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Chad Ford’s Trade Idea: Beasley for Mayo

In Trade Talk on January 4, 2012 at 6:58 pm

ESPN’s Chad Ford muses

Wile E Coyote (MN)

Anthony Randolph for OJ Mayo? Seems like it would help both teams.

Chad Ford  (1:33 PM)

I think the Wolves would prefer to trade Beasley … that opens up more time for Derrick Williams and can move Wes Johnson back to his best position at the three.

I love the idea of trading Beasley for OJ Mayo.

  • Free up playing time for Derrick Williams as a small forward
  • Minny dds a decent two guard to their lineup. Their weakest position.
  • And they rid themselves of Michael Beasley who has been a horror show for them over the past year and change.

As for Memphis

  • Beasley would offer good value as a starting PF for the next two months due to the injury to Zach Randolph. Then move to a sixth man backup forward (SF/PF) role behind Gay and Randolph. Great short term solution to their injury crisis and comparable long term option.
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