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Shaq’s Tendinosis

In General NBA on March 30, 2011 at 3:04 pm

Peter May reports

The Celtics have been understandably cautious in bringing back O’Neal, who, because of his age (39) and his girth (substantial), is not the best candidate for the type of injury he has. Achilles injuries can be notoriously slow to heal for even the most well-conditioned athletes.

Some doctors have taken to calling what O’Neal has as Achilles tendinosis rather than tendinitis because the ailment is due to overuse, not inflammation. With tendinosis, there can be a very, very slow growth of new cells in the area due to a lack of blood flow. Doctors sometimes refer to this as the “watershed area.” Also, Achilles tendinosis does not respond well to anti-inflammatories, which are used to treat Achilles tendinitis.

But whether it’s tendinitis or tendinosis, it behooves the Celtics and O’Neal to be as patient as possible, for one setback could end his season.

There were also reports recently that Shaq has had to take a cortisone shot while sitting out to deal with the pain + that he is still wearing a boot for protection on his foot.

Worrying signs for Boston … all fingers and toes crossed for Shaq’s safe return to the court this season.

It would be a shame if Boston missed out on having him in the playoffs.

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