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Top Free Agents: Wings

In Free Agency on July 2, 2012 at 11:25 pm

This list consists of shooting guards, small forwards and combo forwards.

Top Ten Unrestricted Wings

#1 – Ray Allen – signed with Miami

A lethal shooter and a solid scorer. An average defender/rebounder.

Still one of the top ten or twelve best two guards in the league.

#2 – Gerald Wallace – has re-upped with the Brooklyn Nets

A very strong defender/rebounder with a alright but unexceptional offensive game.

#3 – Nick Young – signed with Philadelphia

Explosive scorer who has gotten much better at moving with the ball and scoring efficiently.

However, Young is still a non-passer and non-rebounder. Has developed into a solid man-to-man defender but still hasn’t learned how to play team defense but I think he will do so on a defensively orientated and capable team.

A different sort of role player. Not a low usage player but a high usage one who scores a lot but lacks the all-round game to become a star player in the NBA.

Ideally suited to a top notch team that either has (1) a major shortage of go-to scoring (2) a star player who is more a facilitator than a go-to scorer (say Dwight Howard or a Rajon Rondo).

#4 – Danny Green – staying in San Antonio

An above average defender/rebounder and a solid offensive threat who can shoot, handle and pass.

A solid starter at the two spot.

#5 – Mickael Pietrus

An above average defender/rebounder with a strong three point shot.

A very good role player and one of the better backup wings in the league.

#6 – Jeff Green – re-signed with Boston

Unclear what Green will be capable of post-heart-surgery but he was on track to be a middle of the pack starting SF prior to his medical problems.

#7 – Grant Hill – signed with LAC

A serviceable starter to high level backup SF.

Grant Hill still plays solid defense, provides decent rebounding and intelligent offensive play.

#8 – JR Smith – sticking with the NY Knicks

An explosive offensive threat who can score points in bunches, knock down multiple three point shots, handles the ball very well, can pass well (when he feels like it), is a plus rebounder and capable of playing average defense.

A highly inconsistent but capable basketball player. Will probably never amount to more than he currently is despite all the talent he possesses.

#9 – Tracy McGrady – went to play in China

Consecutive quality seasons from Tracy McGrady in Detroit and Atlanta. Has shown himself to be an above average backup SF.

A very strong ball-handler, passer and solid shot-creator who can create mismatches with his size and guard skills. An above average rebounder but a dodgy defender.

#10 – CJ Miles – signed with Cleveland

Coming off a very poor season following his best year as a pro. Had problems with his head coach. Struggled with his role for most of the year and played out of position as a SF for the latter stages of the campaign.

Despite that, CJ Miles is still a solid backup SG.

Honourable Mentions: Carlos Delfino, Josh Howard, Damion James, Rashard Lewis

Top Five Restricted Free Agent Wings

#1 – Eric Gordon – staying in New Orleans after Hornets matched Phoenix’s offer sheet

A top ten two guard in the league today.

An explosive and potent scorer who can go for 20-24ppg on 57-60% TS%. A good defensive player who frequently plays above average defense but can get in trouble against bigger guards. A non-rebounder. A much improved ball-handler and passer who is now capable of creating some plays (as a secondary playmaker) for his teammates.

Best non-PG perimeter player in this year’s free agent class.

#2 – Nicolas Batum – sign offer sheet with Minnesota

A middle of the pack starting small forward with high end potential.

A terrific athlete who has shown impressive shooting ability, solid scoring work and a capacity to play defense and rebound.

#3 – Brandon Rush – re-signed with GSW

A big two guard that possesses great size and very good athleticism. Is a well above average defensive player and solid rebounder. Can play some small forward when necessary. A terrific shooter from the perimeter and has become a good finisher around the basket. A limited ball-handler and passer.

#4 – Landry Fields – signed offer sheet with Toronto

An above average defender and rebounder. Very good size for a two guard but struggles, from a physical standpoint, against bigger small forwards. The jump-shooting he showed during the first 50-60 games as a rookie has vanished. Still, a cerebral and intelligent player who finds ways to contribute offensively.

#5 – Courtney Lee — Houston withdrew their qualifying offer. No longer a restricted free agent. [Update:] Boston has signed Courtney Lee in a sign and trade deal with Houston.

A very good role player offensively who can shoot the ball very well, moves well without the ball, finishes in transition and at the rim, and, is a good ball-handler and passer. A good defensive player. A non-rebounder.

A very solid role player at the SG position.

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