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Marquis Daniels To Return To Boston

In General NBA on December 9, 2011 at 7:12 pm

The Boston Globe reports

The Celtics are close to reaching an agreement to bringing back free agent forward Marquis Daniels, according to two sources, giving a second chance to Daniels after a bruised spinal cord brought his 2010-11 season to an abrupt and unfortunate end.

Daniels is expected to be in Waltham Thursday for physicals. The free agent period begins Friday along with training camp and teams can begin signing players at 2 p.m.

Not wild about this signing. It’s an okay move but it doesn’t give me a lot of confidence.

  • Marquis Daniels is coming off a very serious injury.
  • He is an injury prone player at the best of times which makes him undependable.
  • He is a non-shooter who limits the Celtics offense considerably whenever paired with Rajon Rondo.
  • The Celtics have continued to struggle to replace Eddie House’s + James Posey’s three point shooting since 2008. Both in terms of their number of attempts and accuracy. It’s a shame that Boston cannot find better floor spacers for their main offensive options.

Then again,

  • Prior to the injury, Marquis Daniels was a very solid two guard who was capable of playing all three perimeter positions.
  • At the two, Daniels was a good defender/rebounder with a nice handle, passing skills, low post game and an active cutter.
  • At the one, he struggled to execute an offense but he used his size, ball-handling skills and passing very effectively to create matchup issues for the opponent.
  • At the three, Daniels was an undersized three who played decent defense but hurt his team on the boards. His interior scoring (post game) was often nullified by bigger opponents. In summary, a decent defender + opportunistic garbage man.

And also

  • At a minimum contract, if Daniels can get anywhere near his previous form, he is a bargain.
  • As a fourth or fifth wing, Marquis Daniels is a hell of player (relative to other 4th/5th wings).

But he is still the same undependable player, even more so coming off this injury, that he always was and is only a so-so fit in Boston due to the combined lack of jump-shooting competency between Marquis and Rondo.

Overall, I am just not wild about this signing. It’s okay.

I would have preferred to have seen Boston go in another direction. Bring in a high level jump shooter + a high level defender / decent or better perimeter shooter to fill in the wing positions off the bench behind Jeff Green.

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