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2012 NBA Finals Game Two: Oklahoma vs Miami

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Very good news heading into tonight’s game – Chris Bosh is back in the starting lineup and Spoelstra is staying small with Battier out there.

PG – Chalmers
SG – Wade
SF – Battier
PF – LeBron
C  – Bosh

I am delighted. This is the starting lineup I have wanted to see Miami use all season long. Their best unit.

Game Two

First Quarter

  • The score is 7-2 Miami after four minutes.
  • Miami must attack Kendrick Perkins. He is too slow and immobile to defend Bosh in PnR sequences, transition opportunities and in one-on-one situations. Attack, attack, attack.
  • Chris Bosh with a transition layup as he side-steps Durant to avoid the Durant plus finishes through the foul. Three point play. Nope, missed the free throw but OKC are called for a loose ball foul on missed FT. Miami lead 11-2 after five minutes. Chalmers with a nice blow move on Westbrook on the left side of the court, takes it hard to the rim, Westbrook challenges, Chalmers blows the layup. Oklahoma comes up the other way, Westbrook penetrates, dishes to Perk, pass behind Perk, fumble, fastbreak the other way, Wade breakaway, slam dunk. Timeout Oklahoma.
  • Westbrook slices into the teeth of the defense again but is met in the paint by LeBron and Battier, acrobatic flip shot, misses, fouls on the rebound. Miami ball.
  • Oh my, Battier levels Westbrook with a screen in the backcourt.
  • Chris Bosh, right block, goes baseline, spins back, lefty hook, rolls off the rim.
  • Shane Battier nails a three pointer from the right wing in transition. 16-2 Miami.
  • Oh great job, Chalmers deflects Westbrook’s entry pass to the post, loose ball, Oklahoma keep it. Miami knock it out of bounds moments later. Active hands defensively from the Heat.
  • Harden comes in for Perk — Westbrook, Harden, Thabo, Durant, Ibaka
  • Miami still have their starting unit on the floor
  • LeBron James isolation about 17 feet out on the right baseline, faces up, drives left, spins back, posts up, turns baseline, looks for the jump hook, hits it. 18-2 Miami.
  • James Harden, Mr Cool under pressure, nails a big three from the left wing to calm down OKC.
  • Another deflected pass by Miami on Westbrook’s drive along the right baseline, Westbrook scraps for the loose ball, wins it back, takes it strong to the rim, Bosh fouls him. Second foul on Bosh. Tough foul situation for Bosh. Splits the FTs. 20-6 Miami. Four minutes to play in the first.
  • Wade posts up Durant deep on right post, thinks twice on it, dribbles out to 15 feet, pump fake, Durant bites, draws the foul. Smart play by Wade. Wade makes both FTs.
  • Harden high pick and roll, gets the switch with Bosh, dribbles out, attacks left down the left side of the paint, layup. Nice play by Harden.
  • Oh, sweet move by LeBron, faces up Thabo 10 feet out on the right side, jab step, drives baseline, reverse layup.
  • Wade pull up jumper in transition from 16 feet, knocks it down. 25-8 Miami.
  • Fisher in for OKC. For Durant.
  • Nice pass by N.Collison to a cutting Westbrook for a layup. Timeout Miami.
  • Wade and LeBron are 7-11 FGAs for 15 points to OKC’s 10 points.
  • James front irons a one dribble pull up jumper over Sefolosha from 17 feet off left elbow
  • James Harden gets the switch again, Haslem, step back jumper, 21 feet right wing, nails it. Next possession, offensive foul on Haslem, illegal screen. Home crowd starting to get back into it.
  • Harden fakes left, one dribble right, pull up jumper from right sideline, misses. 25-12 Miami with a minute to play.
  • LeBron left wing isolation, drives baseline, stripped by Sefolosha. Out of bounds, inbounds to James, quick jumper, miss, rebound, outlet pass, within about 2-3 seconds Thabo is at the other end with the layup but he blows the gimme. Oh sorry, good block by James Jones. He got a good hand on that ball. Westbrook with another dumb loose ball foul on the miss, his second. I would be happy playing Westbrook in foul trouble though because Chalmers isn’t a major offensive threat so you can keep him in there at only a small risk.
  • James Harden fouled on the three pointer, nice hand off from Collison, Miller fouled him trying to close out. Harden left side of court to high post top of the key Collison, fakes the cut, comes back, looks for the hand off, takes the triple, fouled. Harden makes all three FTs. 27-15 Miami.
  • LeBron dribbles down the clock, drives, gets past Thabo, drives down the lane, goes up for the dunk, met at the rim by Ibaka, rejected!

