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Washington Sign Nick Young

In Free Agency on December 20, 2011 at 10:42 pm

Michael Lee of the Washington Post reports

Restricted free agent shooting guard Nick Young is in the process of catching a red-eye flight from Los Angeles to Washington and is expected to sign his one-year, $3.7 million qualifying offer with the Wizards on Monday, according to people with knowledge of the situation. …. By signing his qualifying offer, Young will become an unrestricted free agent next season, when the market is expected to be better.

Good decision by Nick Young to free himself up for unrestricted free agency next summer. The offers weren’t there for him as a restricted free agent this time around and he has lost enough training camp time due to these contract negotiations already. Take the qualifying offer, play out the season and show what you can do in order to get a bigger payday next summer.

Good signing for Washington too. Bargain at $3.7 million.

I think Nick Young provides much more value long term in comparison to someone like Jason Richardson who the Orlando Magic resigned for something like $25 million over four years. Nick Young’s youth and upside as a scorer far exceeds J-Rich’s value as a player over that same timeline.I am quite surprised that nobody made a hard run at him this time round but I am hopeful he’ll find himself a good long term home next summer.

Nick Young  has grown on me quite a lot over the past year and a half.

  • He has improved tremendously off-the-ball offensively in terms of his movement and catch and shoot game. Far more efficient than before. Spends less time on the ball.
  • Creates more team-wide ball and player movement with his running off of screens.
  • He keeps his turnovers extremely low which makes him an efficient scoring option in terms of points per shot attempts taken.
  • Nick Young has also made good strides defensively in each of his past two seasons and become a pretty solid man-to-man defender.
  • He still gets lost too often on team defense, caught ball-watching, but I think that is something he would improve on considerably on a quality defensive ball-club. He could become an average defender at his position.
  • Still a non-rebounder and a non-passer which limits his overall value.

I’d love to see Nick Young play alongside a great facilitator type of star-player. A Dwight Howard type would be fantastic. A Rajon Rondo in Boston. Even a more high scoring but elite facilitator type in LeBron James (although that is a non-starter with Wade there). .

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