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Dallas and 2012 Max Contract Free Agent

In General NBA on December 4, 2011 at 4:31 pm

So for Dallas to get enough cap space in 2012 to sign a max contract free agent, while keeping Tyson Chandler, they would likely have to:

  1. Not resign Jason Terry, Caron Butler or JJ Barea
  2. Amnesty Brendan Haywood next summer
  3.  Use the stretch exception on Shawn Marion next summer
  4. Trade Rodrigue Beaubois, Corey Brewer and Dominique Jones while taking back no contracts that last beyond this season.

That would leave them with Dirk Nowitzki ($20.9mil), Tyson Chandler (say $12mil), the ghost of Shawn Marion’s contract ($3.5mil) and 10 cap holds for empty roster spots at $500k apiece.

That would give them a team with

  • Chris Paul or Deron Williams, Dirk Nowitzki and Tyson Chandler
    … or …
  • Dwight Howard, Dirk Nowitzki and a solid perimeter player that they trade Tyson Chandler for (say Gerald Wallace).

And then that $2.5mil exception and minimum contracts to round out the team.

That is a lot of talent to part ways with for only a decent shot at landing a top name.

More Questions

Which leaves me with another question to ponder, with Dirk Nowitzki turning 34 in the next couple of months and after losing so much talent, how desirable a destination would the Dallas Mavericks even be?

Sure, they would still have a fantastic organization and owner but how concerned would those three big names be by Dirk’s age and the possibility of a rebuilding process 3 years from now?

And if the Mavs are proactive in keeping their cap flexibility to minimize that rebuilding process, how talented of a supporting cast could they possibly build? Would it be enough to win a title? And if they do go all-in to win a title or two, how long a retooling phase would their new-star be looking at?

Seems to me that teams like New York and possibly New Jersey who are constructed well for the next 5+ years would offer a much better, or least prolonged, opportunity for success and thus would be the frontrunners for each of those three players.

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