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2012 NBA Draft: Live Blogging

In Draft on June 28, 2012 at 8:57 pm

I only college basketball on rare occasions so going off of scouting reports and stuff I have read and heard when talking about these players.

NBA Draft

The Lottery

High Lottery – Top Five Picks

#1 – New Orleans Hornets select Anthony Davis

No surprises here. MVP caliber potential.

Given his size, athleticism, ability to dominate a game without scoring as a defender/rebounder coupled with his high skill-level offensively (post game, high post passing, jump-shooting) and general disposition on the court … any list of comparisons has to start with Kevin Garnett, Hakeem Olajuwon, Tim Duncan and even the great Bill Russell.

A truly special talent. The most gifted big man to enter the NBA since Greg Oden.

#2 – Charlotte Bobcats- Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Surprising pick. Possible trade.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has a floor of a Luol Deng level player and a ceiling of a Scottie Pippen type player with a great deal of improvement.

Strong ability and potential as a defender/rebounder and as a finisher around the basket. Excellent athlete. Terrific mental approach to the game. Has a strong work ethic and a long history of improving his game year after year.

The rest of his offensive game is under-developed though. Badly needs to improve his ball-handling, jump-shooting, shot-creation and passing. How well he fares in these areas will decide whether he goes from a top 10 small forward to a genuine All-Star and maybe even an All-Pro level player.

#3 – Washington Wizards- Bradley Beal

Eric Gordon 2.0 appearantly. Rebounds better than Gordon.

Sketchy season in college with his jump-shooting but is meant to be an elite shooter.

An expected selection after their trade for Okafor and Ariza. Needed a two guard to round their lineup out and Beal is the top ranked SG in the draft.

#4 – Cleveland Cavaliers select Dion Waiters

I don’t have a good read on this guy. Not sure what to make of him.

Supposedly, Waiters is a combo guard who plays very strong defense and is a very good at getting to the rim offensively. Good pick and roll game. Plays with toughness.

A surprising pick. I had expected him to go at #7 to GSW.

#5 – Sacramento Kings select Thomas Robinson

The guy Sacramento were hoping would slip to them. Had been expected to go to Charlotte with the second pick.

Paul Millsap 2.0

Mid-Lottery – Picks 6-10

#6 – Portland Trailblazers (From Brooklyn) select Damien Lillard

A bigger more explosive version of Mo Williams. Nice pick.

No surprise Portland took him here. Reports from his workout there said it was the best workout they had seen from a draft prospect since Kevin Durant. Shot lights out, barely missed during the workout.

#7 – Golden State Warriors select Harrison Barnes

The Warriors will be delighted to land Barnes. He had been expected to go in the top five and plays a position of need for the Warriors.

I was disappointed in his draft measurements. He had solid size and decent length but a short a standing reach of only 8 foot 5 inches. For reference, that is about average for a two guard in the NBA and well undersized for a small forward. It also further explains why Barnes has had problems creating his own shot in college. Problems which will likely only grow in the NBA.

I think Barnes may be better off as a big power two guard in the NBA than as a small forward. Similar to Joe Johnson or Stephen Jackson. Wings with size that just fared better as a big two than at the three.

As a prospect, Harrison Barnes reminds me quite a bit of Martell Webster when Webster was in the early stages of his NBA career. The size/athleticism. The shooting ability. The limited ball-handling and worries over shot-creation.

Obviously, Webster failed to develop his raw talent (before injuries began to take hold of his career). I am not saying Barnes will. Hopefully, Barnes will succeed where Webster failed. I was always disappointed that Webster didn’t make more of his talent.

#8 – Toronto Raptors select Terrence Ross

Shocker. I hadn’t seen Ross linked to the Raptors much at all. This was always going to be a difficult decision for them with Barnes, Waiters and Lillard off the board. I think those were the Raps top choices.

I haven’t seen Ross play and have heard a lot of mixed scout reports. The positives are that he has solid size and very good athleticism mixed with quality jump-shooting ability and defensive talent. The negative is that he has struggled to create his own shot and their is a high likelihood that he will only be a role player in the NBA (although there is some disagreement about his shot-creation abilities to be fair … but enough loud noises to worry me).

