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Sheeds Goes To La La Land

In Free Agency on February 25, 2012 at 9:34 am

CSNNE’s A.Sherrod Blakely reports

There’s at least one team apparently still with a need for Rasheed Wallace. has learned that the former Boston Celtic forward plans to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.


However, a front office executive whose team has had both internal and external discussions about Gasol, said the addition of Wallace will only be to strengthen their bench.

“His days as a starter in this league are gone,” said the source. “I think he knows that, and so do the Lakers. But think about it. Of the big men that are available, is there one that’s really better? And if he’s gotten himself in shape, adding him becomes a huge get for them.”

Good Signing?

I reckon Sheed could still be a quality third stringer. He won’t forget those defensive fundamentals or his jump-shot. In small doses, when used right, he could be a solid end of the bench weapon.

However, I can’t imagine him playing a regular role for anyone. He has simply lost too much quickness and mobility.

The Lakers big men are particularly vulnerable already defensively due to their lack of quickness and mobility. Especially in pick and roll situations, defending perimeter orientated big men, undersized quick four / combo forward type bigs, and, in transition defense. Rasheed Wallace’s defensive weaknesses only add to this flaw and expose them even further.

However, and finally, if the Lakers keep Rasheed to a very restricted role as a third string center where low post defense and/or big man jump-shooting are the requirements and is used only against acceptable matchups (bad matchups avoided), Rasheed Wallace can be a valuable asset for the Lakers.

Worthwhile signing.

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