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New Orleans Keeps Belinelli

In Free Agency on December 13, 2011 at 6:04 pm reports

The New Orleans Hornets will have one more familiar face for Wednesday’s practice: shooting guard Marco Belinelli. Bellinelli has accepted the team’s qualifying offer, extended prior to the beginning of the 149-day lockout.

New Orleans’ qualifying offer to Belinelli was worth $3.377 million.

Bad contract but only a only a one year deal so fairly unimportant.

I rate Belinelli as only worth a minimum contract so I failed to see the point in extending him a qualifying offer worth almost $3.4 million. Just not valuable enough to be worth that pay.

Marco Belinelli is a poor defender/rebounder who doesn’t have the size to matchup adequately with starting two guards in the NBA. Offensively, he has a nice range of skills (shooting, ball-handling, passing, slashing) but he doesn’t make full use of them. Too many mental mistakes (read: low percentage shots) which limits his value offensively.

Overall, does not add enough offensively to make up for his weak defense and possession creation.

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