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2012 Playoffs Game Three: Dallas vs Oklahoma

In Game Log / Recap on May 3, 2012 at 11:04 pm

Game Three

A massive game tonight. A must win for Dallas.

First Quarter

  • Oklahoma start off strongly and build a 6-0 lead. An offensive rebound and tip in for Ibaka. A turnover with Westbrook playing the passing lanes and then splitting a pair at the line after drawing a foul on Marion in transition. Then Durant nailed a three in semi-transition.
  • Perk gets called for a goal-tend there as he tried to help on Dirk’s low post (right block) spinning baseline off glass move against Ibaka. Perk has looked very active defensively so far. Made a nice play altering Kidd’s driving layup a moment earlier.
  • Durant nails his second three pointer. Only three minutes in. Next possession, high post right wing, posts up, defense hovers over, Westbrook who was dribbling down the right side of the court prior to the pass flares out to the top of the key, wide open, Durant finds him, jumper on the way, misses. Nice job by Durant to draw defensive attention and get his teammate an open look though.
  • Shawn Marion steals an offensive board over Perk on a missed a free throw. Awful job by Perkins. Results in a slam dunk from Haywood later in the possession. Perk has to get that rebound.
  • Oklahoma lead 11-5 four minutes into the game as Westbrook hits a tough pull up shot from 18 feet over D-West.
  • Dirk right wing, faces up 16 feet out, nails a tough jumper with Ibaka all over him. Kevin Durant answers on the other end with his Dirk-like one foot stuck out jumper out of the catch and shoot from the right corner.
  • Durant post up left side, about 12 feet out, works on Marion, spins baseline, turnaround J, drains it. Durant has 11 quick points on 4-5 shooting.
  • Delonte West has back-to-back hoops to make the score 18-11 OKC.
  • Dallas blow a transition opportunity as Haywood fumbles Marion’s pass out of bounds. Should have been a dunk. Next possession, Ibaka makes a terrific block to deny Mahinmi at the rim. Incredible athletic play. Again, an easy two wiped out. The first a miscue. The second a terrific defensive play.
  • Now Oklahoma get away with an offensive interference call as Perk tips in Harden’s missed runner. Rick Carlisle is going ballistic. The Mavs assistant coaches trying to hold him back, he was going after the refs, gesturing wildly and shouting, very close to getting thrown out. Just a tech. He has calmed down now. Oklahoma make the tech + then get a coast-to-coast transition layup through traffic plus the foul from Harden.
  • So that is four easy points Dallas did not make, then the Perk tip in and the four point play there, a ten point swing. Oklahoma lead 23-11 and Dallas are in serious trouble here. They are not at the races here at all. Oklahoma running right over them. That’s part of the reason Carlisle reacted the way he did. He wants to get some fire into his team.
  • Westbrook knocks down a pull up jumper from the right elbow. 14 point first quarter lead. All the momentum is in OKC’s favour.
  • Mahimini catches it the top of the key, shot clock ticking down, little guards around him poking at the ball, no easy passes on, feels he has to shoot it and does, high arc swishes right through the bottom of the net. Pretty made shot.
  • Kevin Durant replies right back with a three pointer from the right early in the shot clock. Jason Terry was the player closing out on him (Dallas were in a zone), just not enough size and/or length to bother Durant’s jumper. Well, at least Terry makes a three of his own on the other end (also right wing) to cancel out Durant’s.
  • Great close out by Mahinmi to the corner to bother Fisher’s three pointer. Miss. Leads to a Vince Carter driving dunk on the other end of the court (off high PnR, no help as Mahinmi seals Durant and stops the help defensive rotation, great play by Mahinmi). A 7-0 run for Dallas.
  • Ibaka with a nice little jump hook 4 feet from the rim. Kidd answers with a three pointer from the left wing. Harden makes two FTs.
  • Jason Terry high pick and pop with Dirk Nowitzki, allows Terry to drive into the lane, Oklahoma’s defense collapses, Terry finds Vince Carter in the right corner, three pointer on the way, good! Strong comeback to finish the quarter from Dallas.
  • Oklahoma lead 32-26 at the end of one

