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Chalmers and J.Jones Stay In Miami

In Free Agency on December 10, 2011 at 5:50 pm

ESPN reports

The Heat agreed to re-sign wing James Jones and point guard Mario Chalmers on the heels of adding wing Shane Battier and center Eddy Curry on Thursday. The final details are being worked out, but the Heat are believed to be able to structure the deals to allow them to make all of the signings without having to use the amnesty clause on Mike Miller.


Jones turned over richer offers elsewhere to sign with the Heat for a deal believed to be three years and $4.5 million. That is supplemented by the $3 million the Heat owe Jones the next two years as part of a buyout from an old contract in 2010.

“I took considerably less (money) than what was offered out there,” Jones said. “But you can’t put a price on what’s being built in Miami. It came down to stability of the organization and my family being comfortable here. I have a chance to have an impact on a team competing for a championship.”

The Miami Herald has some figures on Chalmers’ deal

Terms of those deals were not disclosed, but Chalmers’ is reported to be a three-year pact worth $12 million

Two excellent signings for Miami.

  • Mario Chalmers is perhaps a tad pricey but given his age and continued development, that contract should be a fair deal.
  • Personally, I think James Jones is only worth the minimum but Miami is barely paying more than that ($1.5 million) so all is well on that front too.

In terms of talent

I have likened Mario Chalmers to Derek Fisher since the day he was drafted in large part due to how well Chalmers (like Fisher can complement a ball-dominant wing like Wade (Kobe).

Mario Chalmers is a good defender but is very good at creating extra possessions for his team with his quick hands both on the ball and in playing the passing lanes. He is also a solid rebound.

On offense, Chalmers is a limited playmaker but a adequate ball-handler. As a scorer, he has a very nice package of skills. He has range all the way out to the three point line (35% for career, likely to improve). He can take his man off the dribble and get into the lane. He can finish in the paint (average finisher). He can draw fouls at a solid rate (for a perimeter shooter) and make his free throws. For a role player, he has a very well-rounded scoring arsenal.

And as we’ve seen during the NCAA tournament and last year during the Finals, Mario Chalmers is not afraid of the moment. He is a big pressure player who will take and make shots in big games. Perfect for a title hopeful like Miami.

As for James Jones, Jones is an average team defender + sub-par but acceptable man-to-man defender. He is one of the worst rebounding SFs in the league. Offensively, Jones has an excellent understanding of spacing and always makes the extra pass. And most importantly, Jones is one of the finest jump-shooters in the league knocking down 43% of his three point attempts last season (40% for career).

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