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Lakers Send Lamar Odom To Dallas

In Trade Talk on December 11, 2011 at 2:17 am

Marc Stein via twitter

Sources say Lakers will instead trade Lamar Odom to Dallas into Mavericks’ new trade exception
Lakers will get the Mavs’ first-round pick in 2012, maybe a second-rounder as well


First Reaction

What are the Lakers up to? Why would they do that?

Something must be going on over there, a deal, that the media hasn’t gotten hold of yet.

Lining Up Assets For Orlando

Why would a trade exception be more valuable than sending them Lamar Odom or Pau Gasol?

Especially, if Chicago throws a Carlos Boozer + Joakim Noah offer into the mix. Then the Lakers will have no choice but to put Pau Gasol + Andrew Bynum in an offer together to land their man. Those two give LA more than enough salaries to take back long term contracts.

Surely, Orlando would rather have Odom or Gasol than a trade exception?

Moving Off CP3 Hunt

Smart decision. The asking price was simply too high.

Plus, Dwight Howard is the real prize here. They shouldn’t do anything that would take them out of the running for Howard.

Trade Exception


The trade exception is worth $8.9 million.

Orlando and the TPE

Hedo Turkoglu is earning a smidge over $11 million. He cannot fit into that exception.

Jameer Nelson is on $8.6 million but why would Orlando want to move him? He is on a reasonable deal. Readily tradeable. Only two years remaining on the contract.

JJ Redick is on $6.75 million but he is effectively an expiring contract since he salary next year is non-guaranteed.

Orlando just signed Jason Richardson (~$6million)  and Glen Davis (~$6mil) today and yesterday respectively. Why would they be dumping off those players?

This isn’t adding up. There is no clear benefit here.

Using It On A Free Agent

I am looking at the free agent list and wondering if LA is trying to pull off a sign and trade with their new trade exception ($8.9mil).

It couldn’t be Nene. New Jersey are offering him twice as much. No point in Dalembert with Bynum already there and Dwight Howard their top trade target. Kirilenko? Nah, don’t see that.

Jamal Crawford? Could they possibly think that Crawford’s dribble penetration and shot-creation is more valuable than Lamar Odom’s all-round play? Could they? That would be a lousy trade off for LA but it’s not totally inconceivable (although it should be).

Any Other Possible Targets?

Other trade exception possibilities

  • Anderson Varejao – downgrade from Odom
  • Andre Miller – old, bad fit
  • Paul Millsap – nah, Utah would want talent back

I am not seeing any enticing other options out there. A rookie scale player? Why would anyone give up a talented player on a rookie scale contract for a trade exception?

I am confused.

Edit: Hang On, David West

David West in exchange for the traded player exception?

Did Los Angeles switch targets from Chris Paul to David West after CP3’s asking price was raised too high?

Do the Lakers see West as a better asset (than Odom) to net Dwight Howard in a trade or a better fit alongside Dwight Howard post trade if they have to use Pau + Bynum to land Dwight?

Dwight Howard

Orlando’s Status

No reason to think there is an immediate trade here. Not unless they get an incredible offer.

No, Orlando will take their time and monitor / evaluate their offers very closely.

Otis Smith can get those offers from LA (Bynum, picks) and New Jersey (Lopez, picks) whenever he wants it. A month from now, two months, three months. Heck, next summer in a sign and trade.

The only reason to make a trade right now for Dwight is if someone offers them a much better trade package than what they can get later on … or, if they want to get rid of Dwight as soon as possible but everything they are doing and saying contradicts that.

Salary Dump

Mike Bresnahan of the LA Times reports

Source confirms that Odom is gone “for sure,” and Paul trade has fallen apart. Not for Howard, either. Source: It’s a straight salary dump.

And adds

Can’t imagine it was *really* a straight salary dump. If it’s truly the reason, Lakers have a lot of explaining to do. Will know later…

The Trade

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs have gotten a brilliant deal here.

Lamar Odom is a top ten PF in the NBA and one of the most versatile players around.

Odom is a very strong defender / rebounder + has guard skills with his ball-handling, slashing, shooting and passing ability + is a very good complementary scorer who can give you 13-15ppg comfortably.

He has great size at 6-10, length, quickness and overall mobility. He is an excellent locker room guy who is beloved by his teammates. He is team orientated in every way.

Lamar Odom gives the Mavs a very talented big man to replace Tyson Chandler. Someone who will likely fill a similar role as the one he played in LA as the sixth man. A guy who can backup both big man positions. Play alongside B.Haywood but also D.Nowitzki.

The Lakers

Read above + note that Lamar Odom was on a steal of a contract. Bargain.

How in the world can Los Angeles expect to replace him with that trade exception? I am completely confused as to their end game here but I also strongly believe that LA has something up their sleeves to make this worthwhile.

There is simply no other reason for Los Angeles to rush into this type of a salary dump so soon after ending their pursuit of CP3.

We’ll have to wait a day or two before we can know more.

  1. According to ESPN, Lamar Odom requested a trade

    After all he had done in his seven years for the Los Angeles Lakers, forward Lamar Odom was so hurt by being included in a three-team trade for Chris Paul that was vetoed by the league, that he requested a trade Friday, according to a Lakers team source.

    His request was granted when the Lakers sent Odom, along with a 2012 second-round draft pick, to the Dallas Mavericks for an $8.9 million trade exception, as well as a protected first-round pick.

    In the aftermath of the canceled deal, Odom skipped the Lakers’ first day of training camp Friday. He did, however, go to the practice facility to have a face-to-face meeting with general manager Mitch Kupchak, during which he expressed his desire to be traded, according to the source. Kupchak asked Odom to reconsider his position and told the 12-year veteran to think over his decision.

    “You don’t want to go to no place you’re not wanted,” Odom told the Los Angeles Times on Thursday.

    Odom abstained from practicing again on Saturday, instead using the practice time to undergo his annual team physical. In a conversation with Lakers management on Saturday, Odom’s agent, Jeff Schwarz, reiterated Odom’s desire to be traded, according to the source.

    The Lakers should have refused Lamar Odom’s request and allowed for some time to pass. Attempt to heal the fractured relationship between player and team.

    It wouldn’t have been difficult to do. Disappointed that the Lakers didn’t try.


    A word from Rick Carlisle on his new recruit

    Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle supported the deal.

    “Right now, for me, having Odom, Dirk Nowitzki, Shawn Marion, we may have the best forward trio in this league right now. And that’s exciting,” Carlisle said. “Lamar Odom is a guy we have great respect for as a person and as an all-around player in this league. We feel he’s going to add so many different dimensions for us — length, playmaking, scoring, experience, championship experience.”

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