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2011 Playoffs: Miami’s Lineups vs Boston

In 2011 NBA Playoffs on May 4, 2011 at 9:43 pm
Miami’s substitution pattern so far

  • Q1 – first six minutes – starting lineup – Bibby, Wade, LeBron, Bosh and Big Z
  • Q1 – 6 minute to 9 minute mark – Miami bring in Chalmers and J.Anthony for Bibby and Big Z respectively
  • Q1 – 9 mins to 12 mins – Miami switch to a small ball lineup. They have J.Anthony as their sole big man alongside J.Jones, M.Chalmers and Wade/LeBron.
  • Q2 – first 7/8 minutes – Bosh and Joel Anthony start teh second quarter. They begin alongside three bench players; Chalmers, M.Miller and J.Jones. Then Miami brings back in Wade or LeBron. A few moments later, they bring the other one back.
  • Q2 – final 4 minutes – A few different lineups being used here. They came back with Bibby to finish the first half but kept Chalmers in the game during the second half. Big Z has remained on the bench. Then they decide whether to use (1) J.Anthony in a two big man lineup (2) or whether to go small with J.Jones with only one big (3) or whether to go big on the perimeter and use a non-PG lineup. I think this was the period in game one where they tried that (edit: it was the 6-9 minute mark of second quarter in game one).

Miami’s substitution pattern has been very similar in the second half as the first half.

So how do you match up against those lineups? How do you choose Boston’s rotation?

  • Starting lineup variation — Bibby / Chalmers + Wade + LeBron + Bosh + Big Z / J.Anthony
  • Small ball unit — Chalmers + Wade/LeBron + M.Miller = J.Jones + J.Anthony
  • Two bigs second unit — Chalmers + Wade/LeBron/M.Miller + J.Jones + Bosh + J.Anthony
  • Non-PG lineup — Wade + J.Jones + LeBron + Bosh + J.Anthony / Big Z

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