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Miami To Sign Eddy Curry

In Free Agency on December 9, 2011 at 7:31 am

ESPN reports

Eddy Curryis getting another chance.

The Miami Heat will sign Curry on Friday in time for training camp, sources told


Eddy Curry

Last time we saw Eddy Curry playing regularly was over three or four years ago. He averaged 20ppg and 7rpg that season for New York.

Eddy Curry was a power center who bullied opposing players down in the low post. Very talented scorer inside (very efficient also, 58% TS% for career). Nice touch. Physical. Good feet, footwork. He was also quite athletic with good explosiveness and nice mobility.

However, Eddy Curry was also one of the weaker interior defenders in the league. Struggling particularly in help defense sequences and when asked to defend any big man away from the rim. He had shown signs of developing into a solid post defender using his weight and heft as leverage quite effectively prior to vanishing off the map altogether.

Curry was also one of the worst rebounding centers in the NBA. Pulling down an abysmal 7.5 boards per 36 minutes for his career (or 12% rebounding rate).To add further to his negative contributions, Eddy Curry was also a very poor passer out of the low post and was well known as a black hole (one it goes in, it never comes back out).  Curry was also one of the league leaders in turnovers, finishing second in total turnovers in his breakout 20/7 season in New York.

Okay, so to round things up = Curry is a very talented interior scorer but he was also a very poor rebounder, defender and passer. His negative contributions often outnumbering his positive ones.

So even if Curry is able to regain his former physical prowess and return to the court, he was and is still a highly flawed player whose all-round game needs extensive work.

Miami Heat

Pat Riley loves players who score in the low post with their back to the basket. He has been admirer of Curry’s for years and it’s no surprise that he has signed Curry this summer.

Eddy Curry is a large figure. A giant. Six foot eleven. About 300lbs. Wide, big bodied player. He takes up a lot of space when he is out on the floor. And him being a low post scorer, he tends to take up prime real estate right next to the basket.

LeBron James saw his impact decrease considerably when he was coupled with a similar player in Shaquille O’Neal back when he was with the Cavs. I expect the same to happen here when LeBron is at SF alongside Curry and another big man.

Chris Bosh is another player who has struggled significantly when coupled with a low post only type of scorer. He doesn’t receive the same to work with and his offensive numbers plummet.

Couple that with Curry’s inability to play effective defense, his inability to rebound his position and selfish offensive disposition and it’s hard to see how he fits in with this Miami Heat squad.

This feels like a GM trying too hard to fit a square peg in a round hole. That he has focused in so much on Miami’s lack of low post scoring that he has looked past all these other issues and failed to see why Curry has little to offer the Heat.


A low risk, medium reward kind of signing. For the minimum, and, for a third or fourth string center … that is fine.

I wouldn’t have bothered signing E.Curry but it’s a decent gamble.

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