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2011 – Leading Iso Players

In General NBA on March 30, 2011 at 2:53 pm

The Wall Street Journal reports (info from Synergy Sports)

One-on-One Masters

Of the NBA’s leading scorers, none play in isolation situations as much as Carmelo Anthony of the Knick.

PCT. of Plays in Isolation FG% on
Carmelo Anthony 35.2% 41.2% 25
Tyreke Evans 30.7% 39.2% 18.3
Kobe Bryant 30.3% 45.5% 24.9
Kevin Durant 25.1% 38.3% 27.9
Monta Ellis 24.0% 37.2% 24.1
LeBron James 22.2% 42.1% 26.3
Dwyane Wade 14.8% 37.7% 25.4

I just the numbers were very interest and would be to others.

Wall Street Journal Article

There is also a great description of Carmelo Anthony’s offensive repertoire (subject of the piece) in the article. Well worth checking out.

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