Second Quarter

  • Miami lead 27-15
  • LeBron isolation off left elbow, backs him down, turns away from the defense, leans in, Ibaka comes over from the weakside to contest the shot, miss, offensive rebound and putback by Haslem.
  • Fisher has a three pointer rim in and out. Great effort by Ibaka to get the offensive rebound. Fouled.
  • Dwyane Wade with a pretty floater 10 feet out on the right side of the paint. Tough shot.
  • Wade blocks Harden’s shot, turnover, fastbreak, Norris Cole with a layup. 33-17 Miami.
  • Fisher standing on the line on the right sideline, catch and shoot, nails it.
  • Fisher – Harden – Thabo – Collison – Ibaka with Durant about to check back in.
  • Fisher and Sefolosha with back-to-back steals. Fail to capitalize on the first, Harden draws a foul on the second on LeBron on his dribble drive off the PnR, FTs. Good job by Harden to draw the foul. Moved the ball over to the defender’s side to tempt the jab and moved away just in time. Whacked. Harden makes his FTs.
  • Bosh hits the long two point jumper. Catch and shoot.
  • Durant has Wade on him, posts up, immediately draws the double, passes to Ibaka, posts up, drives baseline, finishes on the opposite side of the rim.
  • Bosh drives on Ibaka, to the rim, Ibaka rejects it. Next possession, Harden splits the trap, drives down the middle, deflected, Harden gets it right back, layup. Timeout Miami.
  • Miami lead 35-25 with 8 minutes to play. Harden has half of OKC’s points.
  • Wade and Durant exchange hoops. Nice pull up jumper by Durant over Battier, drove from right wing to 15 feet mark, pulled up, elevated over Battier and hit it.
  • Deflection, loose ball into the backcourt, it’s a race, Ibaka is winning it, Bosh dives on the ball but fouls Ibaka in the process. Foul.
  • Six minute mark
  • Durant blocks Bosh, Ibaka swats it after it hits the board, referees call a goaltending. 10 point lead again, 39-29 Miami.
  • Wade finds Battier trailing on the right wing, hits it, third three pointer from Battier. He has been lighting up the Thunder from behind the arc in these first two games. Timeout OKC.
  • Westbrook – Fisher – Harden – Durant – Ibaka vs Miami’s starting lineup
  • LeBron is on Derek Fisher due to foul trouble. Battier on Durant. Wade on Harden.
  • Straight isolation on left wing, Wade vs Harden, drives hard right, right to left crossover, beats Harden, takes it to the rim, fouled. Wade makes his FTs. 12 point game, Miami.
  • Harden steps back off the PnR and takes the three, oh in and out, miss. I thought that was in.
  • Pick and pop, Westbrook to Ibaka, 22 footer top of the key, miss.
  • Good defense by Ibaka in transition to close out on Chalmers on the left corner, drives baseline, Ibaka beats him to the spot, chalmers falls out of bounds.
  • Pick and roll between Westbrook and Durant, Westbrook finds Durant cutting to the rim, slam dunk!
  • LeBron iso right wing, drives middle, floater in the lane, blocked by Ibaka, Bosh gets it, pump fake, Ibaka goes for it, Bosh steps through to beat Ibaka and gets the putback. Clever move by Bosh.
  • 3 minutes to play, 46-34 Miami
  • Chris Bosh blocks Harden’s lefty layup at the rim, turnover, transition play, ah, Miami turn it over. Then Oklahoma turn it over. LeBron goes right down the middle and takes it hard to the rim, scores, 48-34 Miami. The Heat have a 10-0 advantage in fastbreak points. Chalmers nails a three in transition on the next possession. Timeout Oklahoma. Bad couple of minutes here for Oklahoma.
  • Miami lead 51-34 with 2 minutes to play
  • PnR Harden and Durant on right wing, swung to left to Westbrook, Westbrook with the drive and dish to Sefolosha in the right corner who knocks in the triple.
  • Bosh with back to back offensive rebounds but misses the putback. Three shots there for Miami that they failed to score on. On the other end, Westbrook gets to the foul line and makes two. Lead back to 12.
  • LeBron James with the dribble drive, jump stop, pump fake, loses Ibaka, puts it home.
  • Same sequence as before with the Sefolosha corner three, this time they close out on him and he swings the ball back to Harden, top of the key, hits the triple! Crowd show their appreciation.
  • Bron high PnR with Bosh on the right wing, drives on Ibaka, gets into the paint and is fouled at the rim. First trip of the night to the foul line for LeBron. Lead back to 15.
  • 27 seconds – Oklahoma dribble down the clock, Westbrook goes away from the Durant screen, drives right where the right hand side of the court has been cleared out, draws the contact and the foul on the driving runner. Westbrook splits them.
  • 11 seconds – Miami bring it up, LeBron to Bosh rolling to the rim, blows the layup, miss. Halftime.

