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Rockets To Buyout Derek Fisher

In Free Agency on March 16, 2012 at 10:11 pm

Jonathon Feigen tweets

Morey will not address Derek Fisher. Expect buyout.

The Market for Fisher

Los Angeles Lakers

New CBA prohibits former team from signing player once bought out so that rules the LA Lakers out.

Miami and New York

This time last year I would have said Miami is the definite destination but they seem quite happy with their two quick-footed PGs and quite turned off by how slow they were last season with their elder veteran led supporting cast.

So I am not sure Miami would willing guarantee Fisher a rotation spot. He certainly shouldn’t play ahead of Mario Chalmers and I think he’d have a fight on his hands for the backup PG slot with Norris Cole.

New York would have been my second favourite a few months ago but now they have Jeremy Lin and Baron Davis there. So that wipes out the two teams that topped out my list previously.

Oklahoma and Orlando

Oklahoma make a lot of sense with Eric Maynor out injured. Reggie Jackson has struggled throughout the season. Derek Fisher would be a nice upgrade and give them another veteran who has the “been there, done that” know-how.

Orlando’s backup PG slot has struggled with Chris Duhon. Possibly them too.

Non-Playoff Teams

Phoenix has backup PG problems too but they’re not in the playoffs so probably not. I would have loved to have seen Fisher go to Washington to play behind John Wall but I can’t see him wanting to join a team that poor. So not them either.

Luxury Tax Concerns

How up against the luxury tax threshold are Atlanta? Do they have enough wiggle room to sign a guy to the pro-rated minimum? Move Hinrich to the backup SG slot.

Same issue with Memphis, can they afford to sign Fisher after dumping Sam Young?

San Antonio

San Antonio makes sense with TJ Ford retiring due to medical concerns. They only have the rookie Corey Joseph there as a backup. Lots of veteran players who Fisher has known and competed against for years and surely respects greatly. Yeah, San Antonio, they are my favourite to sign Fisher.

The Shortlist

#1 – San Antonio
#2 – Oklahoma
#3 – Orlando

Update: The Spurs have signed Patty Mills which will likely take them out of the running for Fisher. Oklahoma move to the top of the list.

Update: Oklahoma City have indeed signed Derek Fisher.


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