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2012 Trade Deadline Rumours

In Trade Talk on March 14, 2012 at 7:52 pm

List of the main rumours with links … analysis on some of the bigger rumours down below if you scroll down.

Around the NBA

  • New Orleans were in talks with Washington to trade Chris Kaman, Carl Landry and Trevor Ariza for JaVale McGee, Rashard Lewis and a second round pick … before Washington decided to trade McGee to Denver for Nene instead.
  • A three team trade that would have sent Michael Beasley to the Los Angeles Lakers was vetoed at the last minute by Wolves owner Glen Taylor. The deal would have seen Fisher head to Minnesota.
  • The Pistons offered Villanueva or Ben Gordon + a first for Chris Kaman. The Hornets declined and countered with a Maxiell + first for Landry proposal which Detroit soundly rejected.
  • The Nets offered Brook Lopez to the Bucks for Monta Ellis. I don’t like that trade for the Nets (with Deron Williams there, a ball-dominant undersized two ranks pretty lowly on the type of players I’d like to put alongside him). Good option for the Bucks (talented big man for a player who doesn’t fit your roster).
  • The Rockets will waive Terrence Williams. A hugely talented player with very poor decision making skills. An excellent long term project for some team to take on.
  • The Warriors had the option of trading Brandon Rush and Kwame Brown for Chris Kaman prior to making the Bogut trade.
  • Portland will waive Greg Oden (and Chris Johnson) later tonight.
  • Clippers gave Courtney Lee a good hard look before settling on Nick Young.
  • Portland Trailblazers are being very active and telling teams that they are open for business. Expect multiple trades for them.
  • Jermaine O’Neal wants a buyout and hopes to return to Miami if he gets one from Boston.
  • Several contenders chasing Ray Allen. Some are offering a first round pick. Some a young bench player. So far, none have met Danny’s asking price and offered both. I do not expect that to change.
  • Sam Amico reports that Boston are talking to Sacramento about JJ Hickson.
  • New Jersey are in talks with Portland about Gerald Wallace.
  • A three team deal — Jamal Crawford to Minnesota with Beasley heading to the Lakers and Blake returning to Portland.
  • Minnesota are also in talks with Orlando about Beasley with Jason Richardson heading the other way.
  • Brandon Jennings staying in Milwaukee
  • Golden State made repeated attempts to acquire Tyreke Evans to no avail. It’s uncertain where Sacramento’s willingness to part with Tyeke stands. They may desperately want to keep him. They may be willing to move him. Nobody knows. Golden State couldn’t make an attractive enough offer though (based around Monta Ellis).
  • Three team trade involving Ramon Sessions, Jonny Flynn and the LA Lakers (first round pick).
  • Utah may be offering CJ Miles to the NJ Nets in exchange for Anthony Morrow or Johan Petro.
  • NJ trying to clear more cap room this summer by offering Farmar + Petro + Rockets first round pick to Charlotte for Boris Diaw
  • Atlanta not interested in trading Josh Smith.
  • Utah in talks with Clippers about trading Raja Bell + with Minnesota about trading CJ Miles.
  • Chicago have started talks with LA about Pau Gasol but they aren’t going to be able to make a worthwhile trade offer. LA has limited interest in Boozer. Chicago would need to include Deng and would balk at that price. Trying to find a third team to make this work but, really, who is giving up value for Carlos Boozer at this point? Nobody. Non-story.
  • Knicks put Toney Douglas on the trade block. No word on what they are asking for in return but the asking price was a first round pick earlier in the season.
  • Clippers offering Bledsoe and Ryan Gomes for Jamal Crawford.
  • Raymond Felton for Steve Blake anyone?

