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Pistons Re-up Prince

In Free Agency on December 8, 2011 at 11:43 pm

Adrian Wojnarowski reports

Tayshaun Prince will sign a four-year, $27 million-plus contract to stay with the Detroit Pistons, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

For the Pistons, convincing Prince to re-sign was the franchise’s No. 1 priority, and something of a coup considering the tumultuous past two seasons for him and the longstanding core of veteran players. With the market for starting small forwards thinning, the Pistons would’ve been in a bind had Prince decided to leave.


I thought Detroit should have let him go. They need to start rebuilding that club properly instead of hanging onto + clogging their cap with solid but unexceptional talent.

Financially, for Prince, I have to imagine that this was the best he could do in this free agent climate. Not a lot of teams looking to burn cap space on a non-scoring SF. I expect the only offers he was getting where for the MLE. So he made an extra $5 million over four years to stay with Detroit.

It might have been worth giving up that $5 million to go somewhere that offers a bit of stability and an opportunity for a Championship.

That all said, I am not sure what team offered that security to Prince. San Antonio offers it this season but not for the duration of his contract. Pretty much everyone else is offering him a bench role playing 20-24 minutes a night. I don’t begrudge the man wanting to play 30-35 minutes a game while he is still physically able to.

Or, maybe, Tayshaun should have considered a position change. Switch to the two spot. He could taken over the starting gig in Chicago or Oklahoma. Been a veteran leader with title experience. Have a nice gig for the next 4 years and possibly longer in a reserve role. That would have been my first choice route if I had of been in his shoes.


A four year $27 million ($6.75mil per year) is a fine contract for a player of his abilities. Value wise (financially), it’s a good deal. In other words, they should be able to trade him at a later date if in the best interests of the club.

Not a great fit for team or player. Likely only happened due a shortage of alternatives (for both team and player).

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