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Ownership Holding Back Joe Dumars?

In General NBA on April 11, 2011 at 1:16 pm

Detroit News reports

The Pistons thought they had a tentative deal with Avery Johnson two years ago, but Davidson nixed the deal because she was hesitant about paying a new coach perhaps as much as $4 million annually while still paying off Flip Saunders’ contract and Michael Curry’s parting gift after one season as coach.

John Kuester became an inexpensive alternative.

Players aren’t dumb. They saw an owner who wasn’t fully engaged and committed to doing whatever necessary to provide the best possible winning environment.


Rip Hamilton wasn’t supposed to remain a Piston following the free-agent acquisitions of Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon two summers ago. It’s long believed he was ticketed to Utah in a trade that would have brought Carlos Boozer to Detroit.

But again, Davidson interceded. The deal stalled, leaving the Pistons with an abundance of shooting guards. Even worse, it created the perception that there was no organizational plan.

It’s been clear for a long time that Joe Dumars’ hands have been tied by the ownership’s on-going sales process.

Hopefully the recent sale to Tom Gores will change all of that and help Detroit get back on the right track.

Very happy to hear they are keeping Joe Dumars around. He has had a tough spell recently but few GMs in this league can claim to have achieved as much as Dumars has over the past decade.

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