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Chris Bosh Injury

In 2012 NBA Playoffs on May 14, 2012 at 8:39 am

The Miami Sun-Sentinal writes

For the Heat, the pain goes deeper, with the question being how deep into Chris Bosh’s abdomen. The All-Star power forward was lost for the second half after sustaining a lower-abdominal strain on the follow-through of a second-quarter dunk that resulted in a 3-point play.

Coach Erik Spoelstra did not sound as if Bosh was coming back any time soon.

“We have some time now. We don’t know what Chris’ status is,” Spoelstra said. “We won’t know until we get an MRI, move on from there.”

The initial sense was not encouraging.

Bad news for Miami.

We’ll have to wait until after the MRI to find out just how big of an issue this is for Miami.

Update: Bosh is out indefinitely according to Brian Windhorst’s most recent tweet. Windhorst says it’s hard to guess how long Bosh will be out for but that there is a good chance Bosh is done for the series.


If Out Of Series


C  – Anthony vs Hibbert – advantage Indiana
PF – Haslem vs West – advantage Indiana
SF – LeBron vs Granger – advantage Miami
SG – Wade vs P.George – advantage Miami
PG – Chalmers vs G.Hill


C  – Turiaf vs Amundson
PF – J.Howard vs Hansbrough – possible advantage Indiana
SF – Battier vs D.Jones – advantage Miami
SG – M.Miller vs Barbosa
PG – N.Cole vs Collison – advantage Indiana


Spoelstra vs Vogel – advantage Miami


I think the talent on the court is fairly even and that this could be a 50-50 series there to be won by either team. However, I have more trust in Spoelstra and his coaching staff than I do in Indiana’s and I think that he’ll find a way to see his team go through in a tough hotly contested battle.

If Bosh is out for a few weeks

If Bosh is out of the Conference Finals, Boston is suddenly the firm favourite to win the East.

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