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Short Note: Marcus Camby’s Strong Play

In General NBA on January 21, 2012 at 5:28 am

It’s remarkable how effective Marcus Camby at almost 38 years of age.

They had a stat during the Raps game last night which said Camby and Robert Parish are the only two players ever to average 10+ rebounds a game at 37 years of age or greater. And Marcus Camby looks like he can go for another 2+ years beyond this season too. That would take him to 40 years old.

Eight rebounds a game in only 23 minutes a night. Still playing solid defense (still fairly quick on his feet, unlike many other older big men and uses his length well) and his passing is better than ever. Can’t score to save his life (35% FG% after shooting just under 40% last year, 3.4ppg in 23mpg) but contributing enough elsewhere to make himself a very valuable role player.

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