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2012 Playoffs Game Time: Day Three

In Game Log / Recap on April 30, 2012 at 9:17 pm

Miami vs New York

Game two

  • Dwyane Wade has gotten off to a good start. He has made two beautiful cuts across the baseline for easy dunks and had a nice jumper off glass off the dribble from about 10 feet also. Landry Fields, his defender, has gotten caught ball-watching on those baseline cuts.
  • Miami lead 11-6 midway through the first after a 9-0 run, Miami has looked very dangerous in transition. New York has do a better job of limiting those transition opportunities.
  • Dwyane Wade and Landry Fields trade heavily contested jumpers out of the corner against the shot clock.
  • Amare Stoudemire has looked very active today. Making nice cuts. Getting some rebounds. Attacking the basket hard. He looks set to have a big game tonight.
  • Miami lead 18-10 with four minutes to go as LeBron finishes in the paint through contact and gets the line. On a prior possession, LeBron had a beautiful no look one handed pass off to Wade in transition for the easy two.
  • Carmelo knocks down his third jumper (face up J on left wing). Battier has taken the assignment after coming into the game. LeBron is on Bibby. Melo comes right back down the other side of the court (right side) on the next possession and dribbles into a 20 footer over Battier. A nice hesitation dribble and jab step to open up space for that J. Two possessions later (after a Bibby three), Melo goes at Battier again, catches it up top, high post, backs down to FT line, spin move left past the elbow, pull up J from 12 feet, heavily contested, knocks it down. Fifth made jumper by Melo in the quarter. Suddenly the score is a near-tie at 20-19 Miami. Melo again, dribbling upcourt prior to initiating offense, then explodes hard right along the sideline cuts sharply towards the rim, help defense isn’t setup yet, LeBron makes the rotation but is too late to stop Melo from getting to the rim, foul, two made FTs. Melo has 12 points on 5-10 FGAs and 2-2 FTAs in the first quarter.
  • LeBron just pissed away a possession by dribbling the ball at the top of the key for about 8-10 seconds without doing anything while nobody else really moved until Battier set a largely purposeless screen and roll.
  • 1-3 pick and roll with Bibby and Melo, Melo rolls hard down the lane, Bibby finds him, Melo makes the catch, takes a dribble, nice ball fake to the corner to freeze the help defender, Melo stuffs it down hard. 14 points. Next Knicks possession, iso, top of the key, drives left, pump fake, draws the contact, foul on Battier, two more FTs. Splits them.
  • Miami finished the quarter up 27-24
  • Monster one handed follow slam by Tyson Chandler on the offensive board. Posterized Mike Miller. Gets a tech for taunting, correct call but a bit disappointing. Feels like it’s taking away from the passion of the moment.
  • Novak buries a right wing three to tie the game at 29-29 two minutes into the second quarter. Both teams are very small now. Only big man on the court for either team which is a major advantage for NY with Tyson Chandler vs Joel Anthony. The rest of Miami’s lineup is Chalmers, Wade, J.Jones and M.Miller (PF). New York have Bibby, JR Smith, Novak and Jeffries. Alley oop to Tyson Chandler, slam dunk! Timeout.
  • Nice play by Miami. Ball brought over frontcourt, swung to left wing, Wade spins off right box, posts up at the interior marker, gets the catch, close finish on the opposite side of the court, too easy for Wade. JR Smith has to fight harder for post position.
  • Bosh comes in for Miami. I like that. They need him out there when they play with only big man which they’ll need to do often enough against this Knicks team with Novak at PF or when they use Melo at PF.