I think Miami are playing a lot better tonight than they did in the first half of game one. I thought they were vulnerable in Game One and expected Oklahoma to come back in that game. However, tonight, Miami has looked  a lot stronger than in game one. They are not there yet but they are looking good to win this one.

Third Quarter

  • Battier and LeBron switch on PnR, Battier late on the switch, Durant dribbles into a pull up jump shot from 17 feet left elbow extended, hits it. 10 point game.
  • LeBron James gets the switch, calls for a clearout, blows by Perk, to the rim, lefty finish, nicely done.
  • LeBron iso against Durant top of the key, drives left, Sefolosha helps down from left wing, blocked by Sefolosha from behind at the rim, LeBron taps it back in, good. Miami leads 59-46.
  • Russell Westbrook bangs home a three pointer to make it a ten point game again. Oklahoma only 5-14 from downtown.
  • LeBron iso on left elbow, jabs right, spins back left, gets around Thabo, muscles it up and draws the foul. LeBron back to the line. Looked like Thabo got the ball, not the man, on that replay. Oh no, he hit him on the head as well. LeBron makes both.
  • Durant trades FTs at the other end.
  • Wade on the drive going baseline on the left wing and takes the baseline jumper over Perk from 17-18 feet.
  • Durant answers back again with the catch and shoot from the right elbow. 11 point game.
  • 63-52 Miami with 8 minutes to play
  • Again, I’d like to see Collison in there for Perkins.
  • Wade finds Battier open in the left wing off the PnR with Bosh, Battier head fake, dribbles middle, runner, hits it. Nice shot by Battier
  • Bosh just pulled down his 11th rebound. He is doing a very good job on the boards tonight.
  • Wade slices into the paint and finishes with a pretty lefty layup. Too easy for Wade that time. 15 point game. No help from Perkins.
  • They need to get Nick Collison in there for Perkins.
  • Two possessions later, Westbrook turns down the shot, makes the drive and kick to Durant in the right corner, nails the triple. Next possession, Battier answers right back with a stand still three pointer from the top of the key. Lead back to 15.
  • Battier is 8-11 from downtown in the Finals now.
  • Under six minutes to play, timeout. Miami lead 70-55.
  • Oh nice ball movement from OKC, Harden isn’t happy with the PnR on the right wing, swings it to the opposite side, Westbrook slithers into the paint, kicks it out to Harden, touch pass to the corner, three pointer, miss, Perk gets the rebound though and earns a trip to the foul line. 13 point game.
  • Terrific block by Perkins to deny Chalmers at the basket. Baseline inbounds, Battier three pointer, misses, knocked out of bounds by Wade.
  • Westbrook with the blow-by to the rim for a layup. Timeout Miami. 11 point game, 4:20 to play. Haslem got caught on the wrong side of Perkins and couldn’t get around Perk’s big body to help Wade on Westbrook’s dribble drive.
  • LeBron loses the ball in the paint, turnover, Perk outlet, fastbreak Oklahoma, to Durant, score it. 9 point game. Crowd cheering them on.
  • LeBron on the drive against Durant, who had switched onto LeBron off the PnR, draws the foul and will go to the line. Durant has to stay in this game. Fourth foul on Durant. Keep him on Battier and try harder not to switch anymore, I say.
  • Westbrook blows by Chalmers, to the basket, Haslem from the weakside with a spectacular block.
  • Nice ball movement from Miami to get Wade a layup, miss, offensive rebound LeBron, fouled. Makes em (FTs).
  • 74-61 Miami with three minutes to play. Durant sits.
  • Oh nice pass by Harden inside to Perk, blows it, keeps it, gets it in. Nice play by Perk. Ugly but effective.
  • Harden knifes into the paint and draws another foul. Foul magnet, this chap. One of the best in the league at creating contact and drawing fouls. Harden splits the FTs.
  • James Jones hits a pull up jumper off the dribble. Westbrook comes right back to hit a quick pull up J of his own.
  • Final possession, LeBron dribbles down, PnR with Bosh, LeBron finds Haslem on the right baseline, jumper, miss, rebound Oklahoma, they have time, Westbrook pushes it up, takes a three pointer, misses.

