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2011: Offseason Weight Changes

In General NBA on December 24, 2011 at 6:58 pm

Sorry, hard to get enough league-wide information in this shortened off-season but here are a few of the notable weight changes (increases + decreases) that I have come across in this fast-paced off-season.

Increased Bulk / Muscle

  • Paul George has grown two inches and added 10lbs. He now stands at 6-10, 234lbs.
  • Amir Johnson is up to 256lbs from the 235lbs he finished last season. He has said that he expects that to drop a bit as the season progresses though.
  • Also, read that Ed Davis has added 20lbs
  • Hassan Whiteside has bulked up 25lbs since his rookie year
  • Toney Douglas has added 20lbs of muscle. A lot of upper body strength.

Lost Weight

  • Josh Smith has lost 25lbs and is now down to 225lbs after playing at 250lbs last year. Larry Drew says J-Smoove now has that quickness and explosiveness that he first had when he arrived to the Hawks.
  • Kevin Love has lost 25lbs and is now down to 240 to 245lbs. He did this largely by improving his poor diet and did so with the purpose of improving his quickness while also lessening the pressure on his knees to help him age better.
  • DeMarcus Cousins has trimmed down a small bit this off-season too. Down from 16.5% body fat last season to 15% this season. His stated goal is 13%. The Kings continue to reiterate their wishes for Cousins to improve his conditioning.
  • Kendrick Perkins has lost 32lbs and looks lighter than ever before. Hopefully, this, plus the added recovery time, will help Perk get back some of of the mobility that was missing from his game last year.
  • Jermaine O’Neal has dropped his body fat from 15% to 9%.
  • Glen Davis is in his usual good pre-season shape (lost 20lbs). The problem is that he ends up putting on weight throughout the year and finishing the year in bad shape. So we’ll see how this one plays out over the year.
  • Aaron Gray is down from 290lbs to 277lbs.
  • Eddy Curry has lost an astonishing 70lbs in preparation for this season. No word on his current weight or just how big he got while out of the NBA.


  • Ron Artest is reportedly out of shape in Los Angeles
  • As is Raymond Felton in Portland
  • DeSagana Diop readily admits he is about 25lbs overweight in large part due to his injury layoff.
  • Surprisingly, Boris Diaw is meant to be in acceptable shape. Overweight but playing very effectively. Well, acceptable was relative here (since Diaw has been overweight for awhile now and looked awful in Eurobasket) but his head coach (Paul Silas) clearly disagrees and calls his physique/conditioning “upsetting”.
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