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Stuckey Putting In Work

In General NBA on August 29, 2012 at 7:49 am

Always nice to hear about players having a great summer developing their games

Nobody has been more diligent or more present at the practice facility all off-season than Stuckey. A series of nagging injuries – foot, groin, hamstring, all on the same side of his body, likely brought about because Stuckey had virtually no training camp while negotiating as a free agent – dampened what otherwise was the best of his five NBA seasons.

Frank’s approach to the game brought out the best in Stuckey. Stuckey loved that Frank gave the team a long leash offensively as long as they defended to his expectations. When the Pistons get defensive stops, Frank doesn’t send in a play call from the sideline, expecting his guards to attack before the defense is matched up properly.

“Everything about Stuckey this summer has been very good,” Dumars said. “From his work ethic to his approach to his consistency to his spirit, everything has been really good with Stuck. Stuck is a 26-year-old kid who figured out this summer the amount of work, the pace, the effort you have to put into it. He’s done what he needed to do this summer.

“In terms of putting in the work and the amount of time, I don’t think you could put him second to anybody. He’s put in the work like no other summer I’ve seen from him. History tells you that if you put that kind of work in, you’ll see the rewards of it. That’s what we sell to these young guys: The amount of work you put into it is what you’ll get out of it. That’s where you get your confidence, the amount of work you’ve put in. You know you’ve paid the price.”


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