  • Good game here. Tight contest. Both teams playing some good basketball.
  • Nice box out and defensive rebound by Bosh against Amare. He had a lovely block on Amare early in the game too. Fired up for this matchup?
  • An early oop in the halfcourt for LeBron as he spins of Melo and goes to the rim for the tip in from Chalmers 25 feet top of the key. On a later possession, NY stupidly turns the ball over under their own basket and gifts Wade another bucket. He has 15 points on 7-8 shooting.  New York MUST stop conceding easy points of turnovers and in transition. They cannot afford to give up so many easy points.
  • Dwyane Wade posts up JR Smith again, left block, muscles him out of it easily and draws the foul. Again good position prior to the catch. JR Smith had done an awful job for the second time defending Wade in the post. Reggie Miller, TNT commentator, wonders if Erik Spoelstra has highlighted this matchup and decided to attack JR Smith with Wade in the post when they are matched up.
  • JR Smith hits a tough contested jumper from the right corner over Wade to tie the game back up at 39-39. Battier responds with the short three from the right corner. New York battling valiantly but it feels like every time they get this game tied, the Heat make a bucket and keep the lead. New York can’t seem to get ahead in this one. Battier just forced a turnover on the other end.
  • Carmelo with a lousy play. Right wing, isolation against Battier, missed the pull up shot, Battier closed out after the shot to box him out, Melo decided to flop, didn’t get the call, stayed on the ground, didn’t bother getting back on defense, Miami 5 on 4, work the ball into the paint and find Bosh at the rim. Had to give up a foul to avoid the dunk. Lazy and immature basketball play from Melo. He has to get back on defense. Can’t let his frustration hurt his team like that.
  • Next possession, nice post move by Melo on the right block against LeBron but he fails to finish at the rim. Two missed shots in a row. Frustration building. Bosh with a nice running hook to put Miami up 6, 45-39. Three minutes to go in the second.
  • Nice pass by Carmelo there. It looked like New York had nothing on but Melo’s dribble penetration forced the help, kicked it out, nice ball movement along the perimeter, corner three from Bibby, missed. Nice pass by Melo though. Next possession, Melo hits the offensive glass (Chalmers tried to box him out, failed), Melo makes the follow up layup. Finding ways to contribute offensively. I like it. Melo has 17 points on 15 FGAs and 4 FTAs.
  • Pick and pop above the three point line, right wing, LeBron with Battier, LeBron dribbles left, Bosh sets a screen on left side of the court, cleared out for just the two of them, Bosh rolls middle, LeBron finds him, fouled on the shot attempt. Nice job creating open space by Miami.
  • Another good job by Melo fighting on the offensive glass and keeping the board alive, knocked out of bounds by Miami. Great effort by Melo. Baseline inbounds, beautiful slipped screen by Melo (set for Fields out of the right corner), wide open rolling to the rim, gets the pass, slam dunk!
  • Miami gets a fastbreak off the JR Smith missed long jumper, Wade dribbles upcourt, pulls the defenders out wide, creates space for LeBron to cut through, shuffle pass, slam dunk! Next possession, LeBron steamrolls his way to the rim off the left wing (high pick and roll with Bosh), attacked Amare, got the bucket and drew the foul. Miami suddenly up 53-45 after New York cut it to two. Great job by LeBron to close out the half. Shades of game one.
  • Melo isolation top of the key, drives right on LeBron, tries to take the foul but refs don’t call it, Melo off balance takes the leaner off glass and gets it to go! Big shot to cut the lead to six at the half. 53-47 Miami.

