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2012 Draft Lottery Order

In Draft on May 30, 2012 at 7:47 pm

Here is the order

(1) New Orleans Hornets
(2) Charlotte Bobcats
(3) Washington Wizards
(4) Cleveland Cavaliers
(5) Sacramento Kings
(6) Portland Trailblazers (via NJ)
(7) Golden State Warriors
(8) Toronto Raptors
(9) Detroit Pistons
(10) New Orleans Hornets
(11) Portland Trailblazers
(12) Milwaukee Bucks
(13) Phoenix Suns
(14) Houston Rockets


New Orleans Hornets

Terrific news for the New Orleans. Very happy for them. I’d love to see the NBA survive in New Orleans. A great city.

And Anthony Davis + Eric Gordon is a very nice foundation to build upon.

Charlotte Bobcats

Lost out again. Year after year the Bobcats seem to lose out on the top choice.

Bitter blow for Charlotte.

Golden State Warriors

Very happy to see Golden State keep their pick.

An excellent opportunity to add another piece to their quality core of Andrew Bogut, Steph Curry, David Lee and the emerging Klay Thompson.

At #7, there is a fair chance the Warriors can draft someone with All-Star potential.

New Jersey

They needed a home-run and they didn’t get it.

This will only serve to add more pressure on their capacity to keep Deron Williams + their ability to acquire Dwight Howard … and if they flame out there, it’ll make it so much more difficult to rebuild their franchise.

A very bad day in New Jersey. I still can’t believe they put so little protection on that draft pick traded to Portland for Gerald Wallace. A very poor front office decision.

Houston and Phoenix

Feels familiar doesn’t it? The final picks in the lottery?

Not good enough to make it to the playoffs or to make any noise should they get there and not bad enough to net a top prospect in the lottery. The worst place to be in the NBA — middle of the pack, a treadmill team.

At least Houston has some valuable cap flexibility over the next few years. Might be able to swing a big name signing via free agency or a trade. See if they can give themselves a boost up the standings.

I think the Suns have too many bad contracts (Childress, Frye, Warrick) clogging theirs up (along with good midlevel contracts in Dudley and Gortat) to do anything meaningful with their cap space this summer.  Not the most enticing situation for a star to join. Likely be forced into a one-man show act.

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