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Pacers Sign David West

In Free Agency on December 13, 2011 at 8:18 am reports

Free agent forward David West has agreed to sign a two-year deal with Indiana worth $20 million, according to his agent.

“David is ready to help them win a championship,” his agent, Lance Young, told

Very good signing for the Pacers. David West is well worth $10 million per annum if he can resume his standard of play from last season. If he can’t, well it’s only a two year contract so the damage should be kept contained.

I expect David West to struggle a bit (by his standards) his first season. His injury is related to quick movements and changes of direction so I expect finding his balance will be a tad more difficult on those catch and shoots off of pick and rolls and those quick spinning post moves.  Therefore, I expect his shooting percentages to take a dip his first season there. He should still be a quality PF but not the difference maker he has been in recent years. I am hoping this is only a one year thing and that he can get back to his best basketball next season.

Whether that expectations proves correct, who knows, but hopefully everything will work out well for him.

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