Second half

  • Carmelo Anthony bags a catch and shoot J from the right elbow as LeBron gets lost on a Tyson Chandler screen set at the foul line. On the other end, Wade with the dribble penetration and floater from 11 feet. The two standout performers of the first half begin the second in the same fashion.
  • Fields with good defense on Wade’s post up, pushes away from the rim and forces an off balance jump hook which misses but Miami gets that rebound. JR Smith should take note.
  • Lovely pick and roll between Melo and Tyson. He used to devastatingly effective with Nene in the PnR in Denver. Never understood why Denver didn’t use him more there.
  • Fields back irons a three from the right wing. He misses a lot of long distances shot badly. I mean, an uncomfortably large number aren’t even close to going in.
  • Miami played great defense there and forced Carmelo into a contested 30 foot heave but then failed to get the rebound and allowed Tyson Chandler to get an easy dunk in the paint. Miami are doing a very poor job of protecting the defensive glass tonight. New York’s second best area for offense tonight after Carmelo Anthony.
  • Miami lead 67-56 midway through the third after a LeBron a strong finish in transition that he muscled up over JR Smith.
  • Nice wrap around pass by Baron Davis on the dribble penetration (from the left wing PnR) to hand it off to Chandler who was cutting from the weakside for the dunk and foul.  Seven point game with four minute to play.
  • Baron Davis has buried a pair of long jumpers against the shot clock with a hand in his face. One earlier in the quarter and one now. This one was a triple over the 6-8 Mike Miller. Five point game. Baron Davis with another terrific pass in traffic in the paint to Tyson Chandler for a wide open uncontested dunk. Four point game.
  • Shane Battier responds with another short three, this time from the left corner. Eerily familiar. He did the same in the first quarter when NY got close.
  • Miami lead 84-72 three minutes into the fourth quarter after a 12-4 run over the last four minutes. New York’s offense has gone cold. Wade just missed a dunk on another backdoor cut (this time left wing vs Novak who was trying to deny him the pass).
  • Miami are looking comfortable at the moment. Are New York running out of gas?
  • Wade beat JR Smith in the paint again, this time getting prime position for the offensive rebound and winning the tip but missing the tip.
  • Wade gets a leak-out dunk on the next possession.
  • Amare Stoudemire just ended a Knicks drought of five and a half minutes without a field goal with the and-one finish vs Battier off the pick and roll. Timeout. New York look weak right now. Need to start chipping away at this lead.
  • Stoudemire starting to warm up now. They have gone small with Amare at C and Novak at PF. A Melo-Amare pick and roll there, Amare gets back to the free throw line. He has five FTs (made two or three) and a bucket in the last three possessions he finished over the past 2-3 minutes. Amare isolation, faces up, left block, goes baseline, beats his man but misses the bunny.
  • Miami lead 89-77 as we near the midway point in the fourth
  • Bosh just drained a triple from the right corner as the shot clock expired. Nice drive and kick. Five minutes to play, NY down 15. The clock is not their friend.
  • Baron Davis with a beautiful crossover dribble to get into the lane and finishes with the left hand in the paint. Tyson Chandler has come back in for the Knicks now. Anthony makes a pull up jumper over Battier from the left wing. 11 point game, four minutes. Melo has 28 points on 11-25 FGAs and 8 or 9 rebounds.
  • New York not cutting into this lead. Battier just got a wide open three and hit it. Back up 14 with less than three minute to play.
  • James with the great lead pass to Wade for the easy layup, 14 point game, two minutes to play. This is over.

