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In Trade Talk on March 15, 2012 at 11:42 am

#1 – Memphis sends Sam Young to Philadelphia for the draft rights to Ricky Sanchez

#2 – Toronto sends Leandro Barbosa to Indiana for a trade exception

#3 – LA Lakers acquire Ramon Sessions and Christian Eyenga in exchange for Luke Walton, Jason Kapono, the Lakers 2012 first round pick plus the right to switch Miami’s 2013 (via LeBron sign and trade) first rounder with the Lakers should they choose to do so.

#4 – In the biggest deal yet of today’s trade deadline, the Net Jersey Nets have trade a protected (top three) first round pick (along with the cap makeweight of Memo Okur and Shawne Williams) to the Portland Trailblazers and have gotten Gerald Wallace in return.

#5 – San Antonio trades Richard Jefferson and their 2012 first rounder to Golden State for Stephen Jackson.

#6 – The Rockets have acquired Marcus Camby in exchange for Hasheem Thabee, Jonny Flynn and a second round pick.

#7 – The Lakers complete another trade. This time with the Rockets that will see LA send Derek Fisher and a first (Mavs 2012 pick) to Houston for Jordan Hill.

#8 – Hold on, we have a big one here, — Denver sends Nene to Washington, JaVale McGee and Ronny Turiaf heads to Denver, Nick Young goes to the LA Clippers with the Clips sending Brian Cook and a second rounder (Hornets 2012 second rounder owned by LAC, currently projected at #33 pick in the draft so a high second rounder) back to Washington.

#9 – Atlanta Hawks sell lesser of their two second round picks in this summer’s draft to the Golden State Warriors for cash considerations. A luxury tax motivated move.


#1 – Sam Young

Excellent deal for Philadelphia. Sam Young is a solid rotation player as a big two guard. Strong physical profile, a solid defender/rebounder with a decent offensive player. A nice contrast to what Phily has with Jodie Meeks as their other backup two guard.

As for Memphis, this was strictly a cost-cutting move. By moving Sam Young they have crept below the luxury tax and saved around $5 million. Not a bad bit of business for a player who doesn’t figure into their rotation. That said, I would have preferred to have seen them move a less valuable piece than Sam Young because I think S.Young is a legitimate rotation guy.

#2 – Leandro Barbosa

Very good addition for Indiana. Barbosa is a major upgrade over AJ Price and strengthens their bench’s backcourt considerably. That said, there is a lot of overlap in skill-sets between Barbosa and George Hill so there is a fair bit of diminishing returns there. So we won’t see Barbosa at his full value but even in a lesser role he is still a major improvement over AJ Price. Nice addition.

As for the Raptors, presumably this tees them up (gets them far enough below the salary cap) to make major contract offer to Wilson Chandler.

#3 – Ramon Sessions

Does Sessions start for LA?

I prefer Sessions in a backup PG role on that team. Let Blake start (is he still there? I think he is) and be a floor spacer and facilitator alongside Kobe, Pau and Bynum … then bring in Sessions for dribble penetration, playmaking and pick and roll play. Maybe something like 18-23mpg for Blake and 25-30mpg for Sessions.

Sessions is a nice upgrade to the Lakers depth and Eyenga is a solid prospect for the end of their bench. An elite athlete who can defend and rebound his position. The offensive side of the floor is still a mystery to him though.

The Cavaliers did well here. They were unable to get an expiring + first offer elsewhere but valued the first round pick over and expiring deal and got that from LA. They also got the right to swap picks (their Miami pick) with LA in 2013. A nice haul for a backup PG who had no future with the club past this season. A bit disappointed they gave up Eyenga but he was always unlikely to crack Byron Scott’s system anyway.

#4 – Gerald Wallace

Dumb ass trade for the Nets. That lottery pick would have been a lot more valuable for their future than a 30 year old SF whose game heavily relies on his athleticism. Wallace isn’t enough of an upgrade to convince Deron Williams to stay so all New Jersey has done here is shoot themselves in the foot.

Meanwhile, Portland, they have gotten an absolutely fantastic return for player who didn’t fit into their long term plans. That pick will be a valuable asset in rebuilding the roster around Aldridge and Batum.

#5 – RJ for Jacks

Nice piece of business for San Antonio because they got out of that extra year in RJ’s contract. I am a bit concerned about Jack’s ability to fit in and take less shot attempts in San Antonio though. So while it helps San An’s long term flexibility, it may slightly hurt them in the immediate sense.

As for Golden State, they should never have made this financial commitment to Richard Jefferson. Bad trade.

Edit: Sorry, I didn’t notice this at first but San Antonio included their 2012 first rounder too. Not sure if that changes anything though. Need to ponder that some more. Hefty price to pay (that third season of Richard Jefferson) for a late first rounder in a draft that looks dodgy once you start getting into the late teens.

#6 – Marcus Camby

This move pretty much guarantees the Rockets a playoff spot this season.

PG – Lowry, Dragic
SG – Lee, Martin
SF – Parsons, Budinger
PF – Scola, Patterson
C  – Dalembert, Camby

Very solid 10 man roster. Two deep at every position. A couple of good players beyond that too.

I was disappointed by Houston’s lack of interest in developing Thabeet (force-feeding him minutes). They were going to let him leave in the summer, along with Flynn, anyway so this is a coup for them. They added a quality rotation worthy center in exchange for two third string guys who offered little in the immediate sense or long term future.

As for the Blazers, I am looking forward to Flynn getting another shot. I think he has more to show than we’ve seen so far. Not that I rate him particularly high but I think he can become a decent backup PG in the NBA. Thabeet is more of an enigma and I do not expect Portland to develop him. Not much of a return for a quality center but given Camby’s age, one cannot reasonably expect any more than what they got. They did fine here.

#7 – Fisher and Jordan Hill

Seriously, a first round pick for Jordan Hill?

I don’t think he was worth the expenditure. The Lakers did get out of Fisher’s contract though and that added wiggle room financially will allow LA to spend money on a more productive player next season. So it’s not all bad for LA.

Great return for Houston.

#8 – Three team deal: Nene, McGee and Nick Young headline the transaction

I like this deal for Denver. Nene should never have been given that contract in the summer and getting out from underneath that deal is a very good move on their part. To acquire a prospect of JaVale McGee’s potential in addition to that cap flexibility is an excellent bit of business.

Dislike it for Washington for the reasons above + because it improves them in the immediate sense which will only hurt their draft picks this season and in the near future which will only detract from their rebuilding process further. Lack of patience.

The Clippers did a tidy bit of business here. Love the move. Nick Young is a bargain at a second round pick. He’ll be a big help for that team.

  1. Great roundup of the trades from today. Thanks Dave.

  2. anishmistry99, thanks for dropping by. Much appreciated.

  3. Marcus Camby has said that he hopes to play another four years. He wants to make 20+ seasons in the NBA. Currently at 16.

    Very surprising. He has seems close to retirement in many of the interviews he has given over the past 18 months.

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