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Rockets Give Offer Sheet To M.Gasol

In Free Agency, Trade Talk on December 11, 2011 at 10:03 pm

The Houston Chronicle reports

With the deal for Pau Gasol taken off the table late Saturday night, the Rockets prepared an offer for Memphis center Marc Gasol, a person with knowledge of the offer said on Sunday.

The pursuit of Marc Gasol is a long shot. Gasol is a restricted free agent. If he signs a Rockets offer sheet, the Grizzlies would have three days to match the offer to keep him. The Rockets would be able to work out a sign-and-trade deal to complete the trade.


To clear enough cap room to make that offer, the Rockets could make center Hasheem Thabeet an amnesty cut, requiring that they still pay his salary in excess of $5 million but would not have to count that salary toward their salary cap space. They could have other cost-cutting moves to create the needed cap space.

Very interesting to see how Houston creates that extra cap space. Something to watch closely.

I’d also I’d like to point out that Marc Gasol has not accepted this offer yet. At the moment, that is all this is, an offer.


Memphis Will Match

Michael Heisley, the Grizzlies owner, has said he will match any contract offer given to Marc Gasol including a max deal.

And I am going to take him at his word with that. I think he has earned that given his willingness to pay out big contracts to Rudy Gay, Zach Randolph and Mike Conley over the past 18 months.

Also, I think the Grizzlies are happy that Houston made this offer. They wanted Marc Gasol to sign an offer sheet with another team for one simple reason – it gets them out of a fifth season – The Grizzlies own Marc Gasol’s bird rights and can offer him an extra year more than anyone else + larger pay increases per annum. They wanted to avoid that extra year and have pushed M.Gasol into signing an offer sheet with another team to do so. Clever.

Mission accomplished for Memphis

Houston Rockets, Sign and Trade

Left empty handed. Nothing to show for all their work.

The Rockets have started a dialogue about a sign and trade but that looks a tough sell. I imagine they’ll be making a similar offer as to their Pau Gasol deal with Kevin Martin and Luis Scola being offered in exchange for Marc Gasol.

The Memphis Grizzlies should turn down those offers though. Marc Gasol offers a more valuable skill-set to their team than Kevin Martin + Luis Scola put together. A good offer just not a good fit. Marc Gasol’s interior presence on both ends of the court is just too valuable for Memphis to give away without being offered more in return.


No idea whether this is a good contract or not. Very difficult to tell with Marc Gasol because his quality of play soared during the playoffs and was far greater than what he has shown in the regular season over the past two years.

If he can maintain that play, this is a good deal.

If he can’t and goes back to his previous regular season form, then he’ll be overpaid. He would probably be worth $11-12 million a year though. So slightly overpaid but you can live it.

Overall, it’s a risk well worth taking. You sign Marc Gasol to this contract especially if you are Memphis because the rest of the core of your team is already in place.

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