Fourth Quarter

  • Miami lead 78-67
  • Russell Westbrook kicks off the fourth quarter with another pull up jumper from 17 feet. Very good midrange shooter off the dribble.
  • Wade with a floater in the lane to give him 19 points.
  • Oh, ah, great pass by Fisher off the dribble to a cutting Westbrook but then he fell into Westbrook’s way to stop Westbrook from getting a layup. Pity. Ah crap, missed shot, loose ball rebound, Durant with a silly foul. His fifth. That is a huge foul. Dumb foul.
  • Wade’s 20 footer off the dribble goes in and out, hitting the rim three times, Bosh pulls down another offensive rebound. A very good offensive rebounder. It’s so nice to see him hitting the glass aggressively instead of being 17-20 feet from the rim and being asked to get back for transition defense.
  • Oh, another call against Oklahoma, offensive foul on Harden. Yeah, fair enough. Good defense by Chalmers, bit of flop for sure but definite contact there.
  • Durant nails a three pointer to cut the lead back to 10. Under 9 minutes to play.
  • Chalmers misses a three from the right wing (pass from LeBron off PnR), Oklahoma run back up the other way, Durant takes Battier hard to the rim (nice hesitation dribble at the foul line then pushed on the acceleration), finishes, layup, 8 point game, timeout Miami!
  • Durant is 9-15 FGAs for his 21 points. Only 2-7 from downtown. So 7-8 from two point range.
  • Two possessions later, Harden knifes into the paint yet again and finishes at the rim. He has 19 points on 10 shot attempts + numerous FTs. Great job by Harden to beat Bosh on the switch (right to left crossover).
  • Wade gets to the foul line on the other end. Makes one. He is 8-18 FGAs for 19 points.
  • 83-76 Miami with 7:30 to play after a 7-0 run from Oklahoma
  • Westbrook drive and kick to Fisher on the left wing, miss, Battier tips it the rebound to Wade. Great effort by Battier on that play. He contained Harden, then trapped him by himself when Harden picked up the dribble, then switched onto Westbrook, contested the drive, then shot, fell over, tapped the rebound. Great sequence for Battier.
  • Lovely pass by LeBron to Bosh for the dunk as Collison had to help after Westbrook’s flop. Left Bosh alone hugging the baseline. On the other end, Durant nails two more FTs. Seven point game.
  • Turnover, Durant ahead to Westbrook, with James trailing, Westbrook takes it hard and finishes against James plus the foul. Great job by Westbrook to attack the shot blocker. Four point game. Six minutes to play.
  • Westbrook has 23 points on 8-21 FGAs.
  • Wade knocks down a fallaway in the paint off the dribble, goes glass. Harden answers right back on the other end beating Bosh off the dribble again and finishing at the rim.
  • Haha, Battier banked in a three pointer from the top of the key and falls over in the process. Lucky bugger.
  • Haha, oh me oh my, Durant answers right back with a triple of his own from the right corner. Catch and shoot. Four point game, still.
  • 90-86 Miami with 4:30 to play as LeBron heads to the foul line to shoot two. Timeout.
  • Great push here by Oklahoma. So impressed by their determination and never-say-die attitude.
  • Kevin Durant has made seven shots in a row.
  • LeBron makes his two FTs. Miami lead 92-86 with 4:30 to play.
  • Westbrook to Durant, against Wade, iso top of the key, drives left, misses the runner.
  • LeBron, ball-stopper, Bosh has to take a corner three, misses. LeBron wasted the shot-clock there. He calmed it down and dribbled out the clock. Then created nothing.
  • Oh, great block by Ibaka on LeBron’s drive on Durant. Turnover, transition the other way, Miami hit it out of bounds. Inbounds to Durant, drives, to the paint, draws a blocking foul on Battier. Durant splits a pair. Going back a moment, great defense by Durant on LeBron to make himself big, hold up Durant and set him up for Ibaka to make the weakside block. Durant did a terrific job of making LeBron’s life difficult while avoiding the foul, kudos.
