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Trade: Monta Ellis for Andrew Bogut, Headline The Deal

In Trade Talk on March 13, 2012 at 9:16 pm reports

The Bucks are trading center Andrew Bogut and veteran guard Stephen Jackson to Golden State in exchange for Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and the expiring contract of Kwame Brown, according to sources.

It’s the first big deal prior to Thursday’s trading deadline.

The 7-foot Bogut is moving on after spending his first six-plus seasons with Milwaukee, after being taken No. 1 overall in the 2005 draft by the Bucks.

Milwaukee gets a shooting guard to pair with point guard Brandon Jennings, giving the team a potentially dynamic starting backcourt. Ellis has two years left on his contract totaling $22 million but he has an opt-out after next season.

The Trade

Golden State trade: Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh, Kwame Brown’s expiring carcass
Golden State receive: Andrew Bogut, Stephen Jackson

Milwaukee trade: Andrew Bogut, Stephen Jackson
Milwaukee receive: Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh, Kwame Brown’s expiring carcass


First Reaction

Awful trade for Milwaukee. They would have been better off getting an expiring contract than Monta Ellis because they are not setup to succeed with a player like Ellis.

Risky trade for Golden State. I wouldn’t have traded for Bogut given his injury predicament so I don’t really like it but if (a massive “if”) Bogut can get healthy, it’s a major win for them.

Not wild about Stephen Jackson alongside Steph Curry.

Too ball-dominant. I would have preferred to have seen Curry get full control of the reigns (after his development has been slowed down for the past two and a half years by the presence of Monta Ellis) rather than forcing another ball-dominant perimeter on Steph Curry.

But Jacks does give Golden State some much needed physical toughness / defensive presence on the wing which will certainly be a welcome sight. A Curry, Jacks, D.Wright perimeter combo is superior to Curry, Monta, D.Wright.

Waive Stephen Jackson

Best long term decision is to waive Jacks and give Klay Thompson 30-35mpg regardless of how well Jacks plays.

That will allow Golden State to develop their young talent better (both S.Curry and K.Thompson, heck even D.Wright) + lose more games and get a better draft pick. A win-win in terms of their long term prospects.

Trade Monta On

I like this trade for Milwaukee if they flip Monta for some expiring contracts and a quality draft pick(s).

John Hammond

I don’t think the Bucks GM John Hammond is the type of GM who’ll go for a long term rebuilding process. He is from the Joe Dumars school of thought that you always try to win as much possible and improve that way.

So, I would be surprised if Monta was brought in to be moved on again for additional assets. I think this is part of their long term thinking.

Trade Brandon Jennings

More likely to be moved than Monta Ellis in my opinion. Not sure what they could get for him. There was a rumour earlier in the week that the Bucks received a very good offer for Jennings but turned it down. Maybe there is something to be done there.

That would leave Milwaukee starting Shaun Livingston and Monta Ellis in the backcourt together.

  • Livingston has the size and defensive ability to cover two guards allowing Monta to defend the point which allows Milwaukee to maintain it’s defensive integrity in the backcourt
  • Plus, Livingston is a capable floor general who’ll allow Monta to play the two spot offensively and concentrate on his scoring.
  • However, Livingston would be one of the weaker starting guards in the league so while he protects Monta Ellis’ weaknesses, it’s still not an overly attractive situation. Milwaukee need to add a lot more talent in it’s frontcourt to justify bringing in and choosing to build around Monta Ellis long term.

Jennings and Monta vs Steph Curry and Monta

Brandon Jennings and Monta is an even worse combination because:

  • Jennings is a far more ball-dominant guard than Steph Curry is
  • Steph Curry can play both on and off the ball while Jennings’ play decreases whenever he spends less time on the ball
  • Steph Curry is a much better individual talent than Brandon Jennings currently is in large part due to the two previous points. Curry can play alongside high level talent who need large amounts of touches and shot attempts better than Jennings can while still maintaining much of his own offensive and overall impact on the game (unlike Jennings – at least, at this point in time in Jennings career).

Trading Stephen Jackson

The Bucks insistence on moving Stephen Jackson in a trade along with Andrew Bogut really limited their options and return for Bogut. I wonder what they could have gotten if they had of just traded Bogut by himself or even with additional assets.

If they had of just offered Jackson and buyout and lived with him holding up some of their cap flexibility for another 15 months. Was the upside of that cap flexibility really worth losing out on those alternative / superior trade packages?

Well, we don’t know what else was or would have been offered for Bogut without Jackson involved but I expect that was the case. That Milwaukee’s single minded approach on getting rid of Jackson and trading him along with Bogut limited their return.

David Lee and Bogut

I think Andrew Bogut’s presence is going to hurt David Lee’s offensive output.

Less space to work with when playing alongside Bogut + more playing time for David Lee at power forward instead of at center where he has a larger offensive advantage.

Best Bucks Lineup

C  – Gooden, Udoh, Sanders
PF – Ilyasova, Mbah a Moute, Leuer
SF – Harris, Dunleavy
SG – Delfino, Monta
PG – Jennings, Livingston, Udrih

  1. Alternative Trade Proposal for Bogut

    Gerry Woefel tweets

    Rockets had offered Scola, Dalembert and No. 1 pick plus other considerations for Bogut and Jackson.

    Always interesting to hear what the other offers were. I think Monta Ellis is the best player on offer. Udoh and the draft pick probably have comparable value. Udoh maybe even a bit (or even a lot) more (if Udoh gets that midrange jumper back and starts rebounding). Golden State offered the better package. Good choice.

    Problems between Bogut and Skiles?

    Woefel also tweets

    I wonder who’s happier tonight: Andrew Bogut or Scott Skiles? Let’s just say they won’t be getting together any time soon … If ever.

    I didn’t know that Bogut and Skiles were not on good terms. I thought they were very good for one another and happy working together when Milwaukee made the playoffs two seasons ago. I wonder what changed. Maybe it’s just Skiles’ personality. It seems to wear on people.

    Update: Bogut has since disputed this report so there may have been nothing to this.

    On whether the 7-footer had a falling out with coach Scott Skiles, his coach for the past four seasons:

    “Definitely not. We got into it like anybody else. It’s ridiculous. I never came out and said anything along those lines (of a rift). Skiles knew my value and that by defending you helped the team. We got along for the most part. I demanded the best of him; he demanded the best of you. So be it.”

    Jacks To Staylink

    Warriors sources said Wednesday morning that the team is “leaning toward keeping” Stephen Jackson – the much-maligned swingman who was acquired in the Monta Ellis-Andrew Bogut deal the night before.

    The Warriors are listening to offers for Jackson, who is owed a little more than $10 million next season and has been vocal about his desire for a contract extension. But the talks haven’t netted anything of substance, and it might not even be possible to move Jackson.

    Steph Curry

    So it appears that it was Golden State’s preference to trade Curry instead of Monta Ellis. The Bucks had a similar package on the table earlier in the week for Curry instead of Monta but pulled out after concerns about the number of ankle injuries Curry has had.

    According to Chris Broussard, this change in stance is one shared by several teams across the league due to Curry’s ankle issues.

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