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Link: LeBron’s Shot Distribution

In General NBA on June 19, 2011 at 7:42 pm

A decent look at LeBron’s shot distribution from Truehoop on ESPN

Areas of Shot Attempts

Method of analysis: Look at his percentage of FG attempts by distance (within 5 ft, 5-15 ft, 15+ FT) over the last four regular seasons.

Conclusion: James took a larger percentage of his shots from mid-range (17.2 percent), due to a steady decrease in shots within five feet (34.9 percent, down from 39.2 percent in 2007-08) and a sharp drop this season in long-range attempts (47.9 percent down from 52.9 percent the season before). During the 2010-11 campaign, James took and made a higher percentage of field goals from five to 15 feet than any other year in his career. Age, new teammates and a new coach all contributed to this incline.

Post Up Opportunities

The part that interested me the most was the comparison between Melo and LeBron about how often each play ventures into the post

Percent of Total Plays on Post-Ups
Past 7 Seasons

James Anthony
2010-2011 7.9 14.1
2009-2010 6.3 16.4
2008-2009 5.2 12.6
2007-2008 5.0 17.4
2006-2007 7.6 18.2
2005-2006 7.0 17.2
2004-2005 7.0 20.3
>> 2003-04 rookie season excluded

As you can see, Carmelo has almost twice as many post ups from LeBron.

Interesting to see that Melo’s post ups have declined considerably from his first few years in the league and that he is now turning into more of an isolation player.

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