Good job by Miami. They did their job and won their home games. Now they’ll go to NY and try to win at least one on the Knicks homecourt.

Oklahoma City vs Dallas

Game two of the best matchup in the first round

  • Terrific move by Marion, clearout left wing, drives left on Durant, spins back right and takes and makes that right handed push shot / hook shot of his. I love seeing Marion attack Durant. He needs to be a consistent 15ppg type threat in this series for Dallas.
  • Superb move by Russell Westbrook to power his way into the paint and setup Perk beautifully for the finish and the FT. He has 7 of the first 9 points for Oklahoma.  They lead 9-6, make that 9-9 as Delonte West bags a three from the left corner (had a nice diving layup on the previous possession).
  • Jason Kidd rips down the defense rebound and throws a one handed full court pass to a streaking Shawn Marion for the run-out dunk attempt. Oklahoma fly back and tie Marion up before he gets it off. Marion makes both FTs.
  • Marion throws up a fallaway in the middle of the paint hard off the glass over Durant after the post up on the right block. Such an odd looking shooter but it works for him.
  • Dirk Nowitzki isolation right midpost, 16-17 feet out, shot clock ticking down, 7, 5, Dirk makes his move, goes right to the baseline, rises up and drains the baseline jumper. Bailout play for Dallas. Dirk is such a sensational shot-creator.
  • Nowitzki and Perk have a mini-scuffle. Nothing to it. Perk pushed Dirk in the back fighting for rebounding position. Then they have words and bump (chest to shoulder). It stemmed from an earlier slap in the face from Ibaka to Dirk and a retaliation elbow from Dirk to Ibaka on the way down on the previous possession. The score is 19-17 with five minutes to play.
  • Tough shot by Vince Carter. Thrown out to him in the right corner by Jason Terry with the shot clock winding down, drives left towards the middle, Durant pushes him wide to keep him away from the paint, Vince stops and pops from the elbow with Durant all over him, makes the shot. Tough shot. Good defense. Tied at 19.
  • Russell Westbrook knifes into the paint but misses the layup. He is getting into the paint too easily early on in this game. The Mavs need to tighten up their defense to have a hope of sticking in this one.
  • James Harden has got the crowd on it’s feet after scoring five straight points. The first two came from FTs off an aggressive drive to the hoop (and sloppy foul by Mahinmi). Then on the next possession, Harden drained a triple. The crowd explodes. A minute to go. Harden splits the pick and roll, slithers down the paint, incredible pass to a baseline cutting Nick Collison for the layup. The crowd again. Turnover, Fisher upcourt to Cook on the right wing, 22 footer, good! Dallas play the clock and try for the last shot, Terry has to give it up, Delonte has to force it, air-ball, cook upcourt to Fisher, left corner, at the buzzer, shot fake, one dribble to his right, drains it! Bang! 32-24 OKC lead after an 11-1 run keyed by James Harden.
  • Derek Fisher, on the left wing, has a pick to his right, goes left, pulls up 18 feet, drains the jumper. Puts OKC up 36 to 26 three minutes into the second quarter and Rick Carlisle calls a timeout. A minute later, Fisher bags another jumper along the left baseline after a ball fake and two dribbles along the baseline for the 14 footer. He has 8 points on 4-5 shooting. That buzzer beater at the end of the first has sparked Fisher.
  • Durant rips down a rebound, outlet pass, trails the play and bags a 23 footer from near the top of the arc. Then grabs another defensive rebound, dribbles upcourt, posts up Westbrook against Terry, backs him down easily, fallaway, good! OKC lead 42-27 as Rick Carlisle calls another timeout. The first five plus minutes of this second quarter have been a disaster for Dallas.
  • Jason Kidd buries a three to stop a 21-4 run over the last seven minutes.
  • Durant schools Vince Carter with the spin move off the dribble as the old man reached in for a steal. No way can Vince cover Durant. Too undisciplined defensively. Never did learn how to maximize his physical strengths on the defensive end of the court.
  • Turnover, Marion’s pass picked off by Durant, Durant leads the break, pass ahead to Westbrook, layup, lead back up to 16 and another timeout from Rick Carlisle.
  • Marion posts up again, got Fisher on him, moves middle, defense collapses, Marion finds Dirk on the weakside baseline, jumper is good. Nice pass. Next possession, Kidd takes a hard drive right to the rim and finishes at the basket plus the foul taking advantage of comparably old and slow Derek Fisher. The lead has been cut to 9 (46-37 OKC) after a 7-0 run by Dallas. That brings a timeout from Scotty Brooks. Smart timeout.
  • Westbrook nails the foul line pull up jump shot. He can get that shot whenever he wants it.
  • Kidd explodes to the rim again, this time down the left wing, catching the defense sleeping, but he leaves the ball hanging on the rim, miss, offensive rebound, ball moves out to Dirk who drains a jumper.
  • 3:30 left to play in the first half. Dirk isolation against Perk, head fake, Perk bites, Dirk beats him baseline, too slow to get to the rim before Ibaka, freezes him with the shot fake, muscles it up and draws the foul. Nice patient movement by Dirk. Good use of ball fakes. Makes the FT for the three point play. Six point game after the 12-2 run. Dirk has 15 points.
  • Westbrook gets a pair of FTs to go. Kidd comes back up, dribbles for 12 seconds, looking to create something, uses the Dirk screen two or three times, gets into the paint, drive and kick, miss, offensive rebound, another jumper, misses. On the other end, a Westbrook drive and kick for Harden on the right wing for the open look from three, miss. Dirk fouled off the ball by Perk, gets two more FTs, makes them. 11 points of his 17 points in the quarter for Dirk. Perk with the pointless turnover as he tried to attempt a behind the back pass in traffic. Dallas pushes it up quickly, Dirk on the three point line, beats Perk with the head fake again, to the basket, hits it and gets the foul. Makes the FT. 20 points for Dirk. He has scored 10 in a row for Dallas.
  • 2 minutes to play in fourth, OKC lead 50-47. Westbrook misses jumper but Beaubois fouls Perk on the rebound. Perk makes two FTs. Kidd with a nice pass to a cutting Marion but he fumbles it away (second time tonight he’s done that). Turnover. Durant sidelines inbounds to Ibaka at three point line, hand off back to Durant, he rises up, drains it. Huge shot. Marion misses a left wing three (not his shot, corner threes yes but struggles elsewhere). Durant right wing, clearout towards the baseline, Durant goes the other way to a screen, loses his marker and draws a foul to stop his drive. He makes two more FTs. Durant taking over here. It’s a ten point lead again, 57-47 Oklahoma. Terry bags a three pointer on the other end and draws a (an offensive) foul defensively (turnover). Kidd working up top, takes the screen, takes the 18 foot J, misses.
  • Good finish to the first half. Very interesting. Very good comeback from Dallas and a good fight for the lead heading into the half.