Not wild about this pick. I think it was too high to take Ross plus he plays the same position as DeRozan. I think those two guys will get in each other’s way.

I would have liked to have seen Toronto trade this pick. I hear Houston have been making some attractive trade proposals based around their draft picks and some involving Kyle Lowry.

#9 – Detroit Pistons select Andre Drummond

Reminds me a great deal of Kwame Brown. He has the physical talent but questionable mental capacity for the game and limited skill-level. A lot of red flags.

A high risk high reward pick.

  • Best case scenario, Andrew Bynum like steal.
  • Worst case scenario, a Kwame Brown or DeAndre Jordan level player

Not sure how well Drummond and Monroe will play together. Drummond is very limited offensively. Monroe strikes me more as an undersized quick finesse five rather than a power player as a big forward. A big man who likes to attack with quickness, agility and finesse in the post rather than overwhelming players with physical size and power. I think he loses that quickness advantage at the four and I am not yet convinced he has the mentality to overpower people in the post (didn’t think he had it at Georgetown, seen nothing to change my mind since then).

Plus, Drummond’s limited offensive repertoire will likely push Monroe out of the post due to bad spacing. And furthermore, Monroe’s jumper is sketchy (for a PF) so the team’s spacing as a whole will be a struggle until one or both fixes that situation.

A difficult partnership in the making for my money.

#10 – New Orleans Hornets (From Minn via. LAC) select Austin Rivers

I like Rivers’ potential a lot as a PG prospect in the mold of a Chauncey Billups. Not quite as good (I don’t think he is as athletic as Chauncey once was) but very good in his own right.

A big PG with terrific shooting ability who can beat his man off the dribble. A solid defender/rebounder. A limited passer but a player who can grow into a good floor general with some work and patience (like Billups did). Never be a playmaker.

That said, I greatly dislike his pro prospects as a two guard in the NBA. Too damn small to play the two. Too limited as a defender/rebounder. He’ll get eaten alive by NBA competition at SG. Lacks the explosive athleticism required to be a prime time scorer here too. A good athlete but not a great one. He’ll be a volume scorer with dodgy efficiency and lots of bad decisions. Limited passer again.

As a two guard, I think he’ll be comparable to an OJ Mayo. Probably even a poor man’s OJ Mayo at that.

Austin Rivers thinks of himself as a scorer and as a two guard. He greatly needs and will benefit from a Head Coach who is strong enough to tell him he can’t make it in the NBA at that position and that he needs to transition to the PG position. That he has a lot to learn at the point but can become a very good player with time and hard work. Someone (head coach) who is a teacher and will be patient will Austin.

The sooner Austin is developed as a PG, the better off his career will be. The opposite is also true.

There is a lot riding here on Austin Rivers landing or not landing in a good situation for his development. This could be a really really good or it could be a train wreck.

#11 – Portland Trailblazers select Meyers Leonard

A very good pick.

I like Meyers Leonard a great deal. He has good size and above average athleticism for the center position. He has a nice basic skill-set to build off of in terms of offense, defense and rebounding. A lot of potential to work with. He is a project though. He’ll take time.

I could easily see Meyers Leonard being a top 15 or even top 10 center in the NBA 4-5 years down the line.

#12 – Houston Rockets (From Milwaukee Bucks) select Jeremy Lamb

The physical profile and scout description remind me quite a bit of MarShon Brooks from last year’s draft and also Nick Young. Not as aggressive a scorer or competitor.

Call me a skeptic.

#13 – Phoenix Suns select Kendall Marshall

I was disappointed by Marshall’s combine measurements. He has very good size for a PG but weak length. I thought he needed that size and length to compensate for his lack of overall quickness and explosiveness.

Without that length, I question his pro potential.

I haven’t seen enough of Marshall to get a good read on his passing ability. Obviously, he is a very good passer and worthy of the praise he has received but is he closer to a Jose Calderon level passer or someone with more creativity? That is a big question for me.

As for the rest of his game, I think he’s in trouble in terms of defense and rebounding and is only a so-so scorer. Strikes me as a solid backup PG level talent.

