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Nuggets Trade For Rudy Fernandez and Corey Brewer

In Trade Talk on December 13, 2011 at 9:37 pm

ESPN reports

The Dallas Mavericks traded Spanish swingmen Rudy Fernandez and Corey Brewer to the Denver Nuggets for a 2016 second round pick that originally belonged to Memphis.

Marc Stein also notes

The move wipes about $5.2 million off the books for this season, which will leave the Mavs just over the $70.3 million luxury tax threshold. It also leaves them with two roster spaces open and Dallas can now target two more veterans on minimum deals.

In the process, the Mavs continue to create additional cap space for next summer’s highly anticipated free agency.


Corey Brewer

I love the idea of Corey Brewer on a George Karl led team. His type of player. Scrappy, tough minded. Plays defense, creates turnovers. Loves to run the floor.

George Karl will love him.

Corey Brewer will be an excellent interim addition to the squad while Wilson Chandler finishes up his tour in China (February to March return date).

Rudy Fernandez’s Attitude

Rudy Fernandez is not happy. He isn’t playing enough minutes, not getting enough touches and has not been getting enough shot attempts. His disappointment with how his NBA career has been going has effected his game on the court.

He is underperforming in every possible area. Gone are the hustle plays (chasing down rebounds, hitting the offensive glass, getting steals, running the floor) we see regularly from Rudy when playing for his National team. And gone is the consistency of that beautiful shooting stroke of his.

Frankly, I don’t think is going to change unless a team is willing to offer Rudy a starting role. Give him 30+ minutes a night. Without that, I think Rudy’s negative attitude is going to continue to hurt his productivity and limit his value to whatever team holds him (which at the moment, is Denver).

Arron Afflalo

The big x-factor in the mix here.

If Denver re-signs Afflalo, which they plan to do, then Rudy Fernandez will be relegated to a bench role and his poor play will be set to continue.

If Denver lets Afflalo leave, then Rudy has a great opening to come into Denver and play a good sized role for the Nuggets. It would likely be his last chance to make an impression as an NBA player and I think he’d do well with that chance once he starts enjoying his basketball again.

Now Afflalo is clearly the superior player to Rudy Fernandez. No question about it. However, there is or at least should be major concerns about how much money he is going to command in this free agent market place.

The early word was that Afflalo was the most sought after FA on the market after the big men (M.Gasol, Tyson, Nene, D.Jordan). There is a very real chance that someone makes Afflalo an offer that Denver should not match, and if that happens, the Nuggets should be prepared to turn to Rudy Fernandez as their new starting two guard.

Rudy’s Return To Europe

If Rudy Fernandez cannot find a home that offers him a starting gig and major minutes, then I think he should return to Europe.

He’ll be happier there where he can be a central figure to his team’s success and a legitimate star.

No point in making yourself miserable sitting on the end of someone’s bench.

Dallas Moves

The Mavericks gave up a late first round pick for Rudy Fernandez (which became Jordan Hamilton). Never played a game for them. Got nothing of value in return for him. In summary, a complete and utter waste of a draft pick.

The Mavericks did this trade to free up their cap space for next summer so that they can make  a run at Deron Williams, Chris Paul or Dwight Howard.

I have to say, I am pulling for Dallas here. They are terifficly well run organization with a fantastic owner in Mark Cuban. I’d love to see them land one of those big name free agents and build another super-era around them as they have with Dirk Nowitzki.

The Mavericks will also use this opportunity to add a couple of minimum contract players in the short term. Likely a bid bodied center to provide some depth behind Brendan Haywood + another wing with legitimate size and defensive nous.


A worthwhile and beneficial trade for both sides.

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