Second Quarter

  • Ibaka all over Nowitzki, out to the halfway line, Dirk spinning off the dribble, trying to find a shot against the clock, takes a spinning three pointer with a hand in his face, misses badly. Great defensive effort from Ibaka. Nothing easy.
  • Vince Carter posting up Cook but Delonte West goes away from rim and uses a Dirk high pick instead, drives right, into the paint, to the rim, fouled, gets to the FT line. That Vince Carter vs Daequan Cook matchup is a great opportunity for Dallas. Got to attack that.
  • Oklahoma – Ibaka, Durant, Harden, Cook, Fisher
  • Dallas – Mahinmi, Dirk, Vince, Terry, West – Marion just came back in for Dirk which Brooks responds to by taking Durant out for Perk. So Ibaka and Marion will matchup against one another. And B.Wright comes in for Mahinmi (defend Perk). I’d love to see OKC give Perk a post up against Wright. He does well against those undersized bigs down low.
  • Harden weaves his way into the paint off the dribble penetration and finishes so smoothly with that left hand. Makes it look so effortless.
  • Serge Ibaka with another incredible block … this time a chase down block to eliminate Terry’s layup in transition. Swatted into the fourth row. Second block of the night.
  • Oklahoma lead 36-28 five minutes into the second quarter as Marion misses a left wing three point attempt (corner guy).
  • Great spacing by Oklahoma to open up the paint for that dribble drive by Durant for the lefty layup. Durant top of the key, screen coming from the left wing, three Thunder players move out to the right wing, Marion moves across to get ready for the PnR, Durant goes away from it and drives hard right down the middle of the paint, the help D by Dallas was sucked out too wide, no help defenders there, layup. Dallas got lost on defense there. Timeout.
  • Nice pick and pop between Terry and Dirk for the left wing 17 footer out of the timeout.
  • Durant comes off the Perk pick and roll, Dirk won’t step up, concedes the 19 footer top of the key from Durant, nails it. High percentage shot for Durant. They should keep attacking Dirk in the pick and roll.
  • Dallas – Dirk, Marion, Vince, Terry, Kidd – Dallas have no shot-blocker inside there alongside Dirk Nowitzki. Great opportunity for Oklahoma to attack the rim.
  • Tuhnder – Fisher, Westbrook, Harden, Durant, Perk – spaced out with shooters and their three main scoring threats.
  • Perk vs Dirk, muscles in, left post, turns middle, jump hook. I don’t know why they’d attack Dirk but not B-Wright. Wright is a much weaker post defender against a player like Perk than Dirk is. And to that when Dallas have gone small with Dirk at center and Marion at PF while Oklahoma have their three main scorers on the floor in a spaced out lineup with only one big man … such a terrific opportunity to attack the rim. Wasteful possession and wasted opportunity a few minutes earlier when Wright was in the game.
  • Harden playing the passing lanes, gets the steal, breakaway, two handed slam dunk! 7-0 fastbreak points edge for Oklahoma. Another transition opportunity for OKC as they swing the ball from the right wing to the left corner for Fisher to nail a three pointer. Oklahoma lead 45-33. Four minutes to play in first half.
  • Mavs have 5 turnovers in this quarter as they give it away again. Westbrook nails a three pointer on the other end. Quick 8-0 run from Oklahoma to put them up 15 which draws a timeout from Dallas.
  • Mahinmi comes in for Vince Carter to give Dallas some shot-blocking. Oh, Ibaka checked back in too. That’s why. No tough matchups for Dallas to work around.
  • Durant high pick and roll, drives left, jumps into the air with nowhere to go and with no passes on, turns it over and tries to pass it to the opposite corner where nobody is.
  • Pick and pop with Dirk and Terry, Dirk 18 footer, top of the key, good.
  • Oklahoma lead 48-37, final two minutes of half
  • Westbrook, top of the key, over to right wing to Thabo, Durant runs off a baseline screen, catch and shoot from 17 feet, hits it. Durant has 21 first half points on 8-10 FGAs.
  • Kidd replies with a three pointer from the top of the key. His second triple of the half and he now has 10 points.
  • Durant with a nice setup for Perkins, short shot from 6 feet, misses it, Ibaka keeps it alive but knocks it out bounds. Dallas ball. Final minute,
  • Kidd brings it up, to Terry, Dirk high screen 10 feet beyond the three point line, possession going nowhere, nothing on, shot clock wasting down, Terry has to take it and misses a forced three pointer. Never got below the three point line on that possession.
  • Similar to previous possession, Oklahoma miss shot (this time a 17 foot Westbrook J), Ibaka keeps it alive but can’t control the ball, fumbles it out of bounds. Dallas ball.
  • Dallas will hold it for a final possession — Dirk clearout high post top of the key, pump fake, drives left, pump fake, pull up jumper, fouled. Dirk splits the two FTs.
  • 2.5 seconds – Dallas use their foul to give.
  • 1.1 seconds – at the halfway line, inbounding, Sefolosha up to Ibaka, shoots a three from the top of the key turning away from the basket on the catch, misses. Tough shot. Body wasn’t setup.