#14 – Milwaukee Bucks (From Houston) select John Henson

Reminds me and a lot of others of Brandan Wright. High bust potential. Too small/skinny.

The Bucks front office will be absolutely delighted to have landed John Henson. They were very high on him prior to the draft and felt they had no chance of him falling to them on draft day. So they decided to trade down. And as luck would have it, Henson fell to them anyway.

I am a doubter until Henson proves otherwise.

Mid First Round – Picks 15 to 23

#15 – Philadelphia 76ers select Moe Harkless

Harkless reminds me quite a bit of Wilson Chandler coming out of DePaul.

A little further behind his development, probably the year less college experience, but comparable.

#16 – Houston Rockets (From New York) select Royce White

I like the Anthony Mason comparisons. They ring true for me. Not the defender Mase was but a similar offensive threat and rebounder.

Very good ball-handler and passer. A solid scorer. Strong rebounder. Decent defender with good potential. Has good size at 6-8, standing reach of 8-10, and, weighs 270lbs.

#17 – Dallas Mavericks select Tyler Zeller and trade his rights to Cleveland.

Not wild about Tyler Zeller.

I heard that he struggled a lot in off-season workouts against NBA big man. Brendan Haywood especially. Zeller didn’t have the physical strength or length to properly contest Haywood’s post ups or shot attempts around the basket. And lacked the size/explosiveness to finish against Haywood’s length on the other end.

Measured in with a standing reach of 8 foot 8 inches. That isn’t big enough to be a center. Couple that with his lack of physical strength. He is a four year college player who seems fairly close to his ceiling. Not a lot of reason for optimism. Seems more like a PF than a C.

I think Zeller is most likely a 4th big in an NBA rotation.

#18 – Houston Rockets (From Minnesota via Utah) select Terrence Jones

Reminds me a great deal of Al Harrington when Harrington was a young player with the Pacers. Before Al added that three point shot and became a bit of a gunner.

Clutter = Patrick Patterson, Marcus Morris and now Terrence Jones. Houston need to make some trades.

#19 – Orlando Magic select Andrew Nicholson

Reports very mixed on this guy. Some make him out to be a better version of Anthony Tolliver. Others say that he has gotten much bigger and can make it as a starting PF and his skill-level is reminiscent of David West.

Not sure which version is accurate.

I’ll be a pessimist and say that the Anthony Tolliver one is probably more on the money. Still, that makes him a good fit in Orlando four out one in offense alongside Dwight Howard (which given this pick, they are clearly still planning on utilizing post Stan Van Gundy). A good replacement for Ryan Anderson if he proves difficult to re-sign or if Orlando decide to try and sign and trade him instead.

#20 – Denver Nuggets select Evan Fournier

Not sure about this guy. Got a lot of credit for playing pro ball in Europe and for playing a big role on his team at such an early age.

Still, it was the French League which isn’t too strong. Plus, his team was one of the worst in the league and he didn’t compete in the Euroleague or Eurocup.

Also, despite being the go-to guy for his club (a lousy team at that), Fournier didn’t crack the top ten scorers (just outside it). And as I look at the top ten lists for scoring, rebounding, passing, steals and blocks … I am not recognizing many names. A lack of former or near NBA quality talent. Ajinca led the league in blocks. A former mediocre college big man who’s name I now forget was also there. (Leonard? St Johns was it?).

Good size and frame for a big two. Questionable athleticism. Some reports say he is a solid athlete, some below-average. Not sure which is accurate. A solid ball-handler and scorer. Decent defender. Sounds like he will be a useful rotation player in the NBA but not more than that.

#21 – Boston Celtics select Jared Sullinger

Terrific draft pick. I thought Sullinger should have gone in the mid to late lottery. Obviously, his health issues scared off a bunch of teams and Boston is the team to benefit from that.

I think Sullinger’s floor is a Sean May level player while his ceiling is Carlos Boozer. I think he is going to love playing with Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett in Boston. I would expect him to put up 16-18ppg/10rpg per 36 numbers in Boston next season.

Sullinger could be a potential starter or a sixth man for the Celtics.

#22 – Boston Celtics (From LAC via OKC) select Fab Melo

I don’t know what to make of Fab Melo. Too many differing reports.

