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Ibaka’s Shot-Blocking Numbers

In General NBA on April 5, 2012 at 7:14 pm

I wanted to take a moment to highlight Serge Ibaka’s shot blocking stats

Per game stats

  • 3.44 blocks per game in only 27.3mpg
  • 2nd place belongs to J.McGee who blocks 2.33 shots a night, Dwight and D.Jordan tied 3rd with 2.13 and A.Bynum 5th with 2.02. They are the only players to average more than two blocks a game
  • Ibaka averages almost 50% more blocks (3.44) than the second place McGee (2.33)

In more historical terms

  • The only players to average that many blocks (3.4bpg) in under 30mpg were Manute Bol (three times), Shawn Bradley and Mark Eaton. 7 foot 7, 7 foot 6 and 7 foot 4 respectively. Giants.
  • A good number of players have averaged that many blocks in over 30mpg (15 players for a total of 38 times) and on a per minute basis (10 for 25 times).

Ibaka’s shot blocking surge

I thought Ibaka got off to a slow start swatting shots this season so I decided to look it up. He averaged 2.2 blocks in five December games and 2.47 blocks in 15 January games. Since then (Feb, Mar, Apr), Ibaka has played 34 games and blocked 138 shots … good for 4.06 blocks per game in 28.1 minutes a night. Absolutely incredible run.

Let’s hope he can keep this up.

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