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Rick Adelman on Derrick Williams at SF

In General NBA on July 20, 2012 at 9:42 pm

Star Tribune reports

On Derrick Williams’ 15-pound weight loss so he can play small forward, “He wants to be a `3’ man. To be a 3 man, he’s going to have to be much more active and handle the ball and defend that spot. We’re trying to give him the opportunity to see what he can do because he can play both spots. He can’t just be a jump shooter at the 3 spot. He has to pound the ball inside and go to the boards. He’s bigger than most 3 men and stronger than most 3 men. He’s got to use those abilities.

“He does float. He can’t do it. He’s got to be aggressive all the time. He’s got the ability. He’s quicker than `4’ men, but he avoids contact. He can’t just settle for jump shots. He can be a player in this league but he can’t be on cruise control. I told him coming into this thing, `You’re not here for a workout, you’re here to dominate.’ “

When told it didn’t sound like he was “sold” on Williams playing small forward, Adelman said, “I’m definitely not sold on him. He’s never played it. He’s got to go and prove he can do it. If he can do that, certainly I’ll use him there because he’s got some skills there. Going to the boards and rebounding,that’s on him. He’s got to be a factor on the boards.”

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