He has good size. Some say he has solid to good athleticism. Others say he has below average athleticism that because of the zone defense we didn’t see regularly. Some question his rebounding ability. Everybody agrees Melo is a great shot-blocker but question the rest of his defense. Has an improving jump-shot and can finish around the basket. Has only been playing for 6 years.

Fab Melo could be a Kendrick Perkins type player in a few years time if the positive reports about his quickness/mobility are accurate. If not, he may be more of a Greg Stiemsma type player.

Edit: Some are saying that Fab Melo has a developing 15-18 foot jump shot that he’ll have in his arsenal in the near future + that he is a really good passer. That his offensive potential is higher than most centers and that he could become a Roy Hibbert level player in time. No idea whether there is anything to do that or not. I’ll stick to the Stiemsma and Perk comparisons and if they get anything above Perk, it’s gravy.

Late First Round – Picks 23 to 30

#23 – Atlanta Hawks select John Jenkins

Shooter               (that’s all I know about him)

#24 – Cleveland Cavaliers (From LAL) slect Jared Cunningham and trade his draft rights to Dallas

A player who has received a lot of interest in the days leading up the draft. A very good athlete and well-rounded wing (role player).

25. Memphis Grizzlies select Tony Wroten


A big 6 foot 6 point guard with elite athleticism.Frequently blows by his man and gets to the rim. Explosive scorer and capable passer. Willing defender/rebounder.

Shows bad decision making offensively as both a passer and as a scorer. Shot selection. Over-dribbling. Missed passes. Overly-flashy passes instead of simple plays. Turnovers.

His role in the NBA could be pretty much anything depending on how well he addresses those flaws. From a low level backup to high level backup guard and sixth man of the year candidate to a solid starter to an All-Star caliber talent.

Great potential for a player selected so late in the first round.

I think Lionel Hollins is the wrong head coach for him though. I don’t think he’ll develop Wroten as a ball-handling guard and will instead push him off the ball with negative consequences. Hollins is a bit of PG snob (like many former PGs turned head coaches). He has a vision for what a PG should be and if you don’t fit in it, you are screwed.

#26 – Indiana Pacers select Miles Pumlee

Huh, same team that drafted another somewhat similar dukie in Josh McRoberts.

I don’t think Pumlee will amount to much in the NBA and do not consider him a first round or even high second round caliber pick. A mid to late second round talent.

An empty shirt. All that athleticism (scored brilliantly at the combine) and so little to show for it.

#27 – Miami Heat Arnett Moultrie and trade his rights to Philadelphia

Marreese Speights 2.0?

#28 – Oklahoma City Thunder select Perry Jones III

Good pick at this stage in draft especially for a loaded team like Oklahoma who won’t be relying on Jones to be a star player for them.

I think Perry Jones can be an average PF in the NBA. I think he has a good but unexceptional skill-level coupled with very good athleticism but a passive mindset that will hold him back from fulfilling his full potential.

#29 – Chicago Bulls select Marquis Teague

A big fan of this pick. Teague has good pro potential and could be a starting PG in the league 3-5 years from now.

He will also make a high level backup PG to Derrick Rose while in Chicago. Well, once he gets settled which may take a year or two. Shouldn’t expect much in the immediate sense. Still in the early stages of his developments.

#30 – Golden St. Warriors (From SA) select Fetsus Ezeli

Frankly, i don’t believe the scouting reports I have read on this guy. I think they are far too complimentary and, if they were true, Ezeli would have gone much higher in this draft. So I think they are well off the mark.

I tried to track down some game tape on him to see what the real story was but I could only find some limited highlight tapes. Not enough to make a quality judgement on him.

Still, I’ll attempt a snap-shot judgement — I thought that Ezeli had solid size and good athleticism for an NBA center. A defensively orientated player but had really weak defensive fundamentals. So-so rebounder. Garbage man offensively. Not an NBA contributor at this juncture in his career. Will need a lot of work learning the basics defensively before he is ready for minutes in the NBA.

Second Round

Early Second Round – Picks 31 to 39

#31 – Charlotte Bobcats selects Jeff Taylor

Nice pick. Taylor is a defensive stopper and solid outside shooter. An above average athlete with solid size for a two guard. Can play some small forward too.

