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Celtics Regular Season Rebounding Stats

In General NBA on April 9, 2011 at 1:31 pm

A couple of stats to kick off

  • Celtics are 29th in the league in rebounds per game but they play at a slow pace so let’s check some other numbers
  • Celtics rank 21st in rebounding differential with a negative -0.9 per game
  • Boston ranks 8th in defensive rebounding rate and 30th in offensive rebounding rate

Boston are a below average rebounding team? True or false?

  • Boston have been a below average rebounding over the course of the whole regular season but … Boston are not a below average rebounding team when they are healthy and have their first choice lineup in place.
  • Their rebounding numbers are skewed due to injuries to Shaquille O’Neal, Jermaine O’Neal and Kevin Garnett.

Skewed Numbers

The Celtics regular season rebounding stats are skewed because:

  • Glen Davis leads all big men in minutes played and is fourth overall in minutes. He has played 2200 minutes which comes to almost 30mpg. In the playoffs, with a healthy roster, Glen Davis is the fourth big man in the rotation and shouldn’t be playing more than 15-20mpg. Throughout his Celtics tenure, Glen Davis’ rebounding has declined whenever he has played more minutes. Regularly a below par rebounder and even worse in long minutes (which he had to do throughout this season).
  • Semih Erden was a very poor rebounder who logged 500 minutes and is no longer with the club.
  • Nenad Krstic is a poor to very poor rebounder (another 500 minutes) … but with a healthy roster, he becomes the third string center.

And their also variables which may or may not change come playoff time

  • Jermaine O’Neal has struggled with his rebounding due to injury. He has been a better rebounder in recent seasons than he has shown with the Celtics so far. No idea whether this changes or not in the playoffs.
  • Jeff Green was an abysmal rebounding PF in OKC but he was a solid rebounding SF during his three and a half years with the Thunder/Sonics. I think that sample size far exceeds the 500 minutes he’s gotten with the Celtics while adapting to a new role on a new team. Whether he resumes that solid rebounding this season in the playoffs are not is unclear .. but I wouldn’t write him off either. He has shown himself to be a solid rebounding SF in the past.

Playoff Rotation

Starting lineup

  • Starting C – Shaquille O’Neal – above average rebounder
  • Starting PF – Kevin Garnett – excellent rebounder
  • Starting SF – Paul Pierce – solid rebounder, very good defensive rebounder
  • Starting SG – Ray Allen – average rebounder – doesn’t grab many boards but does a solid job in team rebounding. Generally in a good position and does a good job of keeping his check off the backboards.
  • Staring PG – Rajon Rondo – excellent rebounder

Key bench players in playoff rotation

  • Backup Guard – Delonte West – above average rebounder
  • Backup Forward – Jeff Green – solid rebounder
  • Main Backup Big – Jermaine O’Neal – slightly below average rebounder
  • Secondary Backup Big – Glen Davis – inconsistent rebounder, usually a below average rebounder … but it’s worth noting that BBD did a very good job on the boards in the playoffs last season in a smaller role. I wouldn’t rule out a repeat of that feat.

Summary — That first choice Celtics rotation which will hopefully be fit for the playoffs is a well above average rebounding team.

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