  • 3 minutes to play – Miami lead 94-87 as Wade cuts from the right corner, catches in the paint and hits the fadeaway J from 10 feet.
  • Westbrook with the dribble drive and layup. Five point game.
  • Durant deflects LeBron’s pass inside to Bosh on the roll off the pick, turnover, Westbrook pushes in transition, Chalmers from behind, knocks it loose, steal Chalmers.
  • Battier drives baseline, looks for the pass, stripped, fastbreak Oklahoma, Durant to the rim, misses, Westbrook follow dunk, good!
  • Timeout Miami. 1:47 remaining. Miami lead 94-91.
  • Miami have looked shaky offensively. Running too much off the clock off and not getting enough action going on. Leaving themselves with too little time and too much to do against the clock.
  • Great defense by Harden on Wade, out to Chalmers, over to LeBron, Thabo on him, forces him left, fallaway, low percentage shot, hits it! Very good defense.
  • Durant misses a three from the top of the key, Westbrook misses the follow slam (tough shot), Thabo gets it, drives into the paint, knocked out of bounds, Bosh blocked it, Wade hit it out of bounds. Oklahoma ball. Wait, replays say Sefolosha hit it out. That should be Miami ball. Let’s see what they call. Miami ball.
  • 1:11 — Miami lead 96-91 — inbounds to Chalmers, trapped, Chalmers beats it, gets it to LeBron, back to Wade, 12 seconds, Wade waves off, then a Bron pick, drives into the paint, splits the screen, slices down the paint, wrap around pass to Bosh, slam dunk!
  • Timeout Oklahoma
  • 54 seconds — Miami lead 98-91 — Inbounds to Durant, baseline drive, quick layup.
  • 50.5 seconds — inbounds to Wade, trapped in corner, timeout Miami.
  • 48.5 seconds — Miami have one timeout, Oklahoma two. Inbounds to Wade, doubled, Thabo almost deflects it, Fisher does, turnover, to Thabo to Westbrook back to Durant, Bosh misses the steal, three pointer! Good! Two point game!
  • 30 seconds — Miami winding the clock down, LeBron wastes the clock away again, takes a three, misses, Bosh keeps it alive, Oklahoma snare it. Timeout Oklahoma.
  • LeBron has done an awful job managing the shot clock and of getting his team quality looks at the basket late in this game. A stark contrast to Durant who has been a killer here in the fourth for Oklahoma.
  • 12 seconds — inbounds to Durant on left baseline, turns by LeBron, short jumper (that Dirk leg out J), 12 footer, quick shot, misses, Westbrook keeps it alive but James takes it away and is fouled. LeBron takes two foul shot and makes both.
  • 7 seconds — 100-96 Miami — Inbounds by Fisher to Westbrook, turnaround three left wing, miss, Bosh rebound (again). Miami win.

Excellent win for Miami. They gave a terrific first half performance and played well most of the second half. A little dodgy late on but they pulled it out.

Oklahoma were impressive late on but they killed themselves with another slow start. I think starting Perkins is hurting them to open games. They don’t have enough quickness and energy to start out games. I’d like them to swap him out for Collison.

Big win for Miami. They have now stolen home-court. They are tied 1-1 and are heading home for 3 straight games. Great chance to win at least two games at home and take control of this series. Maybe even win it there. Well, I like OKC to win at least one game on their court, but Miami have certainly put themselves in a good position here.

They wanted to split the first two games here in Oklahoma and they have done exactly that. Mission accomplished. A job well done.

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