#32 – Washington Wizards selects Tomas Satoransky

#33 – Cleveland Cavaliers selects Bernard James

#34 – Cleveland Cavaliers (From OKC via MIA) selects Jae Crowder

DeMarre Carroll with more of a jump-shot? Good pickup.

#35 – Golden St. Warriors (From Brooklyn) selects Draymond Green

Favourite pick of the second round.

I thought Draymond Green would be a least first round pick with his high skill-level (shooting ability, ball-handling, passing) and defensive rebounding. He measured well at the draft combine and looks big enough to compete as an undersized backup PF.

I think he’ll do a really nice job for the Warriors playing behind David Lee.

#36 – Sacramento Kings selects Orlando Johnson

#37 – Toronto Raptors selects Quincy Acy

I don’t see it. He works his socks off but he just doesn’t have enough talent to play at this level.

Maybe a few years in Europe will do him good and he can give it another go then.

#38 – Denver Nuggets (From Golden St via NY) selects Quincy Miller

Terrific pick for Denver.

Quincy Miller was a top ranked recruit coming out of high school prior to his injury. He has great size at 6-10 and looks to have a solid skill-level.

The main problem is a lack of quickness and a question as to whether he can defend on the perimeter (SF) or has the size to defend in the paint (PF). The second question is how well he can create his own shot offensively despite his size and a solid skill-level.

Still, we’re talking about an early second round pick here. Quincy Miller is great value here. Well worth the risk.

#39 – Detroit Pistons selects Khris Middleton

#40 – Portland Trailblazers (From GS via NY) selects Will Barton

Another terrific second round pick.

Very scrawny for a two guard at 180lbs but he is an excellent possession creator, good defensive player, quality slasher and solid scorer. He has really good quickness, explosiveness and length for his position.

Legitimate NBA player.

#41 – Portland Trailblazers selects Tyshawn Taylor

Good size and athleticism for an NBA PG. Good defender/rebounder. He can shoot well and is a solid scorer.

The problem is with his decision making offensively. Too many missed passes, turnovers and low percentage shot attempts. But if he can iron that out, Tyshawn Taylor can most defensively be a quality to high level backup PG in the NBA. Good pick.

#42 – Milwaukee Bucks selects Doron Lamb

Shooter – reminds me a bit of Jodie Meeks

#43 – Atlanta Hawks (From PHX) selects Mike Scott

#44 – Detroit Pistons (From HOU) selects Kim English

#45 – Philadelphia 76ers selects Justin Hamilton

#46 – Washington Wizards (From DAL) selects Darius Miller

Utility player + intangibles

#47 – Utah Jazz selects Kevin Murphy

Scorer – good player to take a punt on

#48 – New York Knicks selects Konstantinos Papanikolaou

#49 – Orlando Magic selects Kyle O’Quinn

Something about him reminds me of Leon Powe. Bigger, slower but that very productive and big-balls feel to him. Takes on all comers and goers and just finds a way to get the job done.

He could be a useful backup center in the NBA.

#50 – Denver Nuggets selects Izzet Turkyilmaz

#51 – Boston Celtics selects Kris Joseph

#52 – Golden St. Warriors (From ATL) selects Ognjen Kuzmic

#53 – Los Angeles Clippers selects Furkan Aldemir

Bruiser – a limited PF with a limited NBA future but plays physical in the paint and could be a useful third string to low level backup PF in the NBA.

#54 – Philadelphia 76ers (From Memphis) selects Tornike Shengelia

#55 – Dallas Mavericks (From LAL) selects Darisu Johnson-Odom

#56 – Toronto Raptors (From IND) selects Tomislav Zubcic

#57 – Brooklyn Nets (From MIA) selects Ilkan Karaman

#58 – Minnesota Timberwolves (From OKC) selects Robbie Hummel

#59 – San Antonio Spurs selects Marcus Denmon

Scorer/shooter. One of those SGs in a PGs body.

#60 – Los Angeles Lakers (From CHI via MIL via BKLN) selects Robert Sacre

Siz – DJ Mbenga 2.0

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