Trade talk / Rumours which never got off the ground

Dwight Howard Rumours

  • It’s official, Dwight Howard has signed the waiver (ETO). He is staying in Orlando through the year.
  • Dwight Howard changes his mind again and will sign a waiver on his ETO.
  • Dwight Howard has changed his mind and will not waive his ETO. Plans to enter FA this summer.
  • Dwight Howard to opt into his final year of his contract with Orlando. Give the team some time to figure this all out.
  • Magic ready to discuss a possible trade package with the Knicks involving Carmelo Anthony + Tyson Chandler. However, Marc Spears tweets that NY is unwilling to give Melo for Dwight.
  • Orlando ready to trade Dwight Howard after his public pleas to stay for the rest of the year (so he can leave in the summer without his new team gutting their roster to sign him leaving Orlando with nothing) angered team officials.
  • Howard will have the option of deciding the fate of SVG + Otis Smith if he decides to re-sign with the Magic. Orlando’s CEO has since denied this claims (I don’t believe him).
  • The Lakers are still offering a package based around Andrew Bynum but are unwilling to part with both Bynum and Pau Gasol.
  • The Thunder have backed out of any talks involving Dwight Howard. They are unwilling to part with either (1) Russell Westrbook, or, (2) Serge Ibaka and James Harden. I think they are missing a major opportunity here.
  • The Bulls have also backed out of the Dwight Howard sweepstakes due to Dwight’s continued stated reluctance to re-sign there. They were rumoured to be offering a package based around Luol Deng and Joakim Noah for Dwight Howard.
  • The Warriors were interested in making a run at Dwight Howard but are now out of the run after acquiring Andrew Bogut. At least, I believe they are. I am having trouble figuring out a possible angle they could play (Orlando do rate Bogut highly, my first thought was that they may have made this move to setup a trade for Dwight but I can’t see how they make it work financially due to restrictions on trading Bogut again so soon).
  • Houston are apparently still in the mix. Offering up various types of packages.


Three Team Deal — Crawford to Minny, Beasley to LA, Blake to Portland

The Wolves are having a tough time getting back any value for Beasley which is to be expected given Beasley’s reputation around the league. A one year (well two month) rental of Jamal Crawford is a solid return. If they can manage to get a first round pick in addition to that, they’ll be doing wonderfully well although it’s still unclear whether LA is parting with a first or not to land Beasley.

I think Beasley is (1) a very nice get for LA if they use him exclusively as a PF alongside either Pau or Bynum at center (2) a disaster if they use him exclusively at SF (3) if a combo forward, it would depend on the minutes split between the two positions.

So not necessary a good or bad acquisition until we know how they will use Beasley. It could go either way. Beasley is certainly excellent value in terms of talent for cost.

Steve Blake can return to Portland and do a decent job running their offense. It’s understandable why Portland would want Blake given the poor performance of Raymond Felton and Jamal Crawford in the backcourt + the team’s sudden dip in form over the past 4-6 weeks + reports of certain players (Felton, Crawford, maybe Camby) starting to mutiny against coach Nate McMillan (removing those players and bringing back a Nate-favourite would certainly help here).

However, I wouldn’t go near S.Blake’s contract and I think Portland are making a mistake if they go through with this trade.  Too much short term thinking and not enough long term focus … which stands out in direct contrast to everything we are hearing from them over the past two weeks so there may be nothing to this trade.

Portland would be better off taking an expiring contract and a draft pick for Crawford. A late first or early to mid second round pick if they can’t get a first.

Beasley for J-Rich

Superb move for Orlando. Michael Beasley would be a terrific complement to Dwight Howard + it would free them up to trade Ryan Anderson for value if they got a good offer elsewhere.

A decent move for Minnesota. Jason Richardson is still a league average starting two guard. He has another couple of years in him. Might become a bit of a problem in the final year of his contract but he’d be an expiring deal by then.

Brandon Jennings

As expected, the Bucks misfiring front office plans on using Jennings and Monta Ellis together. Soon, they’ll find out that won’t work and will have to trade one or both players at some point in the future.

Interesting nugget — New Orleans was trying to make a run at Jennings to pair him with Eric Gordon. We might see this resurface again in the future. Something to keep an eye on.

Minnesota desperately needs help on the wing so this is move that could help significantly.

Ramon Sessions and the LA Lakers

The Lakers should just give up their first round pick to get Sessions. They need PG reinforcements and Sessions offers them better value than a late first rounder in this year’s draft does.

JJ Hickson and Boston

Very similar player to Chris Wilcox … Hickson would replace Wilcox well.

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