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David West To Be Traded?

In General NBA on February 11, 2011 at 10:27 am

Via Chad Ford’s chat on ESPN

Jack (Flushing, NY)

Are the Hornets looking to keep David West? I think he is a FA after the season. Any trade rumors of him out there?

Chad Ford

They’ve offered him an extension but so far there’s no deal. That could force their hand a bit. They don’t want to lose him in FA and there will be a lot of interest in him. He’s one of the few bigs on the market that can be a difference maker. They’ve been very proactive working the phones trying to add another veteran to the team to help the Hornets in the playoffs. Their name is coming up with a lot of GMs. Sounds like they’ll pull of a deal before the deadline if they can.

Hmm … interesting development.

If New Orleans did lose David West via free agency and got nothing back in return, that would be a major loss for them and would make Chris Paul’s potential (eventual?) departure even more likely.


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