Second half

  • 57-50 Thunder
  • Dallas have gotten Oklahoma into the penalty already just need three minutes into the third. Kidd knocks down a pair to make it a one point game, 62-61 Oklahoma.
  • I love Jason Kidd’s leadership. He never gives up. So competitive, so focused, so intense. A terrific example to his teammates. His ability to maintain his performance no matter how adverse a circumstance he finds himself in is incredible.
  • Kidd looking to impact this game. Very active trying to create possessions and get on the ball offensively. Looking to make things happen more often and aggressively than normal.
  • Lovely slow motion drive there from Kidd who held up his dribble penetration to invite the contact in order to draw the foul and get himself back to the line. Knocks another 2 FTs down. That is 8 straight FTs for Dallas. They are now up 67-64 at the midway point in the third.
  • Perkins with the weakside rebound and flush all in one move. Harden bagged a pair of FTs of his dribble drive the possession prior. Oklahoma back up one and timeout Dallas.
  • Beautiful ball movement from Dallas. Terry left wing to Dirk top of the key to Vince right wing, Dirk slides across for a pick and pop, slips the screen, Carter passes it over the top of the smaller Westbrook, Dirk rolls to the rim, Perk meets him there, zips it past Perk’s head to Mahinmi for the dunk. Like it, love it.
  • Excellent one handed bullet pass by Delonte West to Jason Terry who went backdoor from the left corner along the baseline for a layup. Turnover, on the other end, Delonte has it, attacks the rim fearlessly against the 6-11 Durant and dunks it down. Dallas leads again. OKC miss another shot. Dallas can put together a run here. Haywood blows the finish at the basket. Goes up with a finesse shot which was easily altered and misses it. Durant ends the potential run with a pair of FTs.
  • Tie game at 73-73 with two and a half minutes to play in the third.
  • Delonte West misses on the driving layup, Marion tips it back in. Oklahoma come back down, high pick and roll with Westbrook, he comes off it and drains the jumper as Dirk doesn’t want to step out and concede the drive. Dallas turn it over, appearantly their first of the quarter. Durant knocks down a pair of FTs after he forced the foul with a quick sweeping move on the face up out of the low post against Marion. Delonte West knocks down another jumper and Westbrook replies with a jumper of his own on the other end (24 pts, 8-15 FGAs).
  • Fourth quarter – Oklahoma lead 79-77
  • The offenses for both teams have impotent here in the fourth. Four minutes in and the score is only 83-81 (4-4 in fourth quarter scoring). Seen a Terry three from the right wing. A nice dribble drive from Harden (one bucket). And a whole bunch of turnovers (OKC have four or five TOs in this quarter already) and clanked jumpers.
  • 83-83 after two Harden FTs
  • 86-86 with 6:30 left to play
  • Oh, lovely move from Dirk. Baseline inbounds, Vince gets it in to Dirk in the corner, backs down Ibaka 20 feet from the rim, feels middle, spins baseline, loses Ibaka, gets to the rim, pump fakes, Ibaka flies by, layup. Westbrook answers with a three pointer on the other end. Fisher bags another triple (left corner after Durant posted up right box, kicks it out left wing to Harden, swung to corner, wide open). Timeout Dallas.
  • OKC lead 92-88 with 5:30 to play
  • Nowitzki gets the and-one with the drive and finish. A push up top and long continuation.
  • A 3-1 screen and roll with Durant handling the ball, Kidd switches, Durant just rises up and takes the 18 footer, knocks it down. Terry replies with a baseline jumper of his own from 18 feet. One point game (94-93, 4:20).
  • Durant posts up but loses control, turnover. Dallas take a quick three, Tery, and miss. So too does Westbrook from the foul line area on the pull up J. Dallas set it up patiently. Not a lot on but Westbrook got caught on Dirk up top, Dirk tries to back him down and smacks him over. Foul. Turnover.
  • James Harden down the lane, dumps it off to Perk, fouled on his way up. Harden continues to be Mr. Dependable in tight situations. Perk makes both. He has 13 points tonight.
  • 96-93 OKC with 3:20 to play
  • Terry gets a great look from three late in the shot clock after Dallas swing it around the perimeter but it doesn’t go in. Dirk has inside position for the offensive rebound but is pushed out of the way by Fisher. Foul. Dirk nails two. One point game, three minutes to play.
  • Harden brings the ball upcourt despite playing alongside two PGs in Westbrook and Fisher. Non-shooting foul leads to a timeout. Dallas only have 2 timeouts left while OKC have 3.
  • James Harden splits the pick and roll defense, wiggles his way down the paint, misses the layup. Perk goes for the rebound, fights for it, knocked out of bounds. OKC ball. Inbounds to Durant, takes a quick long jumper, misses.
  • 2:20 – Vince Carter in the post against Harden, left post, weird release sort of a one handed turnaround jump shot. Not quite a hook not quite a  turnaround J. Only 2-9 tonight, Vince. Big shot.
  • 15 lead changes and 15 ties in today’s game
  • Westbrook misses on the other end and then Dallas give it away. The score is 97-96 with 1:50 to play. Harden races down court, Dallas got back, they have a mismatch with Kidd on Durant, Westbrook decides to attack Terry instead, dribbles in, pull up J from left elbow extended, misses. Rebound Dallas with 1:30 to play. Terry and Dirk pick and pop, three pointer on left sideline by Dirk, wide open, miss.
  • Durant posts up Marion on the right block, turns middle, goes up, swatted away by Marion, OKC recover the ball. Harden has it, sticks his head down and takes it hard to the rim, knocked out of bounds. 2.6 seconds on shot clock. Baseline inbounds, Durant fouled by Terry on the catch. Stupid foul. They are going to give him FTs. Bad decision. It was a clear foul but it was on the catch not on the way up. He came back down after the foul and then went up again.
  • 40 seconds – Dirk Nowitzki loses control, ends up on the baseline, takes a fallaway, misses.
  • Marion fouls going for the steal. Only 25.5 seconds left. Harden has five fourth quarter rebounds. He makes both FTs.
  • Oklahoma lead 100-97 with 25.5 seconds to play
  • Kidd inbounds, Terry up top, Dirk pick and pop, Terry drives hard, goes for the quick two, makes the layup. Dallas is going to foul, make a mess of it and lose another 4 seconds. 15.6 to play. Harden to the foul line, makes both (10-10 from the line tonight, Harden).
  • 102-99 Thunder, 15.6 seconds – inbounds, go quickly, Kidd gets it to Terry, Terry left wing, picks it up launches, misses, offensive rebound, back out to Terry, he is a good 2-3 feet behind the three, Fisher doubles, he has nowhere to go, forces it up, misses. Game over. Dallas loses.

