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2012 Amnesty Clause

In Free Agency on July 13, 2012 at 4:57 pm

Here are the casualties so far

  • Elton Brandlink
  • Brendan Haywoodlink
  • Luis Scolalink
  • Darko Milicic link
  • Josh Childress — link
  • Chris Andersen —
  • Ryan Gomes —

Player Values

Elton Brand

Still a quality complementary offensive player capable of pumping 12-14ppg on good efficiency as a fourth/fifth option. A slightly below average rebounder. A weak defensive player at PF due to his lack of quickness and mobility.

Probably best off as a highly skilled undersized backup center. Someone who can come in and give your offense a boost. Still a solid shot-blocker at the rim and can be more of a positive contributor defensively the less time he is forced to spend away from the basket.

Brendan Haywood

A solid but unexceptional defender. An above average rebounder. A solid complementary offensive weapon. Slowing down.

A solid starter to high level backup center.

Luis Scola

Scola’s rebounding took a huge hit last season. A very solid rebounder for all of his NBA career prior to that. Now a large liability.

Defensively, Scola continues to show his age and declining athleticism. At best an average defender and probably a bit below average at this point.

Offensively, Scola is still a highly-skilled player with so-so efficiency. Has a fair bit of value here.

Overall, Scola is still a starting quality power forward. A top 20 PF in the league.

Darko Milicic

An above average backup center who can also be a serviceable starter if needed.

A solid defensive big man. His rebounding has been weak these past two seasons but was a decent rebounder (below average but serviceable) prior to that. A limited offensive player who is a solid passer but a very weak scorer.

DArko was 25+lbs overweight last season. He needs to trim back down to the 240-245lbs range to play at his highest level. To have his best combination of agility, quickness, leaping, explosiveness and core strength.

Josh Childress

A very limited offensive player. A dodgy jump-shot and a limited shot-creator. A very good finisher around the basket and on the break. A so-so ball-handler and passer. A below average but decent defender. A strong rebounder. So not a floor spacer, shot-creator or stopper defensively.

Overall, not a starting quality small forward. Nor a high level backup. An average backup SF and one at that who is difficult to fit into a team’s game-plan due to his weaknesses offensively.

Chris Andersen

A useful defender and rebounder off the bench. A high energy backup center. Lots of mobility, quickness and explosive athleticism. Can cover a lot of ground defensively and creates extra possessions for his team. A very limited offensive player but plays within himself.

Also, an important point to keep in mind — George Karl has said that Chris Andersen’s playing time was only taken from him because Denver wanted to develop their young big men (Koufos, Mozgov, McGee). Not because C.Andersen was outplayed. It’s not that Andersen has declined hugely or anything like that.

Ryan Gomes

A third string combo forward.

When he first came into the league, Gomes was an out-and-out undersized PF but he has improved his perimeter jump-shot enough over the last few years to play minutes at both forward positions.

A limited defender at both positions. A serviceable rebounder. A smart cerebral player who knows how to play. A useful end of the roster type talent. If relying on him for more than that, a rotation player, you will be disappointed. A low level primary backup at either forward position.

Amnesty Bid Winners

Elton Brand = Dallas Mavericks

Dallas has picked up Brand for a bid of $2.1 million.

Brand will play alongside both Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Kaman next year.

Emm, huh, that is a very slow group of big men. They are going to struggle a bit defensively next year. It’s going to be tough for Dallas to be a quality defensive team with so little interior defense / help defense from it’s bigs.

Offensively, they should be pretty good. Slow but effective.

Brendan Haywood = Charlotte Bobcats

Charlotte picked up B.Haywood for a bid of just over $2 million per annum. There are three years left on Haywood’s deal. Bargain price for Charlotte.

Solid addition for the Bobcats. Will immediately become the best center on the Bobcats. I expect Biyombo to get the majority of playing time (28-32mpg) but for Haywood to get most of the remaining minutes at center.

Darko Milicic = cleared waivers

Nobody wanted Darko. He enters unrestricted free agency.

Luis Scola = Phoenix Suns

Why did the Suns claim Scola? Why let Nash leave and then go out of their way to sign a 30+ year old power forward?

Especially with their PF of the future in place in Michael Beasley? Plus, last year’s late lottery pick Markieff Morris + Channing Frye + third/fourth string option in Hakim Warrick. Why is Scola important to this team?

No word on the financial terms yet but the offer had to be worth at least $10 million over three years ($3.3 million per annum). So it is probably slightly over that. Say $3.5 to $3.8 million per year.

Hmm … I guess this means Beasley is being thought of as a long term small forward and not power forward.

PG: Goran Dragic, Kendall Marshall
SG: (OJ Mayo or Courtney Lee), (TBD)
SF: Michael Beasley, Jared Dudley
PF: Luis Scola, Channing Frye, Markieff Morris, Hakim Warrick
C:  Marcin Gortat, Robin Lopez

Well, I am ticked off …

(1) Why do that to Scola? He doesn’t deserve this. To waste away on a crappy lottery team. Let him go and find a quality team to be apart of in his closing years.

(2) I hate the idea of Beasley staying at the SF position. He has been a train-wreck there ever since the position move. I want to see him move back to his natural position at PF.

Editor’s Note Update: Scola will be paid $4.1, $4.5 and $4.9 million respectively over next three years from Suns. Only 440K is guaranteed in year 3. 

Josh Childress = Cleared Waivers

Unrestricted free agent.

Surprised nobody put in a small bid to nab Childress. I know Childress has played very poorly for Phoenix but for a small price above the minimum, he’d be a nice addition to someone’s team.

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