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Prokhorov Brings Deron Williams To NJ

In Trade Talk on February 23, 2011 at 11:19 am

RealGM reports

The New Jersey Nets have officially acquired two-time All Star guard Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz in exchange for guard Devin Harris, forward Derrick Favors, two first round draft picks (Nets 2011, Golden State 2012) and cash considerations, Nets General Manager Billy King announced.

The Deal

New Jersey Nets

Receives – Deron Williams
Departures – Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, two #1 picks

Utah Jazz

Receives – Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, two #1 picks
Departures – Deron Williams

Thoughts On Trade

New Jersey Nets

  • Gotta feel sorry for Deron Williams. He just joined a team that has only won 17 of their 57 games this season. He wants to be competing for a Championship and he ends up on a lottery team. Tough break.
  • New Jersey need to add a third top tier star to play alongside Brook Lopez and Deron Williams. Lopez isn’t talented enough for NJ to build their club around that 1-2 punch. They need a third horse.
  • The Nets are at best a low playoff seed caliber team in the East now. Of course, it’s too late in the season for them to make a run at the playoffs this season but next year they should make a strong challenge for a spot.
  • New Jersey still have lots of their cap space tied up on bad long term contracts for mediocre to poor role players like Travis Outlaw, Anthony Morrow, Jordan Farmar and Johan Petro. Plus, Kris Humphries is likely to get an extension this coming off-season.
  • The Nets could make an interesting sign and trade proposal to the Orlando Magic in 2012 of Brook Lopez for Dwight Howard. Something to keep in mind.
  • They also have a couple more draft picks which they can offer up in further deals.

Utah Jazz

  • This deal will be defined by Derrick Favors. Whether or not he is the real deal.
  • I don’t know what to make of Favors. He is still very raw and needs a great deal of work on his game … but he is a top class athlete, an impressive rebounder and has very good defensive potential. Offensively, he hasn’t shown much but the odd glimpse of a post game is there.
  • Really, it’s just too early to make an accurate prediction. Sky is the limit though. Then again, he could wind up being a Serge Ibaka level player.
  • Devin Harris gives Utah a solid starting PG
  • The two draft picks will probably end up in the 8-12 range. The Warriors are on track to finish with 30+ wins and the Nets should get a small bump in the standings over the final 25-30 games with Deron Williams in town.
  • The Jazz should blow up their roster and enter a full rebuilding process. That means dumping Al Jefferson for whatever they can get for him and moving Paul Millsap for quality assets (picks / prospects). They should also let Andrei Kirilenko leave in the offseason.
  • Utah should concentrate on rebuilding their team through the draft + they need to give Favors as much court time and opportunities as possible to develop his game.
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