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Chad Ford: Nash Trade Idea

In Trade Talk on January 4, 2012 at 6:47 pm

Chad Ford from ESPN writes

Bill (Phoenix)

Nash — traded by the deadline?

Chad Ford  (1:10 PM)

Suns have balked in the past because 1. They really love Nash and 2. The offers for Nash haven’t blown them away. Of course, it’s crunch time now for the Suns. If they don’t trade him soon, most likely they lose him for nothing next summer. The key will be — is Nash willing to agree to an extension as part of a trade? Teams won’t give up much if they’re renting him for 60 games.

To me, the best destination for Nash might be Indiana in a swap for Darren Collison. Suns get a young, talented point guard, Pacers get a player who could get them to the Eastern Conference Finals. If Nash would agree to an extension in Indy, I think the Pacers would have to seriously consider it.

I love that idea of seeing Steve Nash in an Indiana Pacers uniform.

He’d be a magnificent addition to that starting lineup alongside Paul George, Danny Granger, David West and Roy Hibbert. That team badly needs someone who can tie the pieces together offensively and make them a cohesive and effective offensive unit. Who better to do that than Steve Nash?

As for the Suns, it’s not a great offer by any means. Collison is a low level starter to quality backup point guard. But when you are trading a 38 year old player and there are only a limited number of potential suitors that make sense (contenders or near contenders), you can’t expect to get comparable or even good value in return. Sometimes you just take what is an offer and live with it.

Darren Collison has this season and next still on his rookie scale contract so that would enable the Suns to improve their cap flexibility in the near future. Only 24, has another 7-10 years ahead of him as an NBA point guard. A serviceable starter in the immediate sense and if he continues to improve Collison could become a long term fixture there.

I imagine this offer would be somewhat comparable to other offers the Suns should expect for Nash.

Maybe a first round pick + Collison for Nash.

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