Third Quarter

  • Oklahoma leads 50-41
  • Thabo Sefolosha doing a terrific job harassing Delonte West off the dribble, he has to get rid of it, passes it to Mahinmi at the foul line who drives around Perkins and throws down a dunk. Interesting to see Mahinmi start. I missed the introduction. Not sure if that is a coaching change or an injury. I like Mahinmi here instead of Haywood anyway.
  • Thabo Sefolosha with another terrific defensive sequence, this time pushing Kidd far off from the paint and into an off balance runner and then blocking his shot. Great job. On the other end of the floor, Sefolosha hesitates but then takes a long two point shot from the right wing with time still left on the shot clock, bad shot, shouldn’t have taken that and he misses it.
  • Durant posts up Delonte West in a switch in transition, doubled, Durant finds Ibaka for the midrange J. On the other end, West tries to make up for it with a hard drive to the rim but Ibaka swats his shot right out of there.
  • Oklahoma lead 56-45 at the 8:45 mark
  • Better shot attempt from Thabo Sefolosha this time. In the corner instead of the wing. No hesitation. Nice ball movement and caught it in rhythm. Unfortunately, Thabo still missed the shot but those are the types of perimeter shots you want him to take.
  • Durant and Westbrook pick and roll, force the switch, Westbrook goes back to Durant with Delonte West on him, shoots right over the top after facing up, nails it. That 1-3 PnR is so tough to defend. On the next possession, Westbrook rattles in a 19 footer from the top of the key off the PnR with Perkins (Mahinmi defending Westbrook). Timeout Dallas.
  • Westbrook forces an off balance jumper from the foul line in transition, misses. Never really squared up to the rim on that one. Felt like a heat-check.
  • Oklahoma lead 60-50 after Marion makes two FTs as we near the midway point in the third.
  • Durant posts up Marion, Terry shadows down, Perk sets a screen, leaves Westbrook wide open at the top of the key, Durant gets it to him and Westbrook hits it. Next possession, Sefolosha off the drive and kick nails a three pointer from the left wing. Timeout Dallas (again).
  • Vince Carter has a left corner three point go in and out, offensive rebound Dirk, fadeaway from 10 feet middle of the paint, misses.
  • Great block by Shawn Marion to deny Westbrook’s runner in the lane. Fastbreak the other way, leads to a Jason Terry three pointer, makes it. Only his second made shot of the night (2-8, 6 points).
  • Dallas have gone small to try and get back into this – Dirk, Marion, Vince, Kidd and Terry. Clearly trying to put as much offense on the floor as possible. They have really struggled to score the ball tonight. Shooting somewhere around 35% from the field.
  • Oklahoma are the tougher more physically talented team and they are beating up the Mavs.
  • Marion knocks down two more FTs. 11 point game.
  • Westbrook comes right back down with an aggressive drive, no need for a screen, just crossed over Delonte West and took him right to the rim, no shot blocking, layup. Oklahoma must continue to attack the rim against this small Dallas lineup. Dirk is not a shot-blocker.
  • James Harden knifes down the lane and hits a layup on the opposite side of the rim. Oklahoma lead 70-57 with three minutes to play as Marion misses a runner, good help defense to make that shot difficult (small guard went for charge, not sure who, maybe Fisher or else Westbrook). Marion is 0-7 now from the field. On the other end, Westbrook blows by Marion, gets to the cup but it rims out, he makes up for it on the other end, running back late in transition to creep up on Vince Carter and knock away the ball, turnover, fastbreak the other way, Westbrook running hard, fouled.
  • Westbrook has 19 points on 8-18 FGAs now
  • Harden top of the key vs Terry, beats him off the dribble, went around him way too easily but misses the layup. Terry has to contest Harden’s dribble better than that. He is at a size disadvantage but he should have more than enough quickness to cause Harden some problems 25 feet from the rim.
  • Delonte West gets called for the tech after shoving Fisher after the foul. Not allowed that after-action stuff after fouls anymore. Much stricter these days.
  • Dallas’ matchup zone causing some problems here. Forces Nick Collison to take a midrange J, misses.
  • James Harden, high pick and roll with Harden, wheels into the paint, drive and kick to Cook in the right corner, nails the three pointer.
  • Dirk, one-on-one play against Collison on left baseline, takes the contested jumper, misses.
  • Fisher makes a runner in the paint to put Oklahoma up 75-57, an 18 point advantage, their largest advantage of the night.
  • Dallas turn it over again. 18th turnover of the night. Oklahoma hold it for the final shot, Harden and Collison pick and roll, Harden finds his big man rolling to the rim, good help defense, force Collison to improvise on his driving layup, force the miss. End of quarter.

Fourth Quarter

  • Oklahoma leading 75-57
  • Oh boy, Derek Fisher nails another three pointer to open up the fourth quarter. A 21 point lead for Oklahoma. Fisher made the shot from the left corner off the drive and kick from Durant as three players converged on Durant’s dribble.
  • Harden just over halfcourt, right corner, Terry defending him, dribbles into a high pick and roll right wing, dribble penetration, drive and kick to Cook in the right corner, nails it. 23 point lead a minute into the fourth.
  • Same play next possession, deny the drive, but Harden swings it to the left corner as Fisher’s man (Vince) was helping down on the roll man, Fisher pump fake, catches Vince flat footed, goes baseline, layup. Timeout Dallas. 25 point game.

Okay, I think I am going to call it here. I’ll continue to watch but will only update the game thread if Dallas manages to make some real headway here in the final 10 minutes.

Update: 26 point lead with 5 minutes left, this is over

Ahem, huge win for Oklahoma. Pretty much a season ending loss for Dallas.

The Mavericks won’t be able to come back from this. Oklahoma is simply too talented of a team to lose four straight games to this Dallas side. It’s just a question of when they close them out now.

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