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Boston Trade For Dooling

In Trade Talk on December 8, 2011 at 11:31 pm

The Boston Globe reports

The Celtics are going to announce the acquisition of veteran point guard Keyon Dooling from the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday, the first day of training camp and trades can become official, according to a league source.

The deal is expected to include a second-round draft pick headed to Milwaukee

Boston acquired Dooling with their trade exception which I believe came from the Marquis Daniels salary dump to Sacramento midway through last season.


I hate this move if it means Delonte West is not returning from Boston because they’ll be moving from one of the best backup combo guards in the league to a borderline rotation player in Dooling.

Keyon Dooling is too erratic as a decision maker to the point for any team with hopes of doing some damage in the playoffs.

Dooling is a very strong defensive player but also an awful rebounder and a very inefficient and ineffective scorer. His passing is also very limited and his decision making is atrocious.

His best role on a quality team, is as a third string PG where he can be called upon situationally for his top notch defense.

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