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2011 Draft: Trade Rumours

In General NBA on June 22, 2011 at 6:44 pm

Some of the rumours I’ve seen over the day

Minnesota Timberwolves

  • The Wolves have been linked to both Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum separately. Each has been based around a package involving the #2 pick.

  • The Suns were linked twice. Once with Steve Nash for the #2 pick. The other time, Gortat + #13 pick for the #2 pick. Phoenix have since adamantly denied any interest in parting with either Nash or Gortat.
  • Roy Hibbert + the #15 pick for the #2 pick — can’t imagine that those talks went very far.
  • Andrew Bogut for the #2 pick. Also reported that the #10 Bucks pick might be involved somehow. Some speculation that Milwaukee may be nervous about Bogut’s long term health after his recent serious injuries and his consequent sub-par offensive season. Unclear how real this rumour was or who initiated the talks.
  • Houston has made 10 different trade offers to Minnesota for their #2 pick.
  • It looks like Minnesota will be keeping the pick. They are not enamored with any of the offers they have received as of yet.
  • Iguodala is another option for the Wolves pick.
  • The Warriors are talking to Minnesota about Monta Ellis for the #2 pick.
  • By the way — a lot of leaks seem to be coming out of Minny’s front office.

Other Rumours

  • San Antonio have been shopping Tony Parker for a high lottery pick+ some other packages. They would like to get a starting PG in return to replace him.
  • The Spurs have also been offering George Hill for a pick in the 10-12 range
  • San Antonio linked to the Kings #7 pick in a trade that would see Richard Jefferson head the other way. Waiting for more details. Presumably T.Parker is also involved.
  • The Hawks are openly offering Josh Smith around. They want a star player in return and are not interested in a salary dump.
  • Orlando have been one of the teams linked to Josh Smith. They have also inquired about several other players but their weak trade assets have stopped them from gaining any traction.
  • Philadelphia have been taking a number of calls about several of their players. The most high profile has been Andre Iguodala. They want a veteran star in return. Nothing close to report.
    • An Iggy for Odom + Artest deal has been discussed
    • There has been Monta Ellis for Iggy rumours for quite some time now but recent reports said that talks have been quiet for a few weeks.
    • Kaman + Ryan Gomes for Iggy + Speights – link
  • Rumorus of an Epke Udoh + #11 pick trade package for Robin Lopez. Appearently, those negotiations never went anywhere.
  • The Celtics are willing to talk about any of their stars including Rajon Rondo.
  • Milwaukee offering Ersan Ilyasova around the league for a late first round pick.
  • Houston trying to package their two first round picks (#14 and #23) to move up in the draft. Talking to Charlotte and Milwaukee (9 and 10)
  • Charlotte was initially interested in doing the same (#9 and #19) but have since lost interest due to the questionable talent at the top of the draft outside the top two names + the strength and depth in middle of the first round. There is a rumour that Charlotte is interested in one specific player at #9 and if that player is unavailable, they’ll trade down in order to pick up an additional first round pick.
  • Memphis will only trade OJ Mayo for an upgrade. Not a salary dump. Although they did almost trade him for Josh McRoberts mid-season so what they consider to be an upgrade might be relatively low.
  • Kings talked about sending their #7 pick to Denver for a pick in the low twenties and Raymond Felton.
  • Some rumours about the Wizards offering the #6 and #18 picks to the Cavs (#4) and Jazz (#3). Unclear whether either team is interested.
  • Toney Douglas being shopped hard. Name popping up all over the place. Knicks looking for more of a playmaker / floor general at the point. Looking to use Douglas to acquire either (1) another first round pick (2) package it with their pick to move up in the draft (3) add a role player at another position of need
    • New report saying that NY isn’t willing to part with Doulgas to only move up a few picks. Needs to be a larger step up.
  • Another Odom trade — Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown for Monta Ellis — quickly rejected by the Warriors and unlikely to go any further. The issue to note is that LA seems to be shopping Odom for some fresh blood. A talented player to infuse the team with youth.
  • Another Monta Ellis rumour, this time for Rudy Gay. Click above link for more.
  • Oklahoma offering Eric Maynor in an attempt to move up in the draft. Expectations don’t sound realistic so I wouldn’t expect anything to happen here.
  • Andre Miller’s name popping up all over the place. A recent rumour of Jameer Nelson for Dre. Surprising move for Orlando. Presumably part of a larger or subsequent trade package. Great move for Portland. A starting quality PG for the next three plus years. A good replacement from an aging A.Miller.
  • Cavaliers looking to move one of their point guards if they draft Kyrie Irving as expected with the number one pick. Ramon Sessions is the most likely to be moved and has been linked to a number of teams. Possibly for a late first round pick.
  • Atlanta have offered Josh Smith for the #2 pick (Enes Kanter). They’ll need a third team for this to make sense for Minnesota.
  • Cleveland are offering their trade exception in exchange for long term salary in an effort to acquire another lottery pick – link.
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