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Good Read: Marcus Thornton / Tyreke Evans Dynamic

In General NBA on June 18, 2011 at 9:12 am

A good look, statistically, at the Tyreke Evans + Marcus Thornton dynamic in Sacramento over the close of last season.

I used Basketball Value to break down how the team did with an Evans/Thornton backcourt vs. a Udrih/Thornton backcourt.

There were five lineups that played at least 10 minutes together that had Evans at the point and Thornton at two-guard. These lineups accounted for 145 minutes of playing time. These lineups were outscored 301-330 by opponents, or 9.6 points per 48 minutes. These lineups had an offensive efficiency of 104 (below league average) and a defensive efficiency of 115 (far worse than the worst of the NBA), despite all but 14 of the minutes including Samuel Dalembert on the floor.

All the “regular” lineups featuring Evans at point and Thornton at two-guard performed pretty poorly.

There were three lineups with at least 10 minutes featuring Udrih, Thornton and Evans all on the court; these lineups played a total of 75 minutes. These lineups were outscored 146-174, or 17.9 points per 48 minutes. The offensive efficiency was a worse-than-the-worst 97; the defensive efficiency was a worse-than-the-worst 115.

The Udrih-Thornton-Evans lineups performed awfully.

Eleven lineups featured Udrih at point, Thornton at two-guard and someone other than Evans at small forward for at least 10 minutes; these Udrih-Thornton lineups made up 463 minutes played total. In those 463 minutes, the Kings were outscored 985-1,019, or 3.5 points per 48 minutes. The offensive efficiency was 106 (right around league average) and the defensive efficiency was 110 (not good, but not altogether catastrophic).

The Udrih-Thornton backcourt wasn’t great, but it performed much better than the Evans-Thornton duo or the three-guard lineup.

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