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Marion + Tyson Limit Kobe Bryant

In Game Log / Recap on March 13, 2011 at 10:03 am

The Lakers won 96-91 but the Mavericks did a very good job, a noteworthy job, in limiting Kobe Bryant’s effectiveness as a scorer.

  • Kobe Bryant finished 6-20 from the field and added 4-4 from the free throw line (plus 2 turnovers) to finish with a grand total of 16 points.
  • Of those six made field goal attempts
    • The first came against Jason Kidd when caught on a switch in transition.
    • The second was a broken possession, a long offensive rebound, caught the Mavs defense napping and got into the paint and then made a tough contested shot in the lane.
    • The third came when Roddy Beaubois was caught on a switch against Kobe. A nice jumper over the top of the smaller player from the foul line area.
    • The fourth basket, a driving dunk in the halfcourt offense late in the first half, came when Dallas went to a zone defense.
    • The fifth basket came in transition. Fisher pushed it upcourt, found Kobe in the right corner, Kidd closed out, Kobe beat him off the bounce, got into the paint and hit an off balance short jumper in the paint. Tough shot.
    • The final basket came against Shawn Marion in the halfcourt set. Kobe caught the ball out on the right wing, dribbled up top, then drove right, Marion pushed him wide, Kobe went for the step back J along the baseline from 17-18 feet with Marion’s hand in his face and drained the jump shot. The only shot he made against Marion when the defense was set up. Very tough shot.
  • Of the two trips to the free throw line – one came on a switch when the much smaller Roddy Beaubois was covering him and the second

Excellent job by Shawn Marion (main man-to-man defender) and Tyson Chandler (main help defender, deterrent at the rim). Kudos.

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