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Sacramento Sign M.Thornton and C.Hayes

In Free Agency on December 10, 2011 at 10:21 pm

Marc Spears tweets

Kings to sign F-C Chuck Hayes to a 4-year, $21.3 million deal mirroring full mid-level exception, his agent Calvin Andrews confirms to Y!

The Sacramento Kings have re-signed shooting guard Marcus Thornton, bolstering an already strong backcourt that will include Tyreke Evans and rookie Jimmer Fredette.The team announced the signing Friday.

A source with knowledge of the deal told ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard the deal is for $40 million over five years. Thornton averaged 21.3 points in 23 games for the Kings after being acquired in a midseason trade with New Orleans.

Update: The contract is actually worth $31 million over four years.


  • Quick and Dirty — Two awful signings

Chuck Hayes

Chuck Hayes is a bad fit on this team.

Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins need a starting PF who can shoot a jump-shot to provide proper spacing for Tyreke’s dribble penetration and for Cousins’ low post game. C.Hayes’ limited offensive game is only going to force Cousins further away from the rim and force Tyreke into more congested areas on the floor leading both players to lower percentage shot attempts.

Chuck Hayes could have been a very valuable backup PF but the Kings needed a starting PF badly. Someone who could fill that void and provide a solid defensive presence for this inexperienced team. Unfortunately, that player doesn’t exist on the Kings roster. They have two more PFs in JJ Hickson and Jason Thompson who like Chuck Hayes lack range on their jumpers and, who unlike C.Hayes, cannot play adequate defense yes. This gives the Kings three highly flawed big men to fill out their bigs rotation around Cousins. Very disappointing.

Marcus Thornton

Marcus Thornton is a role player who scores a lot. I call him a role player because he doesn’t have the impact one would expect from a player who can post somewhere around 20 points a night on a regular basis. He fails to this because he is an inadequate defender, slightly below par rebounder and a non-passer offensively. In other words, he does very little outside of score the basketball.

That is okay. It is just important to note him for what he is and that is an offensively orientated high scoring role player. Similar in a way to a Nick Young or an OJ Mayo (SG).

At $8 million, I think Marcus Thornton is over-priced. Due to his defensive and overall non-scoring inadequacies, I am very uncomfortable with him in a starters role or even in a 28+mpg bench role. I don’t think he is ready for either slot yet. As such, I’d price him closer to $3-4 million per annum. In other words, about half (or even less) of what he is set to earn this coming season.

To make matters worse, the Kings paid him this money per annum over four years. Long term contract. They have just created a very bad long term situation for themselves.

Fit, Chemistry

PG – Tyreke Evans
SG – Marcus Thornton
SF – John Salmons

This is an absolutely awful starting trio on the perimeter. Two selfish shot-happy wings who are dodgy defender/rebounders relative to their positions is an awful choice to put alongside the young and still-learning Tyreke Evans who has many flaws in his own game that he is still trying to address.

PG – Tyreke Evans
SG – Marcus Thornton
SF – John Salmons
PF – Chuck Hayes
C  – DeMarcus Cousins

Another immature (basketball wise and character wise) player in DeMarcus Cousins and a very poor fit offensively in Chuck Hayes.

Overall, this starting lineup his hugely dysfunctional and should have never been put together. A catastrophe waiting to happen.

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