A pair of gut-wrenching losses for Dallas.

Tough to lose two games which were so close down the stretch. The difference between winning a series and losing one.

  1. Great summaries, as always! Thanks very much for posting them.

    Will be interesting to see how DAL responds on their home court after being so close to winning both games in OKC.

    Marion has been a great matchup against KD on the defensive end. That guy continues to be a very solid player that doesn’t get talked about very much. It will be interesting to see if, assuming the LAL win round 1, Metta WP can have the same kind of impact against KD. I know he did a couple years ago, but this is a different KD now.

    It’s too bad that Beaubois hasn’t developed more quickly since I think he’d be DAL’s best option to stop Westbrook from an athletic standpoint. Do you think he will ever reach the potential he shows from time to time? Definitely tough to crack the DAL PG rotation with Kidd and Terry in place, but I’ve still been disappointed in Beaubois’s development.

  2. Thanks Scott,

    Yeah, I have been very disappointed in Roddy Beaubois’ development too. He looked so good in short minutes during his first season. Great athleticism and was very competitive and active as a defender and possession creator + such an explosive shot maker. Capable of putting points up on the board in a hurry with a barrage of long jumpers and rim-attacking drives. Limited as a passer and floor leader. But I was impressed, I thought he could have been like a Mo Williams (score first PG, third option) with high level defense.

    Unfortunately, it looks like that first season was mainly a hot streak because he hasn’t been able to show that same shot-making ability ever since then. Roddy didn’t get many minutes last year but he got plenty this year including 10+ starts … but he continues to struggle with that jump-shot. Shooting only 30% from three over the last two years (200+ attempts) after 40% as a rookie (100+ attempts).

    Without that jump-shooting ability and given his limitations as a floor leader and playmaker + questionable shot-selection given his poor shooting, Roddy is all too often a net negative on the offensive end of the floor. Only value these days seems to be as a defender/rebounder and energizer off the bench. Very disappointing.

    I am not ready to write him off yet but things are looking bleak for Beaubois. No real development since his rookie year + the flashes of offensive talent look more like a shot-happy guard enjoying a hot streak rather than a true shooter at work.

    I’m not optimistic about him developing PG skills (floor leadership, executing the offense, overall passing, playmaking, controlling tempo) so I think his future will depend a lot on that scoring ability and jump-shooting. Otherwise, if he can’t develop that area of his game, Beaubois will be limited to a low level primary backup PG or third string PG.


    Yeah, I am looking forward to how Dallas does in these next two games too. Should be some great basketball.

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