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Vince Carter Going To Dallas

In Free Agency on December 12, 2011 at 4:45 pm

Full Court Press reports

Vince Carter has made it official.

The free agent guard/forward signed a three-year contract with the Dallas Mavericks on Monday, and will attend Media Day on Tuesday and make his first practice with the Mavs on Wednesday.

An eight-time All-Star, Carter has career averages of 22.2 points, 5.2 rebounds and 4.0 assists per game.

Vince Carter signed the mini-MLE worth $9.4 million over three years.


Vince Carter’s Mental State

Vince Carter has lost his competitive streak. Too content with what he has already accomplished in the league. There is no drive left in him.

Is there talent still there? Yes. Enough to be a quality rotation player? Yes.

But without the mental commitment to fulfill that talent … it just ain’t worth anything.

At his age, with his decline, Vince Carter just doesn’t have enough talent to coast through possessions / games on a regular basis anymore. And it’s not just unimportant regular season games against lowly sides. It’s games where his team is fighting for a playoff spot. It’s in the playoffs when his team needs him to make plays. But he’s still coasting.

Too content with his past. No drive left in him.

I don’t think any team should pursue Vince. Far more likely to let down whatever team he joins that improve them.

Can Dallas Change Him?

Anything is possible but it’s very doubtful.

Playing with Dwight Howard on a title contender didn’t change Vince.

Playing with Steve Nash in a hugely enjoyable uptempo offense didn’t change Vince.

Will Dallas? Nobody does but it looks very unlikely.

Talent Wise

  • Excellent size at 6-7, 215lbs. Wide shoulders. Very big for a two guard.
  • Very good passer
  • Very good post player
  • Good to very good jump-shooter
  • No longer able to create quality looks at the basket off the dribble. Frequently tries and settles for highly contested low percentage shot attempts.
  • Weak defensive player. Knows how to play team defense.
  • Good to very good rebounder.


A new story up on Full Court Press with Vince Carter talking about why he went to Dallas + here are some quotes from Rick Carlisle on the signing

Coach Rick Carlisle is so infatuated with Carter that he said he’ll probably start him at shooting guard to open the season.

“He’s such a really good all-around player,’’ Carlisle said. “The spectacular nature of his game for the majority of his career lends itself to people knowing him as this sky walker, dunker, spectacular player.

“But if you watched him play the last few years, he still plays above the rim. He’s an efficient player. He doesn’t waste a lot of movement on the court, and he’s a terrific passer, and I think that’s one thing about his game that gets overlooked.’’

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