helping his team?

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