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Free Agency 2012

In Free Agency on July 1, 2012 at 4:41 pm

Free Agent Lists

The four stages of free agency

  • First stage — the first two weeks of July — most of the big names and most sought after free agents get signed.
  • Second stage — the second two weeks of July — the midlevel names and a couple of bigger names who slipped through the cracks
  • Third stage — the first two weeks of August — the best cheap signings and a couple of the top role players who slipped beneath the cracks
  • Fourth stage — the final two weeks of August — the leftovers

Here are the free agent lists

  • Preliminary list from beginning of previous season — click here
  • First stage of free agency — opening of free agent period — click here
  • Second stage of free agency — click here
  • Third stage of free agency — click here
  • Fourth stage of free agency — click here
  • A rolling update of the free agency list — click here

Top Free Agents

A quick look at the top ten unrestricted + top five restricted free agent guards, wings and big men

  • Top Point Guards and Combo Guards – link
  • Top Shooting Guards and Small Forwards – link
  • Top Power Forwards and Centers – link

Amnesty Clause

  • 2012 Amnesty Waiver Wire — link

A quick recap of free agency movement

A list of